Chapter 8…………………………………………………
Recap- a new entry in MM

All the ladies hurriedly fix their pallus and pari brings the arti plate and gives it to ap. Ap performs her arti and bends down to seek her blessings, the other members follow her. She then goes and sits on the sofa and the is still busy ogling sanskar, only when bb shouts does she come back to her sense.
bb- are o KAVITA, come here. Kavita gets startled by this shout and moves towards bb
ap calls for one of the servants and asks them to take their stuff to the guests room. As ap is busy in introducing bb to ragini, swara comes to mm. she is wearing a cute jumpsuit and is hopping down the stairs happily. She comes and hugs ap and sujju and goes towards dp and takes his blessings and hugs him, and she goes towards sanskar and he smiles seeing her but she just puts her hand out and he places his credit card on their and she happily takes it and then notices bb sitting on the sofa with a shocked expression.
Swara- oh sorry dadi I did not see u, no wonder everyone is standing like this. She her blessing and smiles at kavita

Precap- I NEED HELP.

Guys I am stuck I know what I want to write after kavita and bb set their traps, but I am a little bit confused or u could say stuck on how to make kavita and bb evil so pls suggestions needed. I am waiting for the suggestions…….
Thanks for your support and

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  1. Rabia

    nice dear and umm think something unique for making them evil but to much extent

  2. crazy princess

    dont seperate swasan nd i know u will think sumthing amazing

  3. Kakali

    Nice one dear … love it..
    i wanna see Kavita n dadi’s evil plan backfire to them ..*smirk.

  4. kavita try close sanskar by hurt family for sanky atention

    dadi silly old age traditions & hate swara for b/w sankav

    2 r try to defame swara

  5. Nice

  6. Vyshu10

    awesome…want swasan to fail all their plans

  7. Mica

    sorry juliet i dunno.. huhuhu

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