Chapter 2…………………………………………………
Ragini has her breakfast in silence expect for answering some lame ques. That swara asked in-order to make her speak and lighting the atmosphere……
Meanwhile in MM………

The scene opens up in sanskars room, he is seen sleeping on the floor near the couch holding swara’s pic and her belongings surrounding him (like her sari her diary etc, in short all the things which have her essense)
Uttara crosses his room along with pari and both witness this state of sanskar and feel sorry for him and also get tears in their eyes by remembering that swara is no longer the part of this family.
Adarsh also comes along looking for pari and is shocked to see his strong brother like this. The great and the youngest and the most influential business man of Kolkata is on the floor crying. It was a total shock for him. He asks pari to go and talk to sanskar as he shares a very nice and special bond with her.(bhabhi and devar friendship)
Uttara and adarsh leave in order to motivate and console the other members of the house while pari goes in the room to wake sanskar up.
Pari- (slowly going near sanskar and moves him lightly from the shoulder
Sanskar-(as his sleep was very shallow he immediately wakes up) ha bhabhi app yaha , anywork
Pari- no sanskar, bas apko uthane aye the…(she is short of words)
Sanskar- bhabhi kya maine itne bure kaam kiye hai ki I don’t deserve a peaceful with my swara.(by saying this tears start flowing from his eyes

Pari-(she immediately takes him in her embrace, and he cries in her lap just like a child) (caressing his hair) nahi sanskar aap bure nahi hain, bas bhagwan aapke love ka test le rahein hai(no sankar u are not at all bad, you are just facing a test in your lovelife), and you can’t cry like this, if u cry swara will also get the same pain and sadness, u only say na that u both can feel each others emotions even other a distance, now tell me who gave u the right to make my sister cry? Haan?

Sanskar u can’t fall week u have to become the support system of the whole family, both your mothers need you, and your fathers as well, u know na swara was more than a daughter to papji, u have to fill in for her absence, make everyone happy and bring their smiles back,isn’t this exactly what swara would od, u tell me if she comes to now that u are crying instead of supporting her family, then even I won’t be able to protect u from her angry avatar.
Sanskar- haan bhabhi u are right, we will together make everyone happy, nahi toh swara mujhe spare nahi karegi.

(both sanskar and pari laugh at the thought of swara getting angry at sanskar)
He gets back to normal and leaves to get ready, whereas pari cleans the room and keeps all swara’s stuff in a corner as she knows he will need it again, she picks up one of the pics of swara from the side table and talks to her.
Pari- swara I am trying my best to fill in your space but it is so difficult to do so. I have no idea on how you managed to keep everyone happy without any effort, please come back soon the whole house needs u…………..
Meanwhile sanskar gets ready and comes to the room, then both pari and sanskar go down in the main hall to try and cheer the family.
First stop:
Both of them go towards the in-house temple and start preparing for the arti.
Pari and sanskar start the arti and slowly all the members collect in mandir.
When the arti finishes pari starts to distribute the Prasad and after seeing the Prasad both ap and sujju get tears in their eyes

Swara- (after the pooja when ap distributes laddo of nariyaal(coconut)) wow, badi ma this is so yummy , I love this, this my favourite, can I pls. have one more.
Ap gives her one more ladoo and both her mothers smile looking at her childish act

Both ap and sujju get tears in their eyes
Sanskar- ma and mom if swara comes to know that u are adding salt(tears) in her fav. Prasad then she will surely not be very happy about this fact.
Ap and sujju both look at him
Sanskar continues – are u both planning to get me into trouble, if your deeeeeeeeeeeear daughter gets to know that I made u cry in her absence then she will surely eat me alive, now wipe those tears and lets go for breakfast , pari bhabhi has made yummmmm breakfast, chalo chalo….(he also gets tears towards the end but composes himself)
Precap- kavya and her sttitude, and maybe laksh realisation

Thatnk u for your comment, I have read most of them, I am trying to upload in english as far as I can
Love u chao…………………….

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