My love My life My everything twinj ff part 20

My love my life my everything twinj ff part 20

@mahi room

Mahi is tensed

Mahi – yuvi’s questions started now huh about there previous chats and about other silly things huh does he started to doubt on me? Did he got to know I wasn’t the one who is messaging him. No he can’t only I and that girl know about it. And i made sure she will not come here I kidnapped her then read messages behaved and acted like that so he can beleave me. First it was going well only but now its becoming tough somehow I have to manage it .If yuvi got to know I am not that girl who was messaging him then surely he will kill me.
She took out mobile

Mahi – sorry Ananya verma (played by aditi rathore) I am taking your place in yuvi heart I was very nervous in first meet what if he gets to know then I got relief remembering what you said that he didn’t saw you at once and dont know your name think me as your friend and told me everything about your love snd when i research about him got to know there family is very rich and my so called sissy is going to be future DAUGHTER IN LAW here and i cant leave this chance when i saw yuvi pic with you that day only I decided ill marry him you did great mistake by trusting me .but idiot you deleted previous chats if that could be with me i would know everything what you both shared this idiot yuvi started questioning me now huh so i thought to become intimate with him if that happens he has to marry me no choice but he dont allow me to come that closeto him and kiss also on very first day then nerthing.
She got call

Hello tell me
Ma’am oh that girl escaped from here..mahi dropped phone
Next scene
Twinkle living in taneja mansion now as leela rt took new home in amritsar.
@twinkle room
Twinkle sitting on bed with her angry pout kunj calling her she saw caller id and cut the call again and again it increasing kunj anger.
Kunj- why she is not receiving my calls huh she will not understand anything just over acts on every silly matter huh
Twinkle gets ready her some of her friends comes to home and then they left for resturent to have lunch

Kunj comes to taneja mansion
Kunj comes inside and looks at leela who is busy in kitchen
Kunj- waw maa what you are cooking it looks so yummy and smells so good
Leela- arey kunj puttar chalo acha huva thu agaya mey aloo parath bana rahi thi aur bhejne wali thi there ghar pey tuje passandh hey na!!
Kunj- oh I love you maa?? you made it for me you are so sweet he took playe of aloo parata and started eating it leela smiles looking at him…maa where is everyone? Koyi dhik nahi raha his eyes searching for twinkle…where is your daughter drama queen?
Leela- she is not in home puttar. Just now she went out with her friends didn’t she told you?
Kunj- what? I wasn’t knowing this
Leela- oh may be sudden plan then
Kunj- hmm..ok ill take leave maa

Leela- arey have parata completely
Kunj- Iam full maa ok bye….
Kunj called twinkle again same she didnt received
Kunj- damn it what she think of herself let her come today ill talk with her correctly
After sometime
Kunj checking mobile twinkle put some photos in whatsapp where she is enjoying with her friends and some of her friends (boys) were also there and one boy there to whom kunj hates more because he was behind twinkle so he was telling her to be away from him but he also in that gang now kunj got angry on twinkle he is very very possessive about twinkle

Twinkle comes to home goes to washroom change her dress and then goes to sarna mansion to talk with jeevika.
Kunj looks at twinkle who is entering sarna mansion and he was on his room balcony
Twinkle goes to jeevika room and talk for sometime then she was going back to TM while someone held her wrist and pulled her its kunj
Twinkle- leave me
Kunj- no what you will do?

Twinkle- ill scream then kunj closed her mouth and drag her to his room then closed door behind
Twinkle – how dare you to drag me like this huh
Kunj takes her clutch and takes out her mobile and shows her miss called list
Kunj- what is this?
Twinkle- mobile innocently like she dont know anything
Kunj- damn it dont try to be innocent I am calling you from since morning and how dare you to cut my calls haan what you think about your self
Twinkle- why kunj you also cut my call right? If i did its wrong?

Kunj- hey ill be in office so can’t take your calls and yesterday when you called I was in meeting then busy in work so didn’t received?
Twinkle- haan but you will receive rashmi call outside office also and when spending time with me also if she call you , you take her call and sends me out
Kunj- shit again that topic only how many times I HAVE TO TELL YOU OFFICE WORK WILL BE IMPORTANT but you dont understand anything .

Kunj – and you didnt inform me that you are going out for lunch with your friends?
Twinkle- did you inform me yesterday while you going out with your friends ?
Kunj- its team lunch twinkle with my employees
Twinkle- whatever
Kunj- and that mad ajay came with you didnt i told you that you are not allowed to go when he is present in your group
Twinkle- and i also said you ,you are not allowed to go out with mad rashmi but you went right?
Kunj- rashmi is my employee and she is not mad but good employee
Twinkle- ajay is my friend and he is not mad but good friend
Kunj – shut up.. angrily

Twinkle first become quite looking at his anger but suddenly
Twinkle- you shut up..kunj gives her angry look …hmm dont look at me like that
Kunj- why you dont understand twinkle yesterday i explained you in office we had been for team lunch yar . I cant say that rashmi you go from here my girlfriend old me to be away from you and dare you now dont repeat same line and reurn me same
Twinkle- whatever if you apply any rule on me I have to follow it right same implies to you if you feel ajay aman not good and tell me to stay away from them i feel she isn’t good and want you to stay away from her
Kunj- baby I am telling you she is not like you thinking she is good and talks sweetly and she is just common friend to me nerthing more than that and you are my life my love and tell me do you trust me?
Twinkle- yes

