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Chapter 16 –
Meghna walked into the garden. She was feeling the cold breeze which made her hairs fly…. Slowly a smile captured her face. She gently touched her stomach. Suddenly a scene caught her eyes…. Someone was sitting in the moonlight on the bench. She recognized him and called”papa”. N turned and saw meghna. She went near him.
Meghna: papa why are you sitting alone
Nk: first tell me why are you here? its very cold beta…. and its not good for your health.
Meghna : no Papa, I am ok.I was just waiting for Kunal he will come here and till tjen l will give u a company…
She sat down near him
Nk: Meghna, are you not angry with me?
Meghna :why Papa?
Nk: because…Ah!…because of the drama which I created in your marriage..
Meghna (smiling ):no papa…
Nk: I know that you are one can forgive my mistake that I kept a condition of my son’s happiness…. But beta please trust me… I didn’t mean to hurt anyone….that time I was only thinking about Karan’s happiness….. I thought that Naina will bring happiness in his life.. But… but I forgot to think about Naina…Her happiness.. Her life that guilt is haunting myself… tell me make her do you feel that I destroyed your sister’s life?….
Meghna hold nk’s hands.
Meghna : no papa never ever I felt that u destroyed my sister’s life…
Nk: Meghna,how could you be this muchcalm to a person who forced your sister to a marriage…. I know that karan could not forget that Gowri…but even though I thought that this marriage will change him.. I’m not saying that naina didn’t brought a change…. in fact she brought many changes in Karan’s life…. she became his best friend…..but… I am the worst father in this world…..I forcefully tied a girl into a relation in which she had to sacrifice all her dreams.I haven’t ever thought that she also has a right to choose a life partner,she also has the right to love someone…I am worst man in this world…. Another life which was destroyed by NK Chauhan- Naina kitne bat Kismat huna mein kuch acche karne ke liye bhi Socha lekin who ek aur paap ban gaya…
Meghna :batkismat…Batkismat toh mere behan hai na….aap ne mujhse kaha ki usko bhi pyar karne Ka haq hai…apne Jeevan Saathi ko chune ka haq hai… ha.. Mei manta hu ki meri behan “Kisi Se Pyar karti thi.. Lekin Kismat Ke Khel Ko DekhoMeri behan ko Khud pata nahi hai wo Kis Se Pyar kiya tha….”
Nk:what are u saying meghna???
Meghna :before 7 months,my sister lost her memory of 6months!!!!…..
Nairan’s room-
Kunal:what??? U lost ur memory?!…
Naina :yes jeeju,l lost my memory.. I don’t know to whom l got married,when l got married…I don’t even have a single memory of my husband.. I don’t remember a single moment which l spent with him…I forgot him…I…I forgot him……
Karan’s eyes were red and had a curtain of tears….
Kunal :if u don’t remember ur marriage,then how could u say that…. That…. U are a widow….
Naina :woh……
Naina:mumma…Its almost 7 and we are getting latemm. I am sure sooraj will kill me….
Meghna :oh…Cheeku stop ur bak bak…We are coming…
Shardha:cheeku,did u take the gift…Otherwise we all get kiled by him s we don’t have for his bride..
They reached the venue..sooraj welcomed them…T marriage ceremony started. Naina was looking at the couple lovingly taking pheras…. Suddenly she started to remember something…A faded scene came into her mind….,I which she could only see herself clearly…. She was in bridal attire…Taking vows…Someone putting mangalsootra around her neck…But his face was not clear…naina started crying.. Her head was paining.. Meghna and shardha tried to calm her down,but all in vain…At last she lost her consciousness.. When she opened her eyes,she was in the hospital.
Fb ends…
Garden –
NK:What happened then!?
Meghna :after that she started asking questions about her past,she aked me and mumma about her husband…But we were helpless…,we were afraid…If one single strand of memory could make her condition this much bad then…. After that she tried hard to remember her husband…Which was really dangerous for her life…At last l told…
