Chapter 1…………………………………………………………………………………………

Next morning (after KavLak marriage and swasan separation)
Gadodio house:
Around about 7:30
Sumi and shekar were in the dinning room area when dadi makes her way from the pooja house.
Sumi and shekhar were talking about swaragini and how to take her out of the depperetion when dadi comes and asks shekhar to again think about his decision to separate swasan….
Dadi- sherkar thare ko nahi laagta hai ki yaane swasan ko alag karne ka jo decision liya hai vo lagat hai(bias)..

Shekar- nahi maa, abb iss bare mein koi baat nahi kare ga, maine apni beti ke liye achha hi socha hai, agar kal ko swara ke sath bhi aisa hi hua toh, nahi, who bechari pehle hi bahot sari taklife she chuki hai abb mein uska dil dobara nahi tootne (break) nahi doonga.
Dadi- magar shekhar tune use sanskar se alag karke useka dil tod diya hai..
Sumi- iss bare mein maa se agree karti hoon
Shekhar- maa, sumi abb iss bare aur koi baat nahi hogi, chalo ab swaragini ke kamre mein ho ate hai
(they leave for swaragini’s room)

*******************************SWARAGINI’S ROOM*******************************

Swara and ragini are in the room. Ragini looks like she has woken up since long and is in deep thought, whereas swara is sleeping while holding her teddy tightly by waist and her head is on the pillow (she is imagining the teddy as her personal teddy (sanskar) and the pillow as his chest)
Sumi , shekhar and dadi standing outside the room and are seeing both there daughters through the window.

Meanwhile the sunrays make their way through the curtains in the room, causing swara to move, as soon she realises that it’s the sun rays disturbing her sleep, she immediately wakes up and says
Swara- sankar bas 2 second abhi curtains laga-deti hoon phir tum aram se sooga (while walking towards the window) main ready hone jaa rahi hoon tab tak apne 5,10 jitne bhi min. lene hai lelo phir chup chap …..(she stops in between as she notices the curtains and the view outside, she then wakes up completely and realises that she is not with her sanskar anymore, tears well up in her eyes, but she soon composes herself after thinking about ragini’s presence in the room)
She turns around to find ragini already looking at her, she quikly thinks for an explaination
Swara- are ragini tum jag gai ho, mujhe kyun nahi uthaya, chalo mein ready hone jaa rahi hoon tum bhi tayar hokar ajao sath mein niche challenge. Aaj itne dino baad maa aur dadi ke haath ka nashta mile ga……..(she says all of this while fighting back her tears, she runs to the bathroom before ragini can say anything, as she knows that she will feel guilty)

********************inside the washroom***************************

Swaraquikly gets in the washroom and locks the door and leans against it and sits on the floor with the shower on while she is crying her heart out,,,,,,,,she cries for some time, but then later she wiper of her tears and says
Swara-(to herself) nahi swara tum weak nahi pad sakti tumhe abhi sab ko sambhalna hai, aur laksh aur ragini ke beech mai sab solve karna hai (she remenses the time when they were leaving laksh has some tears for an unknown reason in his eyes, he does not know the reason but swara recognises is as the tears of loosing someone precious, she had experienced this with sanskar and her relation)
She gets up and gets ready.

********************outside swaragini’s room****************************

Sumi shekhar and dadi have seen the whole scene and both the ladies looked towards shekhar, who knew was wrong but having a fathers heart he ignored the feeling and left the place, later dadi and sumi also left inorder to prepare breakfast.
After some time-

Swaragini come down after getting ready, dadi had just finished her pooja and she asked swaragini come and pray, they both went and swara asked the God for granting her with the power by which she can solve all the problems in her families and loved ones lives……

Precape- about MM, and laksh realisation……………

After a few episodes I will show swaras plan but till then it will mainly be about MM.
Note—– I might also change some incidents from the serial for my flashback
Hope this is long enough for the first chapter………….
thank u sooo much for your support and love………

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