Next day-

Everyone was busy in their practices except Kunal and kaibhav team. Kajal was so weak because of fever and….. But Kunal was busy in peeping to other team rooms…he was peeping into Nairan’s room just then nirmala and dadu came there and saw Kunal…. Dadu goes and patts his shoulder.
Kunal :sto it meghna,let me know what they r doing and then will start our practice..
Dadu and nirmala couldn’t control their laughter..
Kunal :y r u laughing like dadu…
Dadu (holding his ears):it’s not like dadu it’s himself dadu
Kunal :dadu… it’s hurting..

Dadu :mera badhmaash bache,cheating kar raha hu kya?
Kunal :nahi.. Nahi dadu… Me bus…meta kuch samaan gira dha…
Dadu :oh…. Tumhara voh samaan koi micro bacteria he kya,ki tum use itna dyaan se doondh raha hu,voh bhi bandh kamre me chup chup ke…
Kunal :voh dadu… isa nahi he,ye…
Dadu :ye.. Voh…(faking anger )me kuch nahi sununga,jaldi apne kamre me jao aur ek kadam bui bahar math rakhna…Until the competition starts
Kunal :dadu…Mom bathaona…Dadu at least lhane keliye
Dadu :no….
Kunal :paani peene keliye…

Dadu :never…
Kunal :kam se kam zuzu karne keliye…
Dadu :kabhi nahi… joh bhi karna he apne kamre me hi karna..
Kunal leaves there..du and nirmala laughs…

Nirmala :mere bachon ko kisi ka nazr n lage..
Evening came so fastly.All the teams were ready for performance except kaibhav…Kajal was so weak but she somehow made to go for watching her do’s sangeet and her bhai’s performance. Kajal was actually an orphan,after her parents death Sharda became her nd her mumma…(l forgot to share this)kajal and naina were best friends snce childhood. Both of them went to the same college…. Kajal was working at a hospital at pune and came for her di’s marriage…
Kunal :dadu,where’s urnew host
Dadu :don’t worry vo aajayega,at sharp 7. 30pm
Kunal :kyun dadu,aapka itna handsome pophir bhi aap kisi aur ko doondh raha hu.. Kyu?
Dadu:are iss vakth mujhe tumhare paaltoo bathome pad jaane ka koi shok nahi hei,mujhe aur bhi kaamhe..

Kunal :par dadu…
Suddenly they starts to hear a band…. Everyone looks outside and saw a man with a large stomach,a beard and moustache and a turban on his head. A typical Punjabi….
Punjabi :oy balle balle. Sasriya kal ddaji..
Dadu:sasriyakal sundar j..
Kunal (in a low voice ):ye kon he dadu. Pls don’t say tjat he is the host..
Dadu :ye hi he host..
Kunal,karan &Kyathi :ye…….
Sundar:kidde problem he jiiss sundar paaji na,bahut mast mind blowing host he ji…
Dadu :voh toh me jaanta hoo…. Sundar :it’s ok dadaji,aur kaha he mere yuddh bhumi…
Dadu :it’s over there

Sundar just jumps onto the stage
Kunal :it’s going to be a real war field!….
Sundar :oye…Sasriyakal bhai bahano…
Everyone :sasriyakal sundar paaji…..
Sundar:yaha pe joh jung hone waale he,uska… Kya kehte he usko…Ha…Moderator mei hoon…
Kunal :paaji,voh jung nahi hei competition hei…
Sundar :kuch bhi ho ji,baath to aapko samach me aayana…. To suru kare…
Everyone :ha…..
Kunal :sach kaho dadu,kya aap ise koi army se kidnap toh nahi kiya hoona?
Sundar toh Pehle aaraha he…Sundar paaji…
Kunalrolls his eyes..
Sundar :voh kya he na mujhe naachne ka bahut shok hei,iseliye apne aap ko rokh nahi saktha….
He dances on a typical Punjabi song

Sundar :oye ji agle performance dene aaraha je hamare sone chanke kudya…K…K,oye paaji kise naam rakhahe isko…Kya… Kyathi and vishale….
They dances on yeh moh moh ke dhaage…They were so romantic.. Each lifts made them more close…They wore the dress which nairan worn for the last round competition in the show….
Sundar :kya mast mind blowing performance dha…Waah…. Aur ab hazaar volt ka chadka lagaane keliye aa raha hei,karan aur naina… Oye Oye Oye…. Iss paaji ka biwi ke naam bhi naina hei…. O balle balle…
Nairan performed on didi tera devar diwanaa…the acts were fantastic.. So much humor….. Naina wore a red lahenga with her usual parting and straight hair. Kran wore the one he wore for he wore for haldi in the show…..
Sundar :kitne pyaara lag raha dha.. Oye rabji in dono ko hamesha khush rakhna.. Aur are ab toh koun aaraha he oss manch ko todne keliye….

