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Here goes the next part…
Karan Kunal &Abhay shares a hug. Kyathi,of excitement just runs to him and hugs. Vishal’s heart reaches the bottom
Kyathi (while hugging ):abhay….
Abhay :oye moti kabhi toh bhai bol,at least in front of others.
Vishal felt relieved
Kyathi :l have told u not to call me moti…Karan bhai…Isse samchaona…
Abhay :mere zindagi me sirf tum hi he jisko me pyaar se moti bulasaku…
Kyathi becomes emotional…
Abhay :kyunki,tumse zyaada moti ko apni zindagi me nahi mila..
Kyathi gets angry and runs to beat him
Kyathi :rukh jaa tujhe toh me choodunga nahi… abhay…Stop…
Meghna :can anybody say that what’s happening here?
Both the brother and sister comes after their prank to the others
Kunal :we forgot about u…When we saw abhay…. Oh!u don’t know who is abhay,right?
Karan :l’ll explain.. Ye he abhay…Abhay singh Chauhan.. People better knows his name as abhi…
Naina :abhi.. Matlab…Ye rockstar abhi toh nahi hu na..
Kunal :unfortunately he is..

Everyone gets excited.. Meghnaina are super shocked..
Meghna eans kyathi was running behind a rockstar…Matlab abhi the rockstar is ur brother..
Naina :omg!!so ur Mr. Abhay…Imean abhi the rockstar.. Kajal is a big fan of urs. She will be super duper shocked.. Wait a minute.. Where’s kajal?
Everyone looks,but they can’t find. Just then
Vaibhu :kajal didi…Neeche he..
Everyone looks down on the floor. She was lying there,unconscious. Because of excitement,they haven’t noticed kajal falling…Kunal ran to take her,but abhay already raised her in his arms. Naina lead him to kajal’s room. Vishal examined her and said tjat she got unconscious because of her tiredness…and she will be fine in a few hours.
Dadu :don’t worry about her. She will be fine,u should all have food
But everybody ws very busy in taking selfies and autographs…Kunal was just looking. Kyathi goes to Kunal and coughs… Kunal looks.
Kyathi :l told u na,there is someone.. Our one…Abhay!!!
Kunal :u and ur abhay.. Agar voh 10minute aur vesa us paaji ban ke raha hota na,l’m sure that l should have killed him..
Abhi hears it and smiles…
Kyathi :don’t be this much jealous…
Naina :Kyathi,actually who is he for all of u?
Kunal :actually,he is the only son of our masimaa and tauji
meghna :tauji aur masimaa!!connection kya he?
Kunal :actually,when l was born his mother was only our masimaa …. My mom’s best friend,but when l was at the age of 4,she got married to tauji.Par mera aadat toh masimaa hi dha.en karan was born he also started to imitate me…Voh kya paanch saal tak masimaa ke khud ke bete bhi apne maa ko masimaa hi bulaya…
Everyone laughs…

