chapter 4………………………………………….
After coming back from the fuction sanskar had a content smile on his face he knew that HIS swara was missing him and cared for him, that night he actually slept, same with swara she had seen her life after soooo long now she was somewhat happy and could sleep.
Parish were now in contact with swara and she constantly gave them ideas to cheer the family up, now it has been about one week and laksh is slowly realising raginis importance : like when he is late kavya does not wait for him, she does not take his stuff out like ragini, he has been missing her unknowingly, here swara and parish have been finding information about kavya and have been quite successful…….
After a few days (6days), nearly everyone has been been ignoring laksh and he is also not very pleased with kavya. One morning when laksh was coming down he heard ap ask sanskar to go to the shiv mandir and get the mauli (sacred thread) for the family members from the pandit, he listins to the conversation as gets to know that sanskar cant go as he has a meeting, so taking the opportunity he tells ap that he will go.

*********************AT THE SHIV MANDIR**************************
Laksh enters the mandir and he sees the most unexpected person there that is ragini. He unknowing starts getting attracted towards her and slowly starts following her. He reaches the main mandir and there he sees ragini praying and silently goes and stands near her to listen to her talks with the pandit.
Ragini- pandit ji, pls. yeh Prasad bhagwan ji ko offer kar dejiye.
Pandit- on whos name should ioffer the Prasad
(raginis ans. Shocks laksh)
Ragini- app yeh offering maheshwari family ke name pe offer kardiji ye.
She later goes to the pond and prays.
Ragini- god pls. I know I have done lots of bad deeds and I am suffering for them, but my only aim was to get my love, but now I can never get it but pls. keep laksh happy and safe, and also do something in swasan’s life because of me she can’t even sya that she is married. Pls. fulfill her wishes. She dosent show but I know that she is hert and deeply hurt and depressed, pls. bring her back to normal, I know my sisteris depressed…pls….pls. (tears slowly start making her way through her eyes).
Laksh also feels sad and starts realising his mistake, he takes the mauli home, but his mind is still revoving around ragini etc.
Just then kavya enters and says baby look na your family is ill mannered, and now laksh looses it and shouts at kavya and drags her down.
Just then swara enters with parish and pari and swara run towards kavya and catch her on time . pari goes and brings water for kavya. Lasksh and other family members are shocked (I think all of u are also shocked)

Swara makes kavya drink the water and goes towards laksh and says
Swara- now what happened laksh, she was your choice now are not liking her aswell now what should we do…(sarcastically)
Laksh- swara u were correct that ragini is perfect for me, I am sorry for spoiling your sisters life pls. forgive me I have realised that she is perfect for me. He falls on his knees. And cries and keeps repeating I am sorry.
After a few min. everyone gets shocked when swara starts jumping and shouting happily saying yipeee, yes finally I won, I am soooooo happy, she goes and hugs parish and they also smile…….
Gadodia family who were standing near the stairs were also shocked……………
Shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 well wait………..not for very long as I am going to post soooon. I have my term break now and will be regular,,,,,,,
I came second in my class….and 8th in the whole 10th grade
Love u and thank you for your comments and support………..
Swara is actually upset and angru with sanskar as he did not try and stop her and convice her and didn’t even try and contact her after that ,,,,, but she is not thinking from his point of view….

Bye chao

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