Chapter 6………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Recap- kavya solves raglak problem, swara convinces shekhar
All the family members reach the kali ma mandhir (where swasan confessed their love) swara has already made arrangements for the marriage she brings ragini along with pari and uttara she is dressed in a purple lehenga and is looking stunning, on the other hand laksh is dressed in a maroon and navy blue sherwani. Both of them smile as soon as they look at each other. Swara coughs and says

Swara- jiju pls. for now concentrate on your marriage then u can peacefully look at ragini.
Everyone smiles at her statement
After the wedding, pari asks swara something which catches evryones attention
Pari- swara was there any special reason for choosing this location…
Uttara continues from where pari had left- are bhabhi this is the same place where bhai confessed his love for bhabhi(teasingly)
Swara- aisa kuch bhi nahi bhahi and uttara its just that I heard that this place has a lot of power and that relations built here are strong, it didn’t happen in my case so I thought that maybe it turns out true for them as they truly love each other.
Everyone is shocked after listening to swara. Sanskar is also shocked as he thought that her anger will subside after a few days but it didn’t happen.
Ragini goes towards swara and says
Ragini- swara I think that u should also fix your relations here
Swara ignores her question and says
Swara- chalo everyone lets leave now

Ragini holds swaras hand and before she could say anything swara winces in pain, ragini removes her hand and notices blood, she insists that swara rolls up her sleves but swara is adamant on not doing that but even pari says that she wants to see as she has seen that she is getting week
They forefully roll her sleves up and swara closes her eyes tightly ragini and pari sre shocked to see slits on her wrist showing that she has tried to suicide, everyone is shocked to know that there bold and strong swara also felt so weak.
Tears make way through swasans eyes, tears of guilt from sanskars eyes that he could not keep his love happy. In-order to escape from everyones questions swara just runs away from there crying..
Sanskar follows her in his car and both of them reach near a lake where swara often used to come when she used to feel low.
Swara gets down from her car a goes and sits near the bank of the river sanskar quietly goes and sits beside her. Swara is continuously crying, her kajal is smuged and her big black eyes are red and swollen from the continuous crying.
Sanskar can’t take it anymore and takes her into a bone crushing hug. He pats the head in order to calm her down. And is thinking about on how to start the conversation.
Meanwhile everyone reaches MM and ap along with sujju do raginis grahpravesh. After getting changed raglak join the other members in the hall. All of them are tensed about swara, they just cant believe that the girl who sets everything right can also fall so weak. Shekhar somewhere fells guilty for his decision. When everyone is busy in analysing the situation uttara spots a shabby sanskar bring an unconscious swara in his arms, all her mothers rush toward him but he silently takes her in his room upstairs. All the members start firing questions towards him …after everyone is done he sits next to swara and tells everyone what happened at the lake side.

While sanskar was hugging swara she was mumbling something after hearing to that sanskar was shocked
Swara- sanskar pls. stop baba, I cant live without u pls. I’ll die , I’ll die
Sanskar was shocked and soon he feels swaras complete weight on him, he pats her face but she does not respond so he takes her to the hospital and the doctor tells him that this because of excessive stress and due her depression her body is week.
**********************************END OF FLASHBACK**************************

End of this chapter………………………………
Precap- preparation for kavitas entry and I think a new member in MF.

The os I am writing is long It is on the current track (from last week Thursdays epi) so do u guys want me to post it as I am done with the rough draft I just need to type it so if u are willing to read it then I will type the complete thing I will atleast have two parts if not more….
NOTE……………………………..swasan story will have a painful start and will only have happy moments in flashbacks but soon it will be happy happy sawan, I need to build up other charecters earlier so that later I can focus on swasan….

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