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Have you guys met the love of your life and never understood that he or she is the love of your life? I hope that happens to many of us, unlike they show in movies or T.V. Series you just don’t get to see the love of your life walking straight towards you and say ‘Hi, I am the love of your life, hold onto me before I disappear.’ No, it just doesn’t happen that way always but sometimes it does… Just like how it happened to me. Wondering what? What? Where? How? And Who? Here it goes…

A guy is seen sitting inside a coffee shop waiting for someone. A girl comes and sits in his booth and starts talking non-stop. That guy tries to speak, but she never let him speak. He started to frown narrowing his brows looking at her. Another girl comes and whispers in her ears, ‘This is not that guy.’ Both girls left that place with an ‘Oops’ reaction. He was tired of listening to her rant and felt relaxed after she left. She came back again and said, “Sorry…” He tried to speak again, she interrupts him and said, “I know it’s my fault! I should have let you speak, but I didn’t give you a chance to speak,

I am so sorry I am always like this.” She noticed him staring at her, she smiled like an idiot and said, “You can speak now I won’t interrupt promise! Go ahead..” Finally, he was given a chance to speak, He said, “If you have let me speak earlier you never would have faced this situation now. I really have a doubt.” She grinned and asked, “What?” He replied, “How does people around you manage you? Do you let them speak at least? Or same like how you treated me?” *He raised his left brow * her smile slowly faded and said, “Yeah, I am always like this except with one person.” She got up and left the place before he could ask anything. He felt, “What kind of girl is she? She was speaking continuously at first and never let me speak now when she gave a chance to speak she just left.”

Ok, let’s see what she was speaking with him…
She sat opposite to him in his booth and said, “Look, Mr.Yadav, I love my friend very much and I know you are her to be Groom so better be careful. If you ever try to even make her frown I will kill you.” He interrupted, but she continued, “Let me finish, why are you interrupting in between? Your parents taught you to interrupt like this in between when others are speaking to you ? No right? Then listen.” Her friend came and you guys know the rest.

After a week they again met, let’s see what happens this time!
Now that girl is seen waiting for someone in her booth, he sits opposite to her in her booth and starts talking, “Hey Ms.Shivani, You know I love my friend a lot and I know you are his to be Bride so better be careful. If you even try to make him frown I will kill you by speaking incoherently like this.” There was a silence after this sentence and both burst out into laughter and that guy said, “Hi, I am Mr.Khanna” The girl replied, “Hello I am Miss.Arora, so when are we planning to get into first name basis? Mr.Khanna?”

He replied, “Let’s see! I have an idea if we meet elsewhere other than here, then we will disclose our first name deal?” She replied, “Deal!”

And they met on a beach, both rushed to each other and hugged and said in unison, “I missed you so much.” Oh! What happened in between if that’s your question here it goes. They both have been trying to avoid each other to meet elsewhere just to know their first name but it took a long time and they started missing each other so much. Ok, coming to the present, Girl said, “Please tell me your first name right?” *While hugging him and rubbing his back* That guy replied, “No, not yet holding her waist firmly.” She frowned and started her rant, he wasn’t able to control his laughter and said in between his laughs, “I just wanted to hear you speak non- stop like this, it’s been a long while.” She hit him on his chest and said, “Hey! You could have just asked me something else. Ok, now tell me your name.”

He shook his head saying, “No” and ran away from her. She ran behind him and made him fall, he pulled her along with him and she fell on his top. Both were panting for breath and she once again asked him, “Tell me your name, I spent so many sleepless nights thinking about you.. I mean your name, now tell me tell me tell me…”

He just pushed her away from him and ran again, she was fed up of running behind him and said, “Ok, I am leaving Mr.Khanna! I will also not tell my name to you. I will only tell when we meet elsewhere other than that coffee shop and this beach bye!” He rushed next to her breathless and held her wrist and pulled towards him and said panting for breath, “I just wanted to play with you I just can’t wait anymore. Before I tell my name tell me what is there between us?” She reacted as if she didn’t understand and asked, “What’s between us?” He replied, “Miss.Arora don’t test my patience just tell me. I want to hear it from you please tell me.” She looked at him and said,

“I don’t know!” He sighed and moved away from her, she continued, “I don’t know when I became so restless just to know your name, you were just a stranger to me, I don’t know when you became so important that I started avoiding everyone else to search for you. Yes, I was searching for you using your surname, but my goodness there are so many Khanna’s here. Uff! I don’t know when you became so close to my heart that it doesn’t let me sleep at nights I don’t know how things changed so fast within this 6 months.” He turned back to look at her and said, “Miss. Arora, you really don’t know what you have gotten yourself into by saying all this.” *With a wide grin on his face”

She understood his motive and started running…

So guys, you read my story right? That’s how I met ‘The love of my life’ A voice is heard saying, “Purab! With whom are you speaking now?” Ok guys here she comes my sweetheart, my Bulbul gotta go bye take care love you all!

Yes, it’s about Rabul I have been missing these two a lot they were the intelligent couple in this stupid story, I miss them a lot! Who else miss them?

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  1. Sowji

    Good…that is not a story…that is crap…time wasting serial…anyway your ff is good…keep writing…

  2. SamyuSam

    Nice one prathi… Liked it…. ???

  3. Me too I also miss them soo much I miss bulbul (ammu) in Tamil anyone see this serial in Tamil (Iniya iru malargal) 7.30pm in zee Tamil Monday to Friday and in that I miss bulbul not purab because he I set there in that serial in tamil I even cried many days thinking about bulbul.

  4. Sorry by mentioning about bulbul I didn’t say about your story this story is simply superb.

  5. Sorry that is not set there yet there in sixth line third word.

  6. Nivethaa

    superbbb sis..! me tooooo missing them alotttt!!! 🙁

  7. Saranya24

    Wow suprb i too miss them a lot they r my adorable darlngs evr loved it baby doll love u?????

  8. B_Ani

    just lovely and cute…i too miss them so much…whenever i get free time, used to go for a rewind of their episodes…but now that is also not possible!

  9. Reshma_Pradeep

    Awwwww! Its Soooooooooooooo Cuteeeeeeeeeeee & Lovelyyyyyyyyyyyy???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. Trisha

    Awww…its really cute???…love it?

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