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So the next chapter –
Everyone was there except dadu bcoz some important work was left in the office and he had to go…
Nirmala :y didn’t this panditji came till now. There’s only two hours left for the marriage
Karan :relax mom,he will be come,let me check
He leaves.

Naina :what happened auntyji why are u so tensed?
Just then karan came back,Naina left as someone called her.
Nirmala :where’s panditji?
Karan:It’s not panditji,someone important than him.
Nirmala :who?
The person enters..
Abhay :mom..
She hugs them
Kyathi :masimaa,at last u came..

She also hugged her.
Masimaa :l have one more child,where’s he?
Abhay :kunal bhai…He os in the makeup room since hours…
Masimaa :why are u teasing my boy?of course he will be there,today is his marriage….
Meghna’s room –
Naina :what happened di?why r u shouting?

Meghna :how am l looking?
Naina :chaand ki khoye hue tukda jise lag rahi hoo,kisi ka nazar na lage..
She takes some kajal and marks it on meghna’s neck. The sisters give a hug.
Two hours just flew away,kunal came to the mandap. Sharda went to take meghna down. The motjer and the daughters cried a little,hugged and took the bride down. Meghnal took pheras. Kunal made meghna wear the mangalsootra and sindoor. They took elder’s blessings. Everyone started to get ready for leaving.
In Nk’s room-

Nk :sandhyaji,today l’m very happy. My son got married,his life got settled,now he and his wife will take care of my business,and l’m ready to relax..
Sandhya :ya,u r right bhaisaab,kunal got married,his life got settled.. But what about karan…
Nk:bcoz of my faults,he isn’t even ready to accept me as his father,then what rights do l have over him. My heart breaks when l see him,bit what can l do?
Sandhya :his marriage!!!!

Nk:what?? But u know that…
Sandhya :bhaisaab,I have a plan,why don’t we chose naina for him?
Nk:naina!!meghna’s sister!!!l like her but karan….
Sandhya :he will do it if it’s a matter affecting his brother’s life..
Nk:what do u mean?how could it happen?
Sandhya :if we say that we only take meghna with us if karan marry naina,then will he refuse?
Nk(smiling ):no,bcoz he love his brother
Sandhya :naina also love her sister..

Nk:l can do anything for my son’s life,l can cross any borders to see him happy..
WhenNk informed that meghna will only be taken to Chauhan’s mansion,if naina get married to karan,everyone got shocked,especially the mother and the sisters,naina ran to her room.. Karan was fuming in anger…He was about to refuse but then he saw his brother,broken inside staring at his father helplessly his mother looking at her husband unbelievably.. Finally he decided to talk to his father…
Nk’s room –

Karan:how dare u do that??and to ur own son!!??how can u destroy ur son’s life.
Nk was silent
Karan :give the answers Mr. Nand kishore Chauhan!!!!!!
A voice from back:l’ll give the answers….

Karan turned and saw sandhya..
Sandhya :ask me karan?u want answers right??
Karan was silent. He was just looking down,coz he knew her well,very well
Sandhya :bhaisaab,go &do the arrangements.. This marriage will happen at any cost….
Meanwhile in meghna’s room –
Meghna:when would we get a better chance than this mumma?
Sharda :but,gudiya,what will we say to cheeku?eveything is wrong with her..
Meghna:wrong???!!!pls remember her past and say if we r doing wrong???no…May be the way it’s happening is wrong but what happening is what we want!!it’s our cheeku’s future….with karan..
Sharda :yes u r right gudiya,bit cheeku…

Meghna :just leave it to me,l’m sure,she won’t say no this much easily,coz she loves me a lot…
They went to naina’s room. Naina was sitting on the bed helplessly…Looking into the mirror…
Naina :how could this happen?what shall l do?on one side di’s life on the other side,karan’s,bhagvan,how could l destroy karan’s life for my sister’s??what shall l do now
Meghna :do this marriage naina
Naina gets shocked.
Naina :di,but how u know that na…

Meghna :can’t u do this much for me
There as a silence…Naina broke it.
Naina :D…I will marry karan,but first we have to inform them about my past..
Meghna:past…Past…Past…What past…Ok if u want to make them aware then ok,mumma will go and tell them…Everything…. Ujust get ready….
They were leaving naina in hat room. When they reached the door meghna looked at her sister.
Meghna(thinking ):sry cheeku,don’t think that ur sister is selfish,l’m nt this much selfish to sacrifice my sister’s life for the sake of mine…I can do anything for u and our mumma,l can fight with this whole world for our family,but now l’m silent coz…. Bcoz l know that karanis the right person…. He is the rightest person for u……..
Sharda went to Nk.

Sharda :samdhi ji,l want to tell u something
Nk:about whom?Naina???
Sharda :ha
Nk(laughing ):l know that u will come,u will come to save ur daughter by making a story,but l don’t have much time to hear this lie…So pls..
Sharda :but samdhi ji,pls hear me once..
Nk:no.. I don’t want to jear anything…U only have two hours…. Whatever u have to do,do it within 2hours.. Otherwise l’ll leave with my son without ur daughter…Pls…GO….
Nk(thinking ):l’m sorry sharda ji…
Sharda left the place,she informed her daughters about this. They were disappointed as ell as optionless..

