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months passed by,nairan were great friends.. Everyone thought that they were happy being couple. And one day -karan was reading a book. Naina came there with food.
Naina :karan food
He wasn’t answering. He was deeply lost in his book.
Naina :karan!!jh
Still no answer
Naina:l’ll show u Mr. Chatte waala akdu
And she slowly walked to him and snatched his book away.
Karan :naina…naina. Give back the book.
Naina :no,karan,catch me if u can!!!
Karan :ok,miss. Naina perfect…
And they started running.In meghnal’s room kunal was about to give a kiss to meghna,just then nairan passed their room with a band full of noise.
Meghna :karan!!
Kunal :naina!!!
Together :nairan!!!

They ran through the stairs to the living room followed by meghnal
Dadu:what’s happening here?
Kyathi :pakdam pakdai!!
Nk and nirmala looks on.
Naina :kyathi,catch this and run…
She threw the book to kyathi. She got ot and ran just then meghna jumped infront of her and threw it to karan,but unfortunately kunal caught it and threw it to naina
Kunal:ye le mere saali saibha (and threw it to naina)
Naina ran with it to the garden. Meghna and karan followed her whom kyathi and Kunal followed. At last naina threw it without any destination but caught by nk.
Nk :take this champ.
And threw it to karan
Karan :love u dad..

Just then both realized what they said. It has been years nk called him champ,and whenever he calls it karan answered “love u dad “. Both had tears. In that gap naina again snatched it from karan,he came back to senses and ran bhind her. Everyone followed them. Bt nairan entered their room.
Meghna :stp here!!we can’t enter.
Kunal :ya,l think it’s a restricted zone for us. They laughed and closed the door. Naina fell onto the bed, karan fell onto her. They both shared an eye lock. Naina broke the eyelock.Karan get off from her and laid next to her..They both started laughing..
Naina (to herself ):karan kitne ache hei,and now he’s my best friend.. Each and every second of my life which was spent with karan feels really special..Each time he leaves a smile on my face..I don’t know how to express what l’m feeling.. Happy…Excited…Lucky…Or is this Love???no.. I can’t do this.. Kash me apne dil ki sun saktha hu toh….
Karan (laughing &fainting ):tumhari koi jawaab hi nahi he gowri!!!….
Naina looks at him.Karan realizes what he said,but didn’t look back. He got up and leave.. Naina was shouting his name…But he just went out…
Naina :who’s this gowri??.. how many times have l heard her name.. How many times have l asked him about her?,but everytime his answer was this….Why…I want to know about gowri…I will know about her.. But how??
Nirmala was sitting in the garden. Naina went to her…
Naina :maa…
Nirmala :naina,come..
Naina :maa,l want to know something
Nirmala :qhat is it naina?
Naina :maa…voh…Who’s this gowri???
Nirmala gets shocked
Nirmala :gowri…voh..
Naina :maa,u don’t have to worry.. If u don’t want to say anything about it, then just forget
Naina was bout to leave but nirmala hold her hand and signed her to sit.
Nirmala :u want to know about gowri.. Even l don’t know much about gowri. But from what l know about her,l’ll say that she was eveverythingor karan…
Naina’s heart dropped..

Nirmala :bfir some years,karan was affected by a disease,an allergy.. Because of this,he wasn’t able to touch anyone,face sunlight,play with colours.. Because of this his father felt that he is useless…His dad didn’t spoiled a single chance to insult him…He didn’t let Kunal,kyathi and abhay to know about this.. Karan was isolated…. Even he didn’t want to see me or his brothers or his little sister…And one day when l came back from mandir,nk told me that karan was taken to Delhi,a hospital…(nirmala had tears in her eyes )Karan passed years of his life there.. But their was no improvement.. I wasn’t even able to see my child in those years…Suddenly that girl came into his life.. No she gave him his life back…She increased his confidence…And at last he cured…They thought of living a life together…But….
Naina (crying ):but…
From back:but she left..
They turned and saw sandhya
Sandhya :we don’t know where she is!!
Naina :why she left??
Sandhya :majboori mem,usne hamare Karan ko choda.. Nahi Karan usko choda..
Naina :what??karan choda usse choda??but why?
Sandhya :we als don’t know.. Now u should go back to ur room..I want to talk to nirmala…
Naina left the place unwillingly with a mind full of questions and one question was about that room,but she can’t ask about it!!…
Someone else was there like Naina who had the same feelings of knowing the truth,who heard everything from a distance..-kunal!!!!!

