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Jumping into my next chappy-
Naina slowly opened her eyes…She found her di next to her.
Naina :di!!
Meghna :cheeku..(started crying) why was u so careless??do u know how much we scared..and karan was madly searching for u..when he found uin the accident spot,he was totally broken. Now also he is not able to recover from the shock and..
Naina wasn’table to understand anything.
Meghna was shocked ..someone else was more shocked..KARAN!!He was at the for..naina gained her consciousness when he went out to buy medicines.but when he came back he heard her saying that..SHE DON’T KNOW HIM!!
“Koi nahi…”

Both the sisters looked at the door and saw their mother fainting and tensed…
Shardha looked at KARAN who was stepping back from the door away from the vision of naina..then she went near naina.
Naina: mumma,then why was she saying that name..?
Sharda :voh..naina take rest now ,we will talk to u later.
Naina: but mumma…
Sharda:shut up and take rest..
And then she drew meghna out.
Meghna: mumma ,what happened to cheeku??
Karan looked at her with tears…
Shardha :she LOST HER MEMORY!!!
Karan sat down on the chair being lifeless. He remember everything,their moments,their fights,their fun,their marriage, everything…but now that memories were only for him.. She forgot everything..she forgot him. He wanted to cry.. To shout at the whole world.. But he didn’t..
Meghna :how u came to know mumma?
Shardha :Dr said me about this possibility and l just rushed to here…
The doctor came and asked naina what she remember. She said that she only remembers her last day of college. Doctor informed her family members that she could regain her memory at any time but it wil be dangerous to her life if they force her.. And for that Karan should be away from her…Karan had to go…Far away from her.. And he decided to leave her…With a heart full of hpoes to hear her calling him again.. Even without saying meghna nd shardha…
He believed that she will remember him oneday and will find out him.. For that day he is waiting…He was waiting to see her again.. He went home back but haven’t told any one about this.. He didn’t want to male them sadsad.. He know how much they all love him.. And this news will broke them for sure.. But afyer several months he met her again.. Like a stranger.. He wanted to call her bit then he saw his obbo-Meghna!!who is going to be his bhabhi.. Both were happy to see each other.. Then he came to know that naina remembered about their marriage but still she didn’t remembered his face. The hope in him again got strengthen.. But he was asked to be away from her by his own mind coz he can’t control himself when she is near him.. Hhe tried hard but again they were shipped together. Hos masimaa also played a game which ended in their reunion.. He thought that he had to live with her,becoming a new identity,at least for her.. He was enjoying that life in whoch he lnows everything about her,but she don’t knpw this fact.. And she says it like for the first time…But he acting like “oh.. I just only came to know about it”.. Sometimes he cried seeing her crying.. Thinking about their past.. He wanted to say her that it’s him who she loved,its him whom she married.. But he can’t…He love her…More than his life…..

Kunal was overwhelmed by the story.. Hhe was in such a condition in which he don’t know what to do. Je just sat up and went to his brother. With a long outburst of cry,they hugged. Meghna wiped her tearsand smiled at the brothers. After sometime,they broke the hug and wiped each others tears…
Karan :bhai,l am sorry for not telling u the truth. Because l don’t want to take risk.. I know tjat u can’t handle urself,as it comes about my life.. And l made obbo.. I mean bhabhi promise that she won’t tell u any thing.. I am sorry obbo…. Because of me bhai shouted at u in this condition.
Meghna :its ok karan..
Karan :bhai ek aur insaan yeh sach jaanthi hei is khar mei.. Masimaa!!
Meghna :Karan.. Ek nahi do log jaantja hei…Masimaa aur PAPA!!
Karan :bhabhi…What have u done…he got his weapon to destroy her…. He can do anything.. How could u trust that man??
Meghna :karan.. He changed a lot.. Pls now believe him.. I saw in his eyes that guilt…That love for u.. Mumma kehte he ki guilt se bada koi saza nahi hei iss duniya mei…Pls forgive him…
Karan :l shall leave now. I don’t know what will be naina’s condition now..
And he leaves the room. Meghna turns towards the bed but kunal catches her hand. He made her turn and saw her tears flowing down her cheeks. He wipes it and cupped her face. Sshe looks into his eyes.
Kunal :l am sorry topper…I am sorry..
He hugs her…

Nairan’s room-
Naina was still crying badly…Her past wasn’the matter for her tears but those words of karan..,that he can’t forget his made her already wounded heart to broke into several pieces.. Just then karan entered the room.seeing him,her sorrow again increased .At last she decided to confront him.she wiped her tears and took a deep breath.
Naina: karan ,l want to know about gowri…!
Karan :naina,u are tired ..go and take some rest..
Naina: no, u have to answer.u always escapes from this question. But not today.where is she?why u left her? Kyun use chod diya tumne..
Karan(in his mind):kash…l could answer u gowri!!
His silence killed her.
Naina: l am asking u something,karan…
As usual he used his weapon.he silently went into his secret room.naina again fell down crying….
Karan came out after sometime. But this time she didn’t raised her head.he was also in a hurry to get out of the room before she asks something, he failed to notice that his key of that secret room fell on the floor which he tried to put in his pocket..But naina saw and was about to call him..but she stopped.Some thing else came into her mind and she took the key..she went near the door.
Naina: no,this is not right I haven’t asked his…but l have to find the truth.for the first time l going to break my promise..this room will have something related to gowri..but..l will opent it..pls…forgive me karan….
With a shivering hand and shattering heart naina unlocked the room ..she pushed open the door…naina was stunned!!!!!
It had photos.. Not of gowri but of hers..Lt only had her and karan’s photos…Her head started spinning..suddenly she sawthat big picture of hers which he gifted her on her birthday..under that picture…her name”MISS BADTHAMEEZ”.she took her steps toward that picture..and with each step,each memory played in front of her eyes.but they were blurred…she touched that painting and closed her eyes..then each scene was becoming clear…her marriage…the pheras..mangalsoothra…
The rewinded memories were hurting her head badly..She slowly muttered “karan..”again she muttered”karan…”again and again she muttered ..but that mutter ended in a large cry which could even turn the chauhan’s mansion upside down..”KARAN”!!!and she fainted and fall down..but when she fell back of her head hit the corner of a desk which was lying near to her in that room.her head started bleeding..and she getting in immersed in the sea of her blood and her memories…again she said”KARAN”!!!!

To be continued….

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Loads of love-Sreelakshmi?????

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