sorry for being late, the next chapter might take a few days as I have physics test, but it will be long
The episode starts with the M family having their breakfast when KavLak descend from the stairs.
Kav- look na jaan your family started eating the breakfast without us……they should have atleast informed us na…. we are one family….
Lak- haan Kavya u are right…(to the family) could u all not wait for us , we are also members of this family.
Uttara- if I remember correctly then yesterday at about 12:30 u announced that you have no family except this lady to your right, did u forget that by now, if yes then I am sure that I have reminded u.
Lak- (shouts) UTTARA, don’t u have manners on how to talk to the owner of this house, and your elder brother if u are forgetting.
Adarsh- laksh mind your tone when u talk to my sister, and don’t u forget that you are the owner just by name and can actually not control anything as the signatory authority is till on papa’s name.
Laksh has nothing more to say so he quietly sits on the table and finisheses his breakfast.
After the breakfast when all the men are about to leave dp receives a phone call, after the phone call he asks all the ladies to get ready by five o’clock as there is a cultural programme by the students of the orphanage, and as they are the trusties they must attend the event.
Ap asks dp- um are they inviting all the members associated, I mean(dp understands what she is trying to ask)
Dp- haan all the members are coming
After this all the men leave for office, and the ladies get busy in the household work and all are excited as they will be meeting swara after 2 days.

*****************************AT THE ORPHANAGE*****************************
The MF enters the orphanage and are greeted by the teacher etc, soon the men get busy in talking with other trustee’s while the women start distributing gifts amongst the children but all of them are waiting for someone.
After some time one of the girls shouts—look look shona di has come…
Soon all the children go and hug a girl who is none other than swara.
She enters with lots of balloons in one hand and many packects in another, the MF instantly gets a smile on their faces.
Here swara gets busy in distributing chocolates and balloons amongst the kids. She smiling but it not reaching her eyes, her eyes are tired and her face dull, she has put up a fake personality for the world but there is one person who istantly recognises this fake swara and it is none other than sanskar. His heart pains when he sees his life in condition like this.
As soon as uttara sees swara she shouts SWARA BHABHI (her voice full of excitement and joy, but it turns into sadness soon)
As soon as swara hears that voice her eyes well up. She controls her tears , meanwhile utarra and the rest of the family make their way towards her.
She instantly replies- uttara I am not your BHABHI anymore, someone did not try hard enough(pointing toward sanskar)
Ap and sujju both come forward and touch her face with a lot of love and say swara-
She gets tears in her eyes by seeing her mothers like this but she composses her self and touches their feet both of them bless her but they get shocked by her words
Swara says- Namaste AUNTY
Dp says – swara what are u saying you are our daughter
I was bade pa… swara realises what she is saying and runs away from their…. All the family members are upset.
Soon the progamme starts, but pari and adarsh are no where to be seen, so sanskar goes looking for them
On the other hand we see swara standing outside the building with two people and she is crying hugging the lady, and the lady is none other than pari, both adarsh and pari are trying to console her.
Soon swara stops and asks parish about everyone
Pari- swara u think how will the family be without u , u are the charm of the house, everyone is habitual to your laugh, enthu, smile,………………how will they survive without u……….
(sanskar enter), he is listening to the convo
Swara- bhabhi it is your responsibility to take care of everyone, please, trust me I will fix everything , I know laksh is lost a I will make him realise his mistake everything will be back to normal
Pari- are u sure
Swara- it is my promise bhabhi
Adarsh- even your and sanskars relationship
Swara- I don’t know about that
Pari- swara lekin….
Swara- bhabhi not now please, acha I have to leave now, please take care of everyone(she emphasis on this word) and bhabhi pls. wo sanskar, um uske tablets and uski coffee, please dekh ligiyega, I will send u the list on whatsapp
Pari- swara if u care about him soo much then why are u ignoring him
Swara- Bhabhi this is his punishment, acha bye and pls. don’t tell sanskar about this
Sanskar smiles at swara’s concern for him even now,….
******************************so this it now guys enough of reading , sorry for not sticking to the precap I just got carried away……………….bye for now
Oh and
precap—————————MAYBE RAGLAK

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