We start our scene from were swara swara was shouting and jumping in happiness….
Sujju-(comes forward and holds swara in place) na chori tu pagal toh nah o gayi hai na(swara have u gone mad)
Swara – (happily) no mom but I am soooo happy, she runs and goes and hugs kavya, thanku kavya thanku sooo much
Dadi- swara are u out of your senses why are u thanking her she has spoiled our ladoos life and u are thanking her….
Swara- are dadi, did u still not understand
Pari- swara only if u tell them the whole thing they will understand na..
Swara- oh!!!!!! Haan in my excitement I forgot to tell u all the entire truth
Everyone is keenly listinig to swara

After talking with parish in the orphanage swara had started to collect information about kavya…..but she did not come across anything fishy, and part of swara started to think that her theory was wrong, but them she saw kavya going somewhere in a auto, she decided to follow her and reached the graveyard, swara slowly entered behind kavya, and saw her standing in front of two graves and thought that she was there to take revenge and decided to confront her.
Swara- toh u are here because of some family revenge ….?????????
Kavya- swara u, were u following me, (swara nodes) ok now I think its time for me to tell u the whole truth.
They sit on the benches nearby…. And kavya starts telling her story.
Kavya- my story starts from about two years ago when I used to live with my famil(bhai, bhabhi, ma and papa), one dreadful day our parents died in a car accident. That time my bhai and bhabhi consoled me took care of me as there own child, on day a lady came home and claimed to be my bhais girlfriend , bhabhi and I were shocked and we asked bhai who said that when our parents died and bhabhi was busy consoling me he fell in love with this lady, my bhabhi silently left the house but she used to sometimes meet I felt soo broken, and soon brother realised his mistake that it was mere attraction as bhabhi was busy, but he was late as bhabhi met with an accident that day, my bhai was broken and after a few months he also left me (kavya was cring by now and even swara had tears in her eyes) she continued…..) I somewhere felt that it was because of me that bhai and bhabhi got separated then I thought that if I help people like my bhai then I can get over my guilt and then I started helping people, after a few months I met laksh, he also had the same problem, I noticed that when he was talking about ragini he had a strange spark in his eyaes and I knew that he loved her sooooo…….
Swara immediately hugged her and said that she would helpnher and even parish readily agreed to help her……………
*********************END OF FLASHBACK****************************

The whole family was gratefull of kavya and thanked and appoligised to her and then she left after promising swara to meet her soon..
Now swara had another big task of convincing shekhar she took a deep breadth and started…………..
Swara- baba please, I know laksh has done a mistake and I will make sure that he gets punishment for making ny ladoo cry, I will personally give him punishment for that, but please can you for once consider giving him another chance. Look he Is repenting and u also know that ragini also only loves him do u think she will be happy without him……no na,,,,,,,please………..
After a lots of sugar coated words shekhar finally agrees and the others smile at seeing swaras efforts…..
Swara goes to parish and ragini and says promise fulfilled….
She tells laksh to go and get ready and starts taking ragini with her,,,all question her and she says that she is getting them ready for there marriage, she tells everyone that she had full confidence on her preparation and plan so she fas already made arrangemnts, and says I want to send her off as soon as possible so that I can have both the rooms to my self-fully, after this she gets a light slap from ragini whereas the other family members enjoy this moment…….

Precap———– raglak post wedding masti and swasan moments with family

I am also writing an os sooooooooooo pls. read that aswell……
Bye chao

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