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Kunal was looking outside through the window. He was standing in the corridor. Suddenly he felt someone’s head on his shoulder
Kunal :meghna…
Meghna :y r u awake?
Kunal :y r u here?if u haven’t slept properly,then u will get dark circles
She slightly punches on his arm
Meghna :kunal……where were u lost?
Kunal :l am thinking about karan…
Meghna :karan…

An fb is shownfb-same day bt bfor some time,
Karan :bhai ruko..
Kunal :kya baath he karan?
Karan :y did you do that?
Kunal :What ?
Karan :l saw u changing theslot.
Kunal :oh!ya,l did it.
Karan :y bhai,y did you do that?
Kunal :What’s the problem karan?
Karan :bhai aap kuch nahi jaante,phir bhi…
Kunal cuts his words :exactly karan,me kuch nahi jaante,mujhe kuch nahi pataa.. Pata toh tab chalega na jab tum kuch bathayega.. Batao karan,mujhe jaan ne ka poora hak he. Pls batao.. Nahi toh me paagal ban jaayega. Bathao karan,khua dha tumhare saath jab tum hum sabse door rahta dha,lya hua dha tumhare saath dilli me….Bathao karan aaj tume bataana hi se poocho toh voh kuch nahi batata,masimaa se poocho toh voh saara topic hi badal de ta,papa,uske aur tumhare beech koi rishta hi nahi hei toh daadu se poocho toh sirf khaamoshiyan dethe hai…Kyun karan,kyun mujhe itna parya feel karvaaraha hun.Nahi…tumhe mera kasam,bathao..
Kunal puts karan’s hand on his head.
Karan:bhai voh..

Just then,
Meghna :Karan,excuse me,kya me Kunal ko das minute keliye apne saath le jasaktha hu?
Kunal :no meghna,it’s important,meghna noo…
She drags him out. Karan felt relieved,at the same time tensed…
Fb ends
Kunal :agar tum mujhe wedding dress dikhaane keliye bulaaya nahi hota me usse sach bulvaadiya hota.. Pata nahi lab isa ek mola phir milega..
He sighs..
Meghna :Kunal,leave it na,voh tumhare bhai he,tume chodkar kahi nahi jaayega,lekinkal achi tarah se practice nahi kiya toh gift hame chodkar zaroor jayega,l’m sure.
He was surprised. Meghna was about to leave just then hold her hand and pulled her closer. She hit his chest.
Meghna :kunal,chodo mujhe,koi dhekhlega.
Kunal :koi dhekhlega,voh bhi aadi raat,sub tere jisa paagal nahi hota,so raha hoga ab.
Meghna :u caled me paagal!… Meghna solanki ko paagal kaha tumne,l swear,u will have to pay for it Mr Kunal singh Chauhan..
Kunal:oh…Sry meri jaan…Leave it first give me a kiss
Meghna :no.. Wait for 2days Kunal..
Kunal :no excuses,nahi toh me tume chodega nahi,agar me tume nahi choda toh tumhare neendh poora nahi hoga,agar neendh poora nahi hua toh u will have dark circles under ur eyes,agar..
Meghna :bandh karo ye Kunal ki bachi…U and ur dark circles..Ok close ur eyes
Kunal :but y?????
Meghna :close it.
Kunal:ok baba.

Meghna brings her lips near his cheek and assures that he had closed his eyes. Then she just patts softly with her index finger and runs back to room. Kunal realized the trick and opens his eyes..
Meghna :u can defeat this meghna…Mr. Wrong no.
Kunal:yes,no body can’t win over u,l won’t let it happen. And this is Kunal singh Chauhan’s promise to his ll ife,his topper…….he smiles…

To be continued…

Hope u all like it?. Love u all…..

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  1. Tamihna0808

    I’m the biggest Meghnal Fan! Like really big fan of the couple!! This was such a treat to read! ???
    Kunal and his dark circles! ? yaar, such a cute and sweet update! Hope to see maaaaany more of their scenes ???
    That part between Kunal and Karan was intense! ?
    I really want to know what’s wrong with Karan in your FF, I hope he and Kunal grow a little closer. ?
    Continue your amazing work, we understand if you can’t post regularly! Well just all keep waiting, very impatiently!
    Loads of love ❤?

    1. Seyal

      l know di…that u r the biggest fan of meghnal.this is for all meghnal fans…love u a lot di….and u can expect more meghnal next update will be on once again lots of love -T.S

  2. Its awesome seyal….
    I am eagerly waiting to know karan’s raaz..
    So please update soon
    Loved today’s episode

  3. Its awesome seyal….
    I am eagerly waiting to know karan’s raaz..
    So please update soon
    Loved today’s episode

    1. Seyal

      thank u.but l don’t think that I will be able to reveal it soon..l’ll try to give the hints ??i,love u

  4. Nila

    hai seyal nice part jaldi
    bathao na karan ka secret kya hai?plz update soon yaar

    1. Seyal

      hi dear…thanks a lot for ur kind words..l won’t be able to tell karan’s secret soon,but when u know uwill be super excited ?????love u-seyal

      1. Nila

        OK seyal I am waiting for the suspense and ur going to be 17! five years younger than me . Wow your writing skill was awesome the way u describes superb dear keep going on and r u a malaiyalee?

  5. Minerva

    Awesome one. The bond between the brothers is a distant one for sure but I hope that it will change for the good very soon. Karan and kunal’s conversation was highly interesting and presented in a great manner. The MeghNal scene was superb in all respects and was indeed magical. The characterisation of karan is plain magical. I really look forward to more of such marvellous pieces of prose.

    1. Seyal

      thanks akot…l don’t know what to reply for ur comments…it leaves me speechless ?☺?☺l will try my best tokeep itup……l don’t know what to call u..shivani(i read it in tami di’s page or di..l’m going to be 17in short..l’m asking this to every one…pls tell me,should l call u di or ur name?
      lots of love -seyal

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