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Chapter 15-
Chauhans decided to celebrate this for that,they threw a small party only Chauhans and Solankis…solankis were taken from bundi by their son-in-laws…Someone else also came there -Suman malhotra,sujan singh chauhan’s elder sister. Dadaji welcomed her with all respect. She came there for giving blessings to the newly married couple. Because she wasn’t able to attend the marriage
Kunal :badi dadi…I missed u a lot…
And he hugged her. Karan also hugged her….
Kunal :why didn’t u came for my marriage?
Suman:oh dikra,l’m so sry,l was ob a pilgrimage…So l wasn’t even able to know that u are getting married and when l came back,l flew to here…. Oy,where is my bahu..?
Meghna comes and takes her blessings,naina also came and took blessings from her. Suman looks at her confusingly…Nirmala understands it….
Nirmala :beeji,this is meghna,kunal’s wife…. And this is naina……Karan’s wife…..
Suman gets shocked.
Nirmala :beeji,l will explain everything to u later…
Suman nods….
After sometime-
Karan :Badi dadi…. How is ram chacha,seetha chachi rahul nia bhabhi and…
Suman:beta,they all are fine…. They all are fine and they all missed u a lot…. Especially….
Karan :especially!!!!!!
Naina gets shocked…. She notices that Karan’s smile also faded away…. He looks at naina…
Kunal :oh,she forgot me? This is not fair……
Suman :oh…. How could she forget her kunal chachu??
Suman :ha,chachu…Papa ke bhaiyonko chachu nahi toh aur kya bulayega….?????
Karan :she is rahul’s daughter,my niece…..
Naina felt relieved…Karan smiles at her mischievously….
Suman (to abhay):oy nautanki ke raja…. When are u going to get married?
Abhay:badi dadi,if u order me to marry then also l’m ready.. But my mom is not broad minded like u!!!!….
Sandhya throws a pillow at him…
Sandhya:what???? I’m not broad minded…Let me show u,huh?
Abhay :badi dadi….
Suman :oy,l’m serious…Tell me when will u show me my bahu….
Abhay looks at kajal as she is getting shy.. He gets mesmerized by her…
Abhay(not in senses):there is no need to introduce her…She is already here….. KAJAL…..
Everybody gets surprised…. Meghnal also gets happy…Karan shook abhay. And when he came back to senses he found that all the eyes were glued on h in and kajal…
Kyathi :OMG!!!! You mean kajal di…. And u didn’t even thought to inform me……
Naina ran to kajal…
Naina:l’m so happy kajal…
Kajal :cheeku,l’m sorry…. I hided it from u.. I am really sorry…I wanted to give u a surprise..
Naina :don’t worry girl.. I am angry but my happiness is more than my anger…sooo what can l do!!??
Sandhya:shardha ji,when will u give me my bahu…I mean my beti…
Shardha :jitne jaldi pandith ji muhurat nikalenge utni jaldi aapko aapki beti donga…
They all laughs and the elders went to discuss about marriage. After that solanki family left in abhay’s car…
All the other Chauhans (except Nk and abhay)along with suman started talking. Naina and kyathi came with tea and served everyone. Naina gave tea to suman..
Suman :choti bahu,when will u give us the good news which ur sister gave us?
Naina gets shocked Karan spits the tea..
Naina :l.. I…I.. Think something is burning in the kitchen…. I…Will go and check…
They all smiles at naina,naina goes to her room
Karan :l left my phone in my room. Can l?
Kyathi :go.. go…Bhai aur bhabi se ye zaroor poochlena ki kitchen kab se upstairs shift ho gayi…
Every body laughs. Kyathi and kunal high fives…
Nairan’s room-
Naina(thinking):what shall l do? What wll l answer them?
Just then karan came in.
Karan :don’t feel bad for badi dadi’s words…
Naina :what’s the fault karan?… Aaj nahi toh kal ye oochna hi toh dha…Karan,what will we answer then?…u know this well that l don’t accept this marriage.. U know very well that l can’t…Leave me,just think about urself. Can u forget gowri??
Karan gets shocked…”answer me karan…. Can u forget gowri??”she asked again
Karan :NOOOOOO……
That echoed her ears…. She was totally broken…
At the same time,in living room-
Kunal was sitting near meghna. He holds her hand and whispers”topper meet me in the garden after 5 mins…
Meghna :but why???
Kunal :just do what l said…
And kunal leaves..
Naina (crying ):even l can’t do it.. Even l can’t forget tat l loved someone else…. I was married to someone else…I can’t forget that l…. I….was a widow!!
Just then they hears a sound and a ring rolls to Karan’s feet. He takes it and looks….. There he sees a broken ring box at the open door and his brother with a broken heart……………
To be continued……..

Precap:Kunal shouts at meghna gowri’s truth exposed…

How was it…Pls tell me if u didn’t liked it.. Well next ay be up after 26th july…My exams will be ended on 26th…. Pls pray for me…After that l will be regular friends… and this ff will end by competing 30th episode….
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  1. Resh

    All the best for your exams! Do well ! Really good to see your ff after such a long time! I really liked the episode but I didn’t understand the last few lines exactly! Pretty intresting! At last something we had been waiting for is gonna be revealed doon! Ha ha pretty soon ! 😛 But really bad, yaar! I didn’t want the ff to end so soon!30th episode! :'( You should definitely try in some os or something! All the best! Rock your exams!

    1. Seyal

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  3. Nice all the best for ur exams di..Even i am having tests so not able to comment long sorry really sorry :/ Well, It was an awesome episode Nairan rocked it. Love it so much. Post soon. Loads of love☺?

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    Thank u resh….l will explain the last part. Kunal asled meghna to meet him and he left for taking the gift (ring) he bought for meghna… And after taking it he left but was stopped by that words of naina when he was passing by Nairan’s room.. That ring fell from his hand and it rolled to Karan’s feet.. Nairan turned and found kunal there with teary eyes…. Ah… This what l thought to convey….???
    Loads of love-Seyal ???

    1. Resh

      Oh my god! I just visualized that scene! Oh my god! Gosh! Tell me he didn’t know that she was a widow! You know it’s a very awkward moment! And also a moment if shock! I didn’t read it properly.. sorry for that! 😉 It was wonderful! Just love the way you think!

      1. Seyal

        Yes infact,not just kunal but the entire chauhan family is unaware of thetruth except karan and someone else… It’s a secret to be opened in the upcoming episodes…………lots of Interesting things are on the way….. Thank u once again….

    2. Resh

      Just can’t wait for long! Seyal!!! Post as soon as possible!

  5. Simply amazing. The twists in the tale and the new personalities just nailed it. Badi dadi’s words and actions here were simply superb. Abhay’s romanticised dialogues and humorous statements were awesome. Naina being all broken followed by karan’s comforting statements gave this an all new emotional high. The cliffhanger at the end has surely left me numb for now..

    1. Seyal

      Thank uuuuuuu……..shivani. Again and again and again u left me speechless…. I am super duper happy to know that u enjoy the story…..
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