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So here is my next chapter –
Days passed so smoothly. Meghna joined the company but neither nk nor sandhya had any problem. Naina handled house matters and meghna handled office matters. Abhay,kunal&karan were enjoying their office works and life also. Abhay skips his office days saying he has practice,trips etc. As usual the days won’t pass without abhay’s pranks,kyathi’s fighting,meghnal’s romance,nairan’s friendship……

One day-
Naina was sitting with nirmala in the living room. Meghnal and karan came down to go for work,but abhay came down and sat with naina and nirmala..

Naina :abhay,are u not going to office
Abhay :no naina,else l will miss…
Naina :what will u miss?
Abhay :nothing…Just saying about missing my practice
Nirmala :practice?

Kunal:yes mom,he’s in the preparation of a new concert
Nirmala :concert,but nobody told me about it till now
Meghna :maa,even we came to know about when l saw him skipping office one day..
Karan :l think he became lazy like u Bhai…
Kunal :what?when did u felt that l’m lazy?

Abhay :till bfor ur marriage…
Kunal :ha ha very funny…
Nk and sandhya also came down. They all sat down for breakfast. Just then they heard the door bell.
Naina :l’ll look.
She opened the door and got surprised,she hugged the person. It was none other than kajal….
Sandhya :who is it naina?
Naina :masimaa,it’s kajal
Abhay’s face lit up
Meghna ran to kajal and hugged her.

Nirmala :Come in beta
Kajal came in and took elder’s blessings
Sandhya :kajal, come and have breakfast with us
Kajal :no aunty, it’s ok..
Sandhya :no beta, just think that it’s ur own house..come come.
She came and sat next to sandhya. Naina and nirmala served everyone and sat down.
Naina :when did u came back from pune?
Kajal :yesterday. Actually l came here for a purpose.

Naina :purpose?what purpose?
Kajal :actually l have a medical campaign her here, conducted by our charitable trust
Naina :oh! How many days will u be here?
Kajal :l think it’s about a week. Today they have to do some arrangements,so we doctors are free
Naina :ok,that’s why u came here to see me,otherwise u won’t even think about informing us.
Naina fakes anger.
Kajal :what’s this cheeku?l came to spend some time with u,but u became angry over me… l mean u r faking anger over me!!!
Naina :what??l’m not faking. It’s true anger
Kajal :really (she makes puppy face)

Naina couldn’t hold her laughter.
Kunal :kajal,where are u staying?
Kajal :jeeju,we are staying in a hotel
Karan :hotel,l think u should stay here..
Kajal :no.. no.. Jeeju it’s ok,there’s no problem
Nirmala :l think karan is saying right if u stay here,naina will be very happy and u both will get some time together
Naina :kajal pls…Pls..stay here with me.. Pls.
Meghna :yes kajal,l also think that u should stay here
Kajal :but di..

Sandhya :no but vut…U will stay with us and it’s final..
Kajal :ok. I will stay here,and cheeku l came here to ask something else.. Would you like to join me for the campaign,actually our trust needs some more doctors..
Nk:ya naina bahu,l think kajal is right.
Naina :papa l’ll thinl about it.

Karan :naina,there is no need of doing something u don’t want to.. Don’t get forced by anyone
Nk looks at karan. Meghna changes the subject
Meghna :u guys enjoy,l’ll join u in the evening
Sandhya :Meghna,u can also stay here if u want to

Kunal :no masimaa,because today we have an important client meeting which meghna has to handle
Sandhya :ok,bhaisaab let’s go.
Meghna:kunal we are also getting late
Kunal :ok,tjen bye naina,kajal and u lazy boy….
Kajal smiles…
Naina and kajal together went for the campaign. After a long time,naina wore her white coat,she took her stethoscope and did her duty. It’s the final day of the campaign
Meghnal were on the way back from office
Meghna :kunal don’t u think that abhay has a soft corner towards kajal
Kunal :soft corner!!u called it soft corner?it’s love topper,and do u know why abhay skips his office days?
Meghna :ya,for practice
Kunal:no,for his love,means kajal
Meghna :what?everytime??

Kunal:no,but the last time,the last time he went for a trip,don’t u remember?
Meghna :ya,he went for Mumbai
Kunal :no,he went to pune to confess his love.
Meghna :but how do u know that?abhay told u?
Kunal :no,my friend told me,he lives in pune. When he went to a hospital he saw abhay there,may e it’s kajal’s hospital.. And he informed me.. And
Meghna :and u told him to keep an eye on him…Isn’t it..