Nairan’s room –
Naina :told me the truth that…My…My husband died in hat accident. I wasn’t even able to see him…One…One.. Last time….
Naina was crying badly…kunal stood there numb…Her words were echoing his ears…Such a past…He was hurted not because that naina was a widow,his heart broke because his topper haven’t even shared a clue about it…She saud that all will be right while she was hiding such a big truth.. He was always deprived of knowing the truth.. But this time he felt somewhere in his heart that SHE betrayed!!!
Meghna was shocked when she heard a slam of door against the wall. She saw kunal infront of her.. Meghna :where were u kunal…U asked me to wait in the garden.. Kunal l…
HE raised his hand signaling HER to stop..
Meghna :what happened ku…
Kunal :meghna,today pls don’t ask questions,Only answer what l ask u..
Meghna :but..
He looked at her,and she understood what his eyes told.. He sat on the couch. Meghna kneed down near him…He started smiling..
Kunal :waah! Meghna,do u remember our wedding night?…On that day l asked u sry and u consoled me…
Meghna :yes Kunal..
Kunal :wjat have u said that day.. Yahi na ki sab acha hogaand u are not angry with me,what happened is happened,hena?
Meghna :haan..
Kunal :do remember our promise – not to hide anything from each other…
Meghna :haan baba..
Kunal :tum hamesha yahi kehte dhe ki pyaar do dilom me vishwaas ki ek khoob soorat dhage se juda hei…,hena?
Meghna :yes Kunal,love always exists on the surface of truth and belief.
Kunal :then tell me meghna,”DO U LOVE ME”…
Meghna was shocked to hear that..
Meghna :what are u saying kunal,don’t u…Don’t u trust my love.. Are.. Are u questioning my love…
Kunal :not me but u are questioning my love…U don’t trust me…
Meghna :Kunal…. Have u gone mad?.. What…I don’t understand.. What have l done?
Kunal :u broke my trust…U hide the truth that ur sister naina is a widow!!!
Meghna’s breathe stopped:how did u….
Kunal :why topper…Why?,why u broke my trust…U ided the truth that ur sister was a widow.. U don’t even felt it necessary to inform me about it…U didn’t even felt that guilt…U hided the truth…Even my brother was denied to know the truth when he got married…
A voice from back:no…Bhai…. I knew it bfor my marriage…
Karan was standing there….
Kunal :matlab…
Karan :ye bhai…I married naina all after knowing these…
Kunal (claps):so SHE kept it as a secret from her own better half…Wonderful.
Karan :bhai…Pls stop it…Its not good to make bhabhi take stress..
Kunal :let me say Karan and what about ur future.. I am not saying this because naina was a widow,l am saying this because she is not ready to move on..U don’t have any future with her.. l can’t let u spoil ur life….. Meghna,if naina was in Karan’s place…Will u forgive me… No…Never.. U will also burst out at me….Then why not me…My topper whom l loved the most hided from me the truth that NAINA WAS A WIDOW…..
Meghna :enough kunal…. I won’t hear that word again with my CHEEKU…
Kunal (avoiding Karan’s tries ti stop him):why meghna,why not.. Even ur sister accepted it.. Then why don’t u accept the fact that.. UR SISTER NAINA WAS A WIDOW……
Karan :stop it”OBBO”….
Kunal gets shocked…
Meghna :no karan u won’t stop ur “friend” today…If not as ur friend,take it as an order from ur bhabhi…Kunal.. My sister’s husband is alive and he is none other than ur brother “KARAN SINGH CHAUHAN”…
Kunal :what are u saying meghna…KKaran didn’t married anyone before…He just only love a girl named gowri…Not naina…
She said it as she is spitting out something which she was waiting to from a long time…
Kunal:par kise…
Karan:yeh such hei bhai…… naina hi meri gowri hei….
Kunal is still in the shock…meghna sits near him…
Meghna:kunal…l will explain every thing…..
To be continued….