Kunal(at back stage ):tod ne keliye… l’m sure this guy is crazy…Very crazy…
Sundar :ha ha…Kunal paaji aur meghna bhabhiji…
They danced on paar k ye kahaani suno…Dadu said that results will be announced after dinner.meghnal nairan vikyathi and vaibhu all were standing and having fun along with food. Kajal was sitting lifeless on a chair.
Sundar :oye ji,kya hua aapko?khana pasanth nahi hei kya..
Kajal :nahi ji.. Bas ise…
Sundar :nahi ji…aapke ankhein kah rahi hei ki kuch hei aapke dil me. Koi dukh joh aapko kisi se baatna hei.

Kajal looks at him surprisingly,how could he read her mind????yes,she wanted to cry…She wanted to say it loudly to someone or anyone…Or even at a place where there are only audience,not anyone who will question her. Her heart broke twice,once when her parents died when she was 18…. And the other…Her ees were filled with tears.. Just then Sundar clicked jis finger bfor her.
Sundar :kaha gayi dhi aap?
Kajal :kahi nahi.

Sundar :toh aap ye khaane ke daali lo aur mere saath apne jeejaji ke pas jao..
Kajal :mujhe khaane ka mann nahi hei..
Sundar :oye ji,aap kitne sundar he.. Par iss sundar chehre pe sirf ek chamak ki kami he.,jb khana khaonga na tab us chamak bhi lot ke aajayega aurmere jise mast mind blowing ban jaayega (he said it by rubbing his stomach. Kajal just hold the plate and smiled…Meanwhile the youngster group was watching all this.)
Kyathi :looks like he is flirting with kajal,but she is so weak that she could hardly hear his words!!!
Kunal :hey bhagvaan,don’t even dare to make this disgusting guy my saali’s hus..
Meghna :kunal,don’t worry,vo shaadi shuda he,but tell me one thing when everyone’s feeling that he’s funny,then y r u feeling that he is disgusting?jal raha hu kya?
Kunal :jealous,voh bhi me,voh bhi iss paaji se.. Kabhi nahi… nobody can make better fun than me..
Kyathi :but l think there is someone!
Kyathi and karan high fives.
Kunal :not even he…

Sundar:oye.. Kunal paaji kya kusur phusur kar raha hoo..
Kunal: hum sab aapko maarne ka masterplan banarahahoo,bus aur kuch nahi…
Sundar :oye paaji,menne isa kya kiya ki aap mujhe seeda tata bye bye bolne ke baare me soch liya?hu?
Kunal :kya aapko sach me hosting aatha he kya.

Sundar :kyun paaji,koi shuk he…To sunojab me’banjao munch rocker ‘ silsile me host dha…
Kunal :bus paaji,aaj nahi.. Aaj mere liye bhut special he,ps kharaab mth karo..
Sundar :oye paaji don’t worry,ye such he jab
And takes his handup ad hits kajal’s plate.. It falls on her leggs and she screams.
Sundar :l’m so sry,l’m really didn’t meant to do it…Oh does it hurts very much.
And he bends down to look.. Everybody got shocked to hear this voice change and of course language!!!!!!bit Kyathi,karan &Kunal were surprised to hear this familiar voice.. Kunal suddenly holds his turban and tries to see his face. His turban gets off making his beautiful hair visible. Karan looked at hom carefully and touches his beardand slowly removes it
Naina :it’s duplicate

Kyathi :OMG!!!
Karan (more as samridh):Oye Oye Oye…ye mast mind blowing sundar paaji,ek chutki me ban gayi na “ABHAY SINGH CHAUHAN “
Meghna &Naina :”ABHAY SINGH CHAUHAN “……..

To be continued…

How was it…Sry for all type of mistakes..Can u guess who is ABHAY???and tell me that should l call u di or ur name…Because l’m going to be 17…..
Loads of love -Seyal

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  1. Minerva

    Fantastic one. This was seriously unexpected. The episode had a heady dose of humour which was really very welcome. The dialogues were absolutely stupendous and awesome. The choice of songs was brilliant. Wordplay at its best was portrayed here. The end has surely left me in utter confusion and hysterics. And how does abhay relate to kajal?

  2. Seyal

    thanks alot shivani…itreally means a lot for me???l’ll depict abhay on the next part…just guess who is he for all the chauhans….haha??u make me cry of happiness ?
    loads of love -Seyal ??

  3. Hahaha?superb dear sundar paji?kunals jealous..and finally he is abhay singh

  4. Seyal

    haha?l also love that sundar paaji….thank u for ur sweet comments?
    loads of love -seyal ??

  5. wow….nice epi…l loved sundar paaji ??he was sooo funny,and l think that he is a relative of the chauhans….pls Post ASAP ??

    1. Seyal

      thank u friend,fond out yourself of ur guess is right….sry for the late rply
      loads of love -seyal

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