She hits his head with her hand.
Meghna:and u kept it as a secret…..from me!!!
Kunal :yaar…I wasn’t that much sure about kajal’s attitude in this subject,so l thought to confirm it first…but now am 100%sure that kajal also love him
Meghna:then why don’t we inform others about this
Kunal:no meghna,let them themselves confess it.. Let’s don’t make them miss this time.. Free to love…
Meghna keeps her head on his shoulder
Meghna :kunal..
Kunal :hmm..

Meghna: l love u Mr. Wrong no.
Kunal :l love u too my topper..

To be continued

… sry for all type of mistakes hope u will like it
Loads of love -Seyal ???

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  1. Ayonija

    Amazing story very nice episode. I hope that it is true that kajal and abhay love each other these times also. Thank u very much for ur post. Again very nice. Lots of love- Ayonija

    1. Seyal

      thank u so much for ur comment…l assure that it’s true??,abhay and kajal are in love….
      loads of love -Seyal ??


    1. Seyal

      rose di…thanks for spending some time for encouraging me…l’ll try my best to post regularly….
      loads of love -Seyal ??


    2. Seyal

      ya in my story,naina is a doctor…l’m not sure about when l reveal naina’s past..but karan’s past will be revealed in the next part…

  3. Claire

    Awesome episode❤ I just love the way Abhay’s face lit up on hearing Kajal’s… That’s a really cute couple ? Btw, who’s playing the role of Abhay and Kajal ?? Eagerly waiting for the next chapter??

    1. Claire

      *Kajal’s name

    2. Seyal

      l’m very happy that u enjoyed this part…kajal&abhay will be played by helly shah (swara -swaragini )and varun kapoor (sanskar -swaragini )hope u will love the couple
      loads of love -??

  4. Hiii episode..abhay loves kajal.(swasan?)plz add more nairan scenes..meghnal scenes were superb

    1. Seyal

      hello chechi…u are a swasan fan!!so nice to know that u loved the epi…nairan scenes are on the way…
      loads of love -Seyal ??

    2. Seyal

      so sorry chechi,l forgot that u r a swalak sorry…..

      1. No problem dear..iam a big swalak fan..but i love swasan too..swasan couple is more betterthan swalak..but first impression is the impression naa..thats why?

  5. wow…l loved it…this episode was soo nice…keep writing

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      u like it….thank u so much for ur comment
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  6. l really love the pair of helly and varun..they are so cute…???wonderful update,post asap

    1. Seyal

      l also love their pair…they are awesome…l’ll try to post soon
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  7. #nairanlover:-)

    I loved the episode.Please post regularly.Loads of love.

    1. Seyal

      thank u so much..may l know ur name (if u don’t mind)anyways thanks for ur support and l’ll try to post regularly…
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      1. #nairanlover:-)

        My name is Amelia

  8. seyal darling awsom update who part was js awsom …last line was sooo cute lovd it dear

    1. Seyal

      thanks a lot aysha di..really enjoying ur comments…
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  9. Nila

    hai seyal u too swasan fan oh wow sorry for not cmtg previous ff and ya just now saw ur msg sry yaar my browser is not supporting to send private msg I don’t y and ya I am not malaiyalee I am Tamil and ya I think i am elder than u (22)so call me what u like to and sorry for being late seyal

    1. Seyal

      hello di…it’s ok that u were not able to comment and rply my msg…l read it in deviha’s ff that u are from tamilnadu,l asked u because of ur name…don’t say sry..
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  10. Minerva

    Superb episode. The news that naina had been a doctor sometime in her past has filled me with a new zeal and determination to achieve my goals. It has been a really great discovery for sure.
    The atmosphere of love is in the air created by Abh-Jal has truly surprised and stumped me. This comes a beautiful answer to all the prayers wafted off by a crazy SwaSan fanatic for days. Hope for the development of a wonderful relationship soon and the ‘romance’ to catch up on the youngest married couple real fast.

    1. Seyal

      ohhh!thanks a lot shivani u made my day…u r really awesome…the way u use use words to create magic in comments is really amazing…l’m a fan of urs…
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