Naina and karan’s marriage ceremony started. They took pheras. Kran put mangalsootra around naina’s neck,suddenly a drop of tear fell on his hand from her eyes. He felt that it’s burning him. He couldn’t even look into her eyes,if one drop of her tear could burn his heart this much,then her eyes!!!. He put sindoor on naina’s maang. When the brothers along with their wifes reached the mansion,everyone present their was shocked to see nairan…. Especially dadu…After all the talks they did bahus grihapravesh and lead them to their respective rooms
Kunal’s room was really beautiful…When meghna entered the room she found it well decorated with a welcome note “TO MY TOPPER “she smiled looking at the note suddenly she felt a hand around her waist and a head on her shoulder.
Meghna :kunal…

Kunal :meghna,l’m so sry,l don’t want these things to happen but…Pls don’t be angry on dad…
Meghna put her finger on his lips..
Meghna :don’t say sry.. I can understand u,coz l’m ur better half now…
Kunal :yes Mrs. Meghna kunal singh Chauhan…Ur wish is my command..
He then raised her in hands and laid her on the bed. He then removed all her jeweleries.
Meghna :kunal…

Meghna :l love u.
He looks into her eyes and kisses her forehead
Kunal :l love u too…..
When naina entered the room she was feeling something weird. What she don’t know,her life was something diferent but suddenly it took another way…Or this way…
Naina:what will l say to karan?he will be here at any minute.
Just then karan entered the room.. There was a silence
Karan :yes naina,what’s the matter?
Naina :l…This marriage…
Karan :this marriage…
Naina :l can’t accept this marriage
Karan gets shocked….
Naina:l can’t spoil ur life…Pls karan…Pls understand me…I can’t.. Because…Because l’m a WIDOW…..

To be continued…

Sry guys for such a large twist.. But it was very necessary for my story…Pls share ur thoughts.. Hey.. I haven’t ever mentioned about the actors playing kajal and abay!what about helly shah(swara-swaragini)and varun kapoor(sanskar-swaragini )pls comment and share with me how u r feeling about i!!!!
Loads of love -Seyal ?????????

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  1. #nairanlover:-)

    The twist was really breathtaking.I thought in this ff Naina will be suffering from the skin disease.It is really different from other ffs .Now I am awaiting to see karan’s truth.It was an awesome episode.Please post ASAP.I can’t wait.Loads of love.

    1. Seyal

      thank u so much for commenting…karan’s secret will be exposed very soon
      loads of love -seyal ??

  2. Arushi

    Hey Seyal awsm chapter dear… Keep doing such an amazing work…. I think that pair is awsm just lyk our Nairan I love swasan pair too

    1. Seyal

      thank u,l think that u r elder than me so l’ll call u arushi di…thanks a lot for spending some time to encourage me..
      loads of love -seyal ??

      1. Arushi

        I am going to be 18 in this July and what about you

    2. Seyal

      sry l replied u here because l couldn’t see any reply option after ur comment…..l became 17 in this may…..??

    3. Seyal

      sry l replied u here because l couldn’t see any reply option after ur last comment…..l became 17 in this may…..??

  3. wow mind blowing part…naina is a widow!!omg???eagerly waiting for the next update ?

    1. Seyal

      ur comments means a lot for me lachu,l’ll try to upload the next part soon..are u from kerala…if u don’t mind then answer….
      loads of love -seyal ??

      1. ya,l’m also from Kerala,the god’s own country ???

    2. Me too from kerala??

  4. hi seyal..what a update its shocking naina is widow ….CNT wait for the next updt

    1. Seyal

      l’m very much happy that u r enjoying,when my friend read it,she also got shocked….l will try to update the next part today….
      loads of love -seyal ??

  5. Minerva

    Wonderful episode. The revelation by naina left me in utter shock and trauma. This truth of hers has really sucked away all of my life force presently. She being a widow was the last thing I could have ever imagined naina as. It has indeed stupedified me in all aspects.
    Nandkishore’s nature here is truly pitiable as he is acting as a pawn to the evil-est person on earth Ms. Sandhya. His happiness has surely seen a bad day due to the arrival of hers. She is a born destroyer of lives.
    Karan and naina’s reactions on the proposal of their marriage was meticulously presented here. Naina’s breakdown and meghna’s request of her were wonderfully portrayed. The behaviour of nandkishore towards sharda’s repeated attempts of speaking to him followed by his apology was marvellous in the conception and presentation.
    The wedding mandap of karan and naina witnessed the union of two beautiful souls into one. Karan’s thoughts on feeling the drop of the flaming tear from naina’s eyes was supremely magical. His care and concern was visible through every word of his. And lastly, the scene in the bedroom was a shocker. It is a scene which cannot be described in mere words. An ethereal scene such as that needs something much more..

    1. Seyal

      omg!your comment made me really really happy,by heart.l felt that it’s an analysis of my update….ya l know that nk amd sandhya became some more evil even it’s for uniting two souls ,but everything happened has a reason…u will soon understand sandhya’s motive for doing this…..and one thing l want to say to u….u r really awesome yaar!!wow why don’t u write an ff..l really feel that there is a writer n u…because for me,a writer is one who creates magic in front of the readers with pen….who touches their heart….really ur words touches my heart??…keep reading
      loads of love -seyal ??

  6. what a twist……it was mind blowing and i’m waiting for the next episode

    1. Seyal

      thanks for commenting sruthi,a lots of interesting things are on the way
      loads of love -seyal ??

  7. Superb..loved everyones charecter..what is naina’s past..eagerly waiting for that…and about abhay&kajal…infact iam a great swalak fan..but also loves swasan they are perfect for me…??

    1. Seyal

      Ooo,u r a swalak fan,happy to know that u also love swasan??,naina’s past is not that much far,but bfor that u will confront karan’s past….keep reading my work….
      loads of love -Seyal ??

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