To be continued…

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  1. Resh

    This was pretty interesting… I wanna know more..please update soon!..

    1. Seyal

      thank u resh,for commenting….the next part is up..
      loads of love -Seyal ??

  2. #nairanlover:-)

    I really don’t know what to say actually I am speechless.It was cute,sweet and emotional episode.Karan also loved someone and he only left her I am waiting for this mystery to open up.Atlast when you said someone also heard it I was pretty sure it was kunal and yes it was kunal only.Please post asap as I can’t wait for more time.Loads of love.

    1. Seyal

      l really loved ur comment..thank u so much amelia…ya,Karan also loved someone..and that mystery as wellas naina’s mystery will be opened after a few episodes..and kunal will play a great role in the up coming revelations…till then pls wait…
      loads of love -Seyal ??

  3. so…sooo…lovely..even l’m also speechless after reading this…keep it up…pls post ASAP

    1. Seyal

      thanks a lot satwika di..l’ll try my best to keep it up…the next part is up…
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  4. loved the whole last karan’s past revealed….and important thing is naina also love karan???l’m so excited..

    1. Seyal

      so lovely…thanks lachu..karan’s past is revealed but not fully….ya naina also have some feelings for Karan..keep reading
      loads of love -Seyal ??

  5. Maayaofficial

    this is different… i like it… great going…

    1. Seyal

      thanks for ur compliment and lots of things are on the way…
      loads of love -Seyal ??

  6. Minerva

    An astoundingly glorious episode.
    The cute banter between naina and karan during the beginning was extremely beauteous and wondrous in all aspects. The family love and understanding highlighted through this scene was indeed priceless. Karan being called ‘champ’ followed by the replays of the past were surely adorable. Meghnal’s statements on reaching the doorway of the nairan room was just so fantastic. The eyelock and subsequent words of nairan have really left me in agony and pain.
    Pain after naina’s review that she cant love anyone. Agony after coming across ‘Gowri’. Knowing about karan’s past and the importance of Gowri in his life is greatly touching. The fact that karan could leave someone he loved is completely unrealistic and extremely hard to believe. Hope for the clouds of doubt to dissipate soon letting the rays of a new morn be seen like a boon ( to us desperate #shippers of NaiRan)

    1. Seyal

      thank u soooooo much shivani…ya,l know that it was a bit unrealistic…but sometimes love has to give such big sacrifices even if it’s impossible to…something like that also happened with karan and gowri…he has to sacrifice his love…for his love,we can’t search for logics or set rules…u will find out soon why karan left his love…

  7. AbrahamEzra

    Sry Chechi kazhinja updatil comment cheyyan patyilla. Ennathe episode porichu kalakki thimirthu.he he . Gauri interesting character want to know more about her. Plz post asap

    1. Seyal

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    Very nice. I have no words to describe ur unique thoughts. You are great. Naina teases karan ☺ which was very interesting. Post ASAP. Loads of love -Ayonija

    1. Seyal

      Ooo so nice to know that u loved it..thank u..ya naina teases karan…..keep reading…
      loads of love -Seyal ??

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    The “pakadan pakaraii” part was really marvellous… Enjoyed reading this part…curious to know what will happen next so please update ASAP!!!;)

    1. Seyal

      thanks a lot arohi(l think ur name is that)..very happy to know that u enjoyed the chapter….
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  10. Claire

    Such an Interesting chapter❤ Good work… Keep it up…. NaiRan’s scene was marvellous??❤

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      oh!thank u claire… u are nairan fan…l’m also a nairan fan…l’ll try my best to keep it up..
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  11. Superb…naina have feelings for karan…plz post next part

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      chechi…thanks for supporting me,actually today my results will be l’m in a bit tension..pls pray for me..and yup,naina also have feelings for karan..l think it’s a nice improvement.??
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