Kunj smiles at her hugs her
Kunj- please I request you to not speak about others daily from some days we are doing this fighting for others matters and wasting our time you know what darling I am missing you so much now days you shifted to TM daily I used to see your face when i got up from bed but now can’t, I miss everything
Twinkle- same here baby they both spends some time romantically

After some day

Same cntinues twinkle doubting on rashmi behaviour because every where couples go she will be there kunj says its may be coincidence and ignored what twinkle saying telling her she is thinking so much which is not needed at all.
One day twinkle comes to sarna mansion and cooks kunj favourite food planned to give him date there only so that rashmi cant come there but mahi informed about it to her.
And twinkle decorated kunj room nicely usha helped her lot and kunj wasnt allowed to enter his own room because twinkle wanted to give him surprise
Kunj sitting in hall
Yuvi – kunj good you are here only he goes close to him and hug him tightly kunj gives irritated look

Kunj- now you don’t irritate me uv
Yuvi- aww kunj baby feeling so bad for you. Your mom and future wife kicked you out of your own room
Kunj- they said they have to clean my room before I have to say anything I was out of my room
Yuvi- so sad yuvi left from there
Kunj got message from rashmi saying she has doubt in some projects and that meeting is tomorrow only kunj worked hard for it he doesn’t want to loose it at any cost so he called her to home so they can work together on it rashmi wanted this only she quickly goes to sarna mansion and looking at mansion she think i can do anything to enter this mansion as DIL kunj takes her to study room and they start working

Twinkle- finally everything completed now ill tell kunj to come here and give him surprise she decirated room with white and blue combination balloons and in middle she made heart shape with rose petals and candles around it inside she designed I love you letters beautifully
Kunj – twinkle searching him everywhere in home mahi says her he is in study room and message rashmi Twinkle coming there rashmi gets up from tabe to drink water and act like she is falling standing near kunj , kunj see her and goes to hold her and hold her in his arms twinkle stands at doorstep being shocked who just entered she immediately feels angry
Twinkle- what the hell!! Kunj makes rashmi to stand
Kunj- are you okay rash?
Twinkle- she will be kunj off course you held her at right time na she also wanted this ony may be
Rashmi- what do you mean?

twinkle- i mean what i said dont act like innocent tell me how come you here
Kunj- twinkle dont talk that rude i only told her to come here
Twinkle- oh may i know the reason

Kunj- she has doubt in project and tomorrow meeting is there to present that so we are working together
Twinkle- as i remember you said she is very good in work but suddenly she got doubt andcame directly to home to clear that hey you get out now
Kunj- twinkleee angrily is it way to speak with guest dont you have manners? Its important work so I called her here you dont know anything about work so just dont speak anything that comes in your mind dont be childish kunj scream on twinkle only
Viren and jeevika comes there hearing there shouting

Viren- kunj why you shouting like that ?
Kunj- ask this to twinkle bhayya she is acting childish she is screaming on rashmi for coming home i called her here to work
Viren- why bringing work to home kunj twinkle is not wrong to ask your time atleast on Sunday daily you will be busy she wont say anything and today also i know work is important but family also
Kunj – I know that bhayya
Viren- and you what is your name? Rashmi right now you can leave and complete office work in office only got it now please you may leave
Kunj- bhayya she isn’t wrong
Rashmi leaves from there showing teary eye only to kunj

Jeevika- twinkle now you ask sorry to kunj
Twinkle- why? I didn’t do any mistake
Kunj- yes every mistake is mine right sorry twinkle in taunting way
Twinkle- kunj why you talking like that ok I am sorry but understand my feeling also…
Kunj – after doing everything now sorry…infront of all kunj becomes bad this what you want
Viren- see no one thinking you are bad being your elder brother i told you what I wanted to say if you got hurt I am sorry
Viren goes from there and jeevika too
Kunj- now you are happy twinkle?
Twinkle- what I did Kunj

Kunj is in angry mood he twist twinkle hand
Kunj- bahuth hogaya tumhara sab log mujhe sunathe hey teri wajha sey
Twinkle- auch kunj..leave my hand you are hurting me
Kunj- you know what you dont trust me you doubting on me you are hurting me
Twinkle- what you are telling kunj why are you angry on me and I trust you kunj twist her hand more twinkle wince in pain badly kunj leaves her in jerk twinkle falls on couch
Kunj goes from there ignoring twinkle. Twinkle too goes from there wiping her tears when kunj opens room door shocked to see its decorated nicely and heart shaped flower design everything .
Kunj- twinkle did it? Date?
Usha- kunj why twinkle went like that being upset did you told her something. What happened to you? Why you ignoring her today she prepared this all for you
Kunj- maa I am not ignoring her but she is overreacting for everything and instead of making her understand you all are scolding me

Usha- acha ek bath yadh rakho usko bhi mene bataya hey aur tumhe bhi batati hun pyar tho karliya thum dono ne usse sambalna bhi sikh lo she goes from there
Kunj thinks he said twinkle overreacting but he also did today he calls her twinkle in her room crying kunj goes to TM and jumps on twinkle room balcony and enters in room and looks at crying twinkle he sits her beside twinkle looks at him and gets up
Twinkle- why you came here haan get out??

Kunj- see twinkle i am sorry to behave like that with you I wasn’t knowing your date plan if i would know it before then i would never called her here for work dekho muje nahi pata tha na meri galthi bi nahi hey aur teri bhi nahi hey
Twinkle- haan saari galthi uss bewadi rashmi ki hey aur tera bhi hