Hai friends,once again sry for the confusion. This is my fourth chapter. Hope
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Chapter 3-Here
Chapter 2- Here
Chapter 1- Here

So here we goes…..
The next day arrived so fastly. Mehndhi function started. Ladies put mehndhi,married ladies wrote their husband’s name on their hands. And also our Meghna. Naina looked at her hands…And atear dropped from her eye.
Naina :kash,meri kismath mujhe itna bada dhoka nahi diya dha toh aaj mere haath mem kisi ka naam likha hotha,mere sur pe sindoor aur gale mem usi ki naam ka mangalsootra hotha.. Kash us din voh haadsa nahi hota,toh…..
Just then someone knocked her room’s door.
Vishal :cheeku,what r u doing there?have u forgot the Surprise. Everyone’s waiting,come fast.
Naina :(wiping her tears)ha bhaiyyu,l’m coming. Just 5mins for the touch up pls..
Everyone was gathered down.
Vaibhu :meghu di,what’s the surprise..
Meghna :kunal gayi hena,surprise kiboxes line..
Vishal :looks like v r going to be crazy guys..
Naina :jeeju,jaldi laaona…
Kunal :tun ta dhaing…Kunal magician is ready with his boxes,no magic boxes…
Kajal :kya he iss dabbom me jeeju.

Kyathi :agar hamesha ke taraf ye aap hame ullu banane keliye laya hu toh bhai such me,aapke saaliyonse aapko pitayega…. Pinky promise..
Karan smiles….
Meghna :iss baar vishwas karo ye koi prank nahi hei.
Naina :toh iss me kya hei?
Kunal :let me explain. Iss me se ek dabbe mem ladkiyonki aur doosare mem ladkonki naam lilhakar daala hei
Vaibhu :aur voh theesre mem kya hei.
Meghna :batati hoon baba,lekin couple selection ke baat.
They started selection. Meghna took name from girls box and Kunal from boys box.
Meghna :first girl :naina…
Everyone smiles.
Kunal :ab tumhare partner ka naam he…he opens the slot and says…”Karan “
Nairan’s smile fades.
Karan :bhai but.. Isse acha aapke pranks dha…(he says in a low voice )
Kunal :no but vut.. Dance toh tumhe karna hepadega,voh bhi naina ke saath.
And he looks at Meghna nd smiles cunningly.An fb is shown-
Kunal took the slot and pushed it to his shirt’s sleeves of one hand and takes another from the other sleevewithout anyone noticing it.

Next came kajal’s name. But the boys name came vaibhu.. Kajal bcomes sad. At last Kyathi got coupled with vishal.(trust me they didn’t do any tricks ).
Meghna :ab baari he dance karne ka gaana chunne ke..
Kunal : one of the 4 groups (including meghnal ) will take a slot from this third box,don’t let the other team know it otherwise points will be cutted…
Naina :points…
Meghna :ha points.. Every team will get points and there are judges for evaluation. They r mumma,dadaji,and nirmala mom.
Everybody clapped.

Meghna :so b ready for the game and there is a gift sponsored by the whole family not of money but of llove…..
Vishal :a gift of love…What’s it….
Meghna :u will get the answer when you see it..
Vishal :if u know about it then how will it b a surprise gift..
Meghna :hellos away meri he lekin baathen toh hamara parivaar ki hei. Me bhi aapke taraf voh savaal poocha dha.
Vishal :toh javaab kya mila?
Meghna :vahi,jph me aapko diya dha.
Kunal :chalo go and take aslot.
From nairan team karan,meghnal team Kunal,vikyathi team Kyathi and from kaivabh team Kajal took the slots.
Dadu:it’s getting late,everyone go to ur rooms and start the practice from tomorrow morning. The competition will starts at sharp 7. 30pm tomorrow. And a new host will replace meghnal.
Kunal:what!but y dadu..
Dadu:are bhool gayi hu kya tumhe bhi perform karna he. Aur vise bi ham thak gayi tumhare iss awaaz sun sunkar..
Kunal :dadu u rnicely pulling my leggs,huh..
Everybody laughs…

At night vishal was sitting in the garden. There wasmoonlight. Kajal approaches him
Kajal :vishal..
Vishal comes out of his thoughts.
Vishal :Kajal,kya baath he.
Kajal :y r u sitting here alone at this time?
Vishal :alone???wanna to give me a company?
Kajal sits with vishal.
Vishal :Kajal,bachpan mem me ek ladki ko pasanth kartha dha,voh bhi aise ek ladki jo mujhse paanch saal badha dha.Mere liye vo mera crush dha uske liye me uske chote bhai dha…( Vishal smiles… )aur voh uske hi age ka a munde se pyaar kartha dha..When l came to know it,it was like aaaaaaaah…..(he acts heart pain)mere kehne ka matlab ye hei ki..
Kajal cuts his words:that u love someone..
Vishal(smiles ):kajal,u r my sister’s friend. Tum bhi mere liye ek bahanki taraf hu. Pehle se mere dil me tumhare liyekoi aur feelings nahi hei. Me kise apni bahan se ishq kar saktahoo.. Tum hi bathao.. Matlab tume mera biwi ki jagah pe soch bhi nahi saktha..
Kajal :me….me..

She breaks down…Vishal tries to console her she hugs him..
Vishal :kajal,l know that u r hurted.. But….
Afterwards there was silence. Vishal caressed her hair like abrother to console her. After sometime kajal broke the hug.
Kajal(trying to smile ):vishal.. Oh sry vishal bhai who is that girl may l expect Kyathi?
Vishal :u got it lady..
Kajal:l believe Kyathi is a nice girl.
Vishal :maybe,but let me make myself sure.
Kajal:ok,l won’t tell anyone,even ur cheeku. Because l want to be ur better sister (tears rolled from her eyes.)
Vishal :that’s my sister. Iam sure aaj nahi toh kal,tumhare kismath tumhareliye ek acha ladka doondh nikaalega…Uske mannat ke dhaage tumhare dil mem baandhega,ha jaldi jao aur so jao,kal mujhse takraana hi toh he. She smiles… Vishal walks.. After afew steps he turned back. He realizes that she had again broke down. But this time he didn’t go back…,because he knew that she need to cry to lessen her pain which he had given to her. She need silence..toclean her heart with her tears…..

To be continued… sry for all type of errors…Next part will be up on Wednesday ??lots of love…

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