Kyathi :bhabhi do u know there is game between my brothers especially between knal bhai and abhay the game is who makes the family members laughsmeans who makes them more laugh will be the winner and the loser has to pay him a whole month’s pocket money…And the most intresting fact is this till now only kunal bhai lost his pocket money….
Kunal :Kyathi,shaayad tume pata nahi hoga,me bhi do baar jeethe he
Karan :haa babhi,bhai jeethe he do baar,kyunki saalonse khelthe aaya is game ke baat bhai sirf do baar moo khola dha,baki samay pe abhay uske moo par taala lagathe dhe..
Naina :Are abhay and kyathi of same age?
Kunal :abhay!voh toh karan se bhi ek saal bada he…
Meghna:can we know about abhay’s parents?
Karan :masimaa ek business trip me hei aur kal aajayega par tauji…
All the Chauhan’s smile fades… especially abhay’s.. He said to his fans that he is tired and wanted to spend some time with his family,so the crowd dispersed
Kunal :tauji died in an accident
Karan looked at Kunal. Meghnaina felt something fishy..
Kunal:leave it guys,dadu pls announce the results
Dadu :results.. One second. Sab points ko milkar dhekhne se saaf pata chaltha he,ki winners ke naam he… Meghna aur Kunal…
Kunal:ye,v got it..
Dadu :let me complete first .. Naina aur karan,Kyathi aur vishal abhay…sab log…
Kunal :ye cheating he,pls announce one name
Dadu:arha,what can l do if everyone got same scores
Kunal :par dadu,jeeth toh sab gaya,but how will u share the gifts
Dadu :hamne kaha dha na ki ye kharidne wale gift nahi he balki tum sab ka dil choone wale gift he.. Nk gift dikhado…
It was an AV,it had the childhood photographs of kunal,karan & abhay doing pranks. It also had meghna’s and naina’s pictures..and their father’s. Everyone got teary eyed. Kunal was thinking how he played with his brothers,especially karan,how they made paintings on nk’s face,how they fooled dadu&masimaa,hw they made smile on their mom’s face.. But all of a sudden everything got changed,his little brother who always slept woth him started to use another room,all the time he started to spend in that room,e stopped talking to anyone or everyone,how je started to behave like a child but a weird one.. And one day when kunal came from his college and ran to karan’s room,as usual he tried to open the door without hope,but it opened,after years it opened,he entered with a big smile to see his little brother…But…He wasn’t there…Later he came to know that he left the home.. And went to delhi.. But why???
Meghma shook kunal:what happened kunal?
Kunal (trying to smile):nothing,just returned to my memories..
Karan noticed it,kunal went to a lonely place.. Karan followed him…
Karan :bhai…
Kunal didn’t noticed. Karan made kunal turn towards him.
Karan:bhai,l know that u r angry 4 yesterday.. But bhai…Listen.. Zindagi me isa kayi baathen hota je jiske batane se rishtaien ulach jatha hei.. Dil toot jatha hei.. Behter hoga ki voh raaz raaz hi rahe… Mujhe paya he,mere bhai mujhse bahut pyaar kartha hei,air karthe hi rahenga,isiliye aap mujhe ek normal zindagi dena chaahta h..Lekin bhai me aapko sach batadega toh mujhe yakin he ki aap control nahi lar saktha,shayad uske vajah se kisi ka jaan bhi jaasaktha hu!!
Kunal gets shocked.

Habhai mera sach kisi ka jaan le saktha,isiliye mujhe majboor math karo…… l love my brother very much and l couldn’t bear his anger so pls understand bhai pls…
H then hugs his brother tightly…Kunal broke the hug and wipes his brother’s tears. He smiles… but not convinced
Kunal (to himself ):by saying all this u have increased my curiosity karan,may be it’s not fair but l want to know karanEk baar ye shaadi hojaye after that me and my topper together will find out ur truth…
The sisters were looking at the brothers with admiration.
Naina :jeeju,can v come there.
Kunal :kyu nahi,u r always welcome,my dear saali.
Naina :l have planned a date for you guys
Karan coughs…
Naina :ok,we together did it,Lekin zyaada mene kiya,ye sirf place arrange kiya
Meghna :oy,place arrange karna koi azaan kaam nahi hekyun meri devar lo pareshan kar raha hu..
Kunal :are ye dono kab team up hua!
Naina :sachkaha jeeju,ye dono ke dhosti dhekhkar lagta hei ki salon se janta hu par rishta sirf 3-4din ka he.
Kunal &naina high fives.
Karan :ye he bhai,address and other details and a surprise iswaiting for u there.
Meghnal drove to that place. It was a beautiful garden. When they walked in there found aboard “First destination “meghnal looked in surprise. There was a dinner table with food
Kunal:karan knows that if l do a long drive l always feel hungry
Meghna :wow kunal what a wonderful habit,hum khana khake hi toh aaye he..
Kunal :but this is not food thos is our sibling’s love,yetoh khana hi padega. We will eat a little bit and move on to the second destination.
He shows her the arrow mark
Meghna :wow,how wonderful is this place..

It was beautiful,they were surrounded by mirrors….every where they can only see them and a board “way out to the third destination “and there was a sound system with a slip”Use me, enjoy me”
Meghna :l’m sure this is our naina’s work
Kunal :l also believe
Saying this he wrapped his hands around meghna’s waist and let the music on. They danced and danced and danced. They enjoyed the music,each others presence with heart full of thanks to their siblings whom made their journey from engagement to marriage special…Very special….
Teracce- karan was sitting there with a coffee in his hand.naina went there and sat near him. He took his umbrella and placed in between,naina noticed it
Naina :l also love coffee.
Karan was about to tale a sip,just then he heard her and stretched it towards her.
Naina :lekin raat me nahi,kyun kiraat me coffee peene se neend kharaab hosaktha he
Kran looks at her
Naina :for me!!!!
He looks at the cup and places it down.
Naina :karan
Naina :kya me ek baath poocho
Karan :kya he
Naina :tum iss Chatte kyun lekke khoomtha he?
Karan :ye,ye mereliye bahut khaas he,mere zindagi me iss chatte ka ek bada jagah he,ye mujhe ek khas insaan ne diya dha,jisko me marne tak bhool nahi saktha,marega tabhi bhi nahi bhoolega….
Naina smiles at him
She wanted to ask who is that person,but she knows well that he won’t answer..
Naina:ek aur sawaal poocho?…
Kajal’s room -kajal wpke up and saw herself in the room. She tried to recollect the incident. Just then abhay passed kajal’s room. He found her awake through the window
Abhay :can l come in?
She found someone and said s. But when she sawthat he was abhay,she was surprised.
Abhay :hai.
Kajal :hello u r..
Abhay :l’m abhay,oops!abhi…Nice to meet u but not in this way
She smiles…
Abhay :thank god,mere itne tries ke baat at last aap muskuraya,not bad….
Kajal :toh aap hi Sundar paaji dha
Abhay :u got it,but how?
Kajal :us large stomach aur language hi badla he,lekin chehra toh vahi he,bus ek beard ki kami he
Abhay laughs…
Meghnal were in front of a door,their third destination…. A sticker was jere saying “FEEL ME WITH UR FEET”. They opened the door and placed their legs inside. The entire place was covered with rse peyals. There was a fountain which also had rose petals in it’s water…. They could feel the softness of the flower. Just then they noticed two boxes on the table,fully covered in petals…When tjey removed the petals,they found the titles on one “bhabhi open it and onother “jeeju open it”. In meghna’s box,was an anklet and in kunal’s a pair of payals.they made each other wear the gifts and hugged.

Kajal’s room –
Abhay :may l know what is ur problem?
Kajal :problem.. What problem?
Abhay smiles and says:don’t even try to say lie,because you don’t know how to do it
Kajal wipes her face :ok
And told everything about her family,parent’s death,and vishal
Abhay :ok,toh ye he aapke kahani.. Kya me apne kahani bathado,if u won’t get bored then.
Kajal :kahani!!!
Abhay:ha kahani,mera chta sa bada family mem me,papa,maa,chachu,chachi,kunal bhai,karan,choti kyathi sab khushi se jeerahadha,sab kuch theek thaak chal raha dha,lekin ek din sab kuch badal gaya,mere saathvi bday waala din,is in me aur papa khoob masti kar raha dha,tab achanak vaha police aagaya,aur kaha ki vo mere papa ko arrest karne keliye aaya he… Mar gaya,jab dadu ne poocha kya baath he tab un logone batadiya ki papa ne kisi ka murder kiya dha,aur papa jurm khubool kiya aur police papa ko leke gaya
Meghnal’s side-
Meghna :arrest kiya!!
They were driving back to the hotel.
Kunal :ha arrest kiya,lekin tauji ne jaan booch kar kuch nahi kiya dha,ek jagde ke beech unhone ne galthi se ek employee ko dhaka diya aur voh unchai se gira aur….
Meghna :oh…
Kunal :he was released after 4 years. He was coming to home for meeting his boy,but….
Meghna :unka accident hua..
Kunal :nahi,unke murder hua…
Naina:murder!!!!!!!but who and for what???
Karan :pata nahi…Aj bhi uske baare me investigation chal raha he.. Grah saal ke ek bache,joh apne papa ke indsaar kar raha dha,uske saamne,uske papa ke laash rakha gaya.. Toot gaya dha voh pooritarah,lekin jeeena nahi choda,sab lo ko hasaana shuru kiya,…. Uske dhukh lo gaane ke nashe me doop diya aur aaj aaj voh ek rock star he,sab ko hasake, sabko khush karke voh aaj bhi roraha hei…
Karan had tears in his eyes,naina also hatears,she smiled at karan,hearing his words…. Karan gt up and was going to leave
Naina:can l ask one more question?
Karan :kitna sawaal poochongi tum?
Naina :one last question..pls…
Naina :paka?
Karan:ha ha ask it
Naina :will…Will…Will u be my friend!!!!!!

To be continued…

Sry 4the delay guys,actually there was a function in my family and l was very busy with my cousins ????sry for all the errors,pls comment friends,hope that u all were having agood time
Loads of love -Seyal ???????

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  2. nice update,an emotional one,l loved it

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    The declaration of winners and the subsequent prized possession presented to the winners made my heart drown in feelings of love and admiration of the great family the protagonists have. Karan and naina’s surprise for their superb bhabi and jeejaji was really extraordinary. The present of a date given by them was the best pre-wedding gift a person could ever ask for. Hope that this effort of making the day special for their siblings makes Ms. Naina Solanki and Mr. Karan Chauhan come closer for the better..
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