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Kunal entered his room. He was deeply lost in his thoughts. Meghna saw him. She could feel his heart which was broken
Meghna:kunal…What happened?
Kunal stood there without answering…She made him sit.
Meghna :kunal…Tell me what happened??why are u sitting lifeless… Answer me Kunal
Kunal looked into meghna’s eyes and they went on a tight embrace.. Kunal started to cry like a child
Kunal egh…Meghna.. I have never that dad will do this…
Meghna :papa!!what have he done?
Kunal :dad broke my heart for the first time when he said that u will only be taken to this house If naina marry karan. But l thought…No my dad can’t be wr..wrong.. He’s always right…Maybe he did it for karan’s sake.. Otherwise he won’t do it…My heart was not ready to accept that he is wrong…Even after all that…But now l understood that he’s the man who made my karan like this..
Meghna (shocked ):who..who told u this??
Kunal :nobody.. I just heard it when mom told this to naina.. That dad used to insult my brother,he thought that karan is a useless.. All because of an allergy!!!because of it he made us away from karan.. For a disease which could be treated with love,support,encouragement,confidence…was treated as hatred,isolated,insulted. We the brothers and his sister whom has to console him was even unaware about what he had…what he suffered from.. Nobody was was with him except that girl…I will only pray to god that don’t give anyone,a brother like me..
He hurts himself.. meghna also had tears in her eyes.. She stops kunal..
Meghna :kunal.. Past is past…Think about his future.. Don’t u think that karan is happy with naina!!and don’t be angry over papa…
Kunal :angry.. Am not angry…But now l learned a lesson.. A lesson how to hate someone..
Meghna :no kunal.. Pls don’t hate him…I think now he had changed..
Kunal :don’t stop me Meghna.. Let me burst out my anger.. Pls.. I can’t handle this pressure
He went down and burst out his anger at his dad.. Everyone stood there shocked… at last karan’s past got exposed in front of siblings.. Nobody asked or said anything after that.. Nobody had anything to say or ask after that…just dispersed to their rooms. Nairan also went back to their room,not uttering a single word,karan went to his secret room and naina lied on the bed,but she couldn’t sleep…All the time she was thinking about “GOWRI “….
Days passed by.. Kunal still had some anger to his dad.. Meghna and naina were trying to calm their husbands anger..

A working day-
Naina was sitting in the temple inside the house…She was asking the god” l came to know everything about karan…His past.. His love.. His gowri.. l also know that l’ve some feelings for karan.. Something…Everytime l kept trying to be away from him…I will get more close to him.. Only thing l can do to make myself away from him is to find out gowri,but how??l don’t know..
She did prayer. Everybody came down. Naina gave them prasad..
Nirmala :Meghna,Kunal,Karan,Naina.. I want to tell u something..
Meghna :what is it maa?
Nirmala :actually u all have to go to our kul mandir..
Karan :but why mom??
Nirmala :it’s a tradition of Chauhan’s that the newly wedded couple will go to our kul mandir that year and will do pooja..
Kunal :oh!then it’s ok mom,we will take leave
Nirmala :ok,so when will u go?
Meghna :what about next Wednesday??because we will get some time to complete our work,cheeku what’s ur opinion?
Naina :it’s OK for me.. Karan..
Karan :ya,Wednesday is ok..
Everyone gets happy

Wednesday arrived so fastly..
Nairan and meghnal got ready for going to the temple. They took elder’s blessings and started their journey…
Kunal is driving the car and meghna sat in the front seat. Nairan preferred the back seat…
Meghna :kunal.. It’s raining,u should go slow..
Kunal :don’t worry topper,l’m expert in driving..
Karan :bhai,aap marvayega kya..
Kunal :oh!shut up karan. I drive better than u..
Karan :ya.. That’s right..
Naina :jeeju,karan will u pls stp this idiotic fight!!
Karan :fight!!are we fighting bhai??
Kunal:nope.. Who told u naina that we are fighting,we r just expressing our love..
Meghna :wow nice way to express ur love…
Kunal :ah!what to say if our wifes don’t understand the love..
Meghna :stop it Kunal,just shut up and drive..
Kunal :ok madam. Ur wish is my command.. Nairan smiles at them and looks each other. Suddenly kunal takes a u turn. Naina falls onto karan and he holds her tightly.. She covers her facein his chest….When she felt secure,she opened her eyes and try to move,but her hair strand got stucked in his shirt’s button.Naina looks into karan’s eyes. They share an eyelock..Meghnal sees the whole scene and coughs to announce their existence.. Nairan’s eyelock broke and Karan removed naina’s hair from the button..Then both look outside through the respective windows. Not saying a word.. But both had something big on their faces.. a smile……

To be continued…

Hope u all like it? sry for all type of mistakes
Loads of love -Seyal ???

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  1. AbrahamEzra

    hai chechi gud mrng. Sughalle.Aww Cho cute. Plz don’t make Gauri a negative one

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      So sry for this much late rply… Pooja pinne nalla sukhond.. Resultsokke kitti,nalla manyamayi pani pidichirikkunnu… Thanku… Pinne pooja eth districtilna.. Gowri.. Negative role.. No way….
      Loads of love-seyal???

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      Njan thrissur asnu. Pinne 10thil aayirunno. Engane undu grades. Pinne Chechi evidunna.

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  2. nice episode in between month end pressure u r story make me smile and relax thank u dear and waiting for next update

    1. Seyal

      Sorry di… I made ur wait so long… But l was really in a bad situation… So good to readur comments.. Thanks a lot
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  3. Claire

    A Lovely chapter? Waiting for the next one?

    1. Seyal

      Thank u claire.. Keep reading..
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  4. Resh

    Cute Nairan scene..I loved it..I wanna know more about gauri..

    1. Seyal

      Thanks resh… gowri’s secret will be exposed on my 15th epi.. But may u haveto wait for it until my improvement exams end… May be its will be conducted in the starting of july.. Don’t know..

      1. Resh

        ??Seyal! So bad yaar!! But I know studies are more important! Go ahead and study and also all the best for your exams and all!hope you do well!!

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  5. Nice update …loved the last part a lot..

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  6. #nairanlover:-)

    Awesome update.Loved nairan scene.I want to know about gauri.Is she going to enter.Post asap.

    1. Seyal

      Thanks a lot amelia(i remember ur name….???)gowri’s not going to enter… Coz she’s already in…??CCConfued… Find out in my 15th epi…
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  7. Hi sreekutty..superb episode..enthayi result??are you a plusone student??i know you got good marks..right??

    1. Seyal

      Hello chechi,hope u r fine… oh onnum parayande… I just got the opposite of what l expected… And ya l was a plus one student… I got good,but not perfect… But l have a second chance na,as “life is all about the second chance…
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  8. Minerva

    Amazing episode. Kunal’s anger and dislike towards his father was presented in a really fantastic way. The way in which he succeeded in revealing karan’s past to everyone is indeed commendable. His display of anger was also shown in a moderate but vehement way.
    The journey to the Kul-devi’s mandir surely held up some surprises. The romantic scenes and cute conversations simply glorified the scene. It was a wondrous episode in all aspects.

    1. Seyal

      Thanks shivani u are mind blowing yaar… Love u a lot always u encourage me… So keep reading,keep loving
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