Precap: nairan’s past….their first meeting

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  1. AbrahamEzra

    Mutheeee u just nailed it. Ithu vallathoru twist aaytta. Nainem gauriem onnano. Omg. I can’t believe this. Kalaki porichu thimirthu. Plsssssss post next one asap. Plsssss

    1. Seyal

      Ha ha….??thank u sooo much pooja…. twist ishtapettunnu vishwasikkunnu… Yes naina and gowri are the same person and karan married his eternal and immortal love…. His gowri…???100%Vishwasikkam… Nyanithu pinnem oru swapnamakkilla??But adutha part thamasikkum… As l have exams…
      Love u a lot-Seyal ???

    2. Resh

      Hey just loved your comment ??????

  2. Jiya09

    OMG!! What a twist!! I just loved it.. I m speechless. Really very exciting story.???

    1. Seyal

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  3. #nairanlover:-)

    It was an hilarious fantabulous episode with a lot of twists.Just loved it.And the most shocking one Naina is Gowri .Hats off to you.Post asap.A small one is also worth it.

    1. Seyal

      Hai amelia… I believe that u loved the twist… Yeah… Naina is gowri…. Pls understand yaar.. my exams start on 24th and they are very important for me.. So l need to concentrate very well… I hope u will
      Loads of love -seyal???

  4. Resh

    Ok Seyal! You are a Mallu? Then a big hifi ?? Btw the twist was extremely fantastic!???????????? Just loved it!?? You are brilliant! Lot of questions and doubts please clear it soon! Just love you dude!

    1. Seyal

      ?High five??Of course l am… Are u also??…. I am so so soo happy that u liked it…pls ask the doubts… I will make it clear… Love u too-Seyal ???

      1. Resh

        I hope my doubts would be cleared in the next episode.. how can Naina be gowri? And isn’t Naina a widower? ? Gosh I have lot of questions… Btw I’m a Mallu too!?

    2. Seyal

      Wait for my upcoming parts.. Especially the next one…. Ur doubts will be cleared…..???

  5. Supremely stunning. The incredible turn of events and surprising revelations made this episode a fantastic one. Meghna holding on to nandkishore at a time when he was all broken was something truly touching. The outstanding ways of portraying naina’s past and the reactions of the listeners to the same was presented meticulously.
    Kunal refusing to accept naina as Mrs karan Singh chauhan was truly shocking. His sudden outburst of disapproval and the reiteration of the fact that naina was a widow was indeed painful. Karan’s better-half’s bitter past is truly something very heart-wrenching and her cries are so very piercing.
    Nonetheless, the revelation presented here has indeed left me stumped. Something truly unexpected and out of the blue can it be correctly termed as. An astounding discovery which will surely lead to some surprising discoveries..

    1. Seyal

      Thank u so much shivani…. U made me cry???… I cried out of happiness… U are sooooo amazing…. A lot of interesting things are on the way….
      Love u a lot-Seyal ??

  6. Maayaofficial

    Woah amazing loved it

    1. Seyal

      Thank u……keep reading…
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  7. Shruthy

    OMG!! Came here after soooooo long, and I finally summed up all the episodes.
    And your twist, is seriously something I didn’t expect at all. *__*
    I cant wait for the next part, and that’s when you say that you won’t be able to post for a while. I feel like watching Friday’s episode and eagerly demanding Monday’s. That’s how impatient I got finishing the episode. Like… Naina is the Gowri Karan has always loved, and still love, and Karan is Naina’s “ex” husband. Like OMG… so when he said ‘I love you Gowri’, it was her only. *tears of joy* I can read this last part again and again, I won’t get annoyed. My most favourite part.
    Cant wait for that flashback. <3

    1. Seyal

      I just loved ur comment… I am really glad as a writer to hear tjat l could keep curiosity i u… But as a reader… Urgh!! l hate it a lot…. Thank u so much for commenting.. And keep reading…
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  8. Nice di…I love it Seems very very interesting. Post soon. Loads of love

    1. Seyal

      Thank u so much arya….. Thanks a lotvfor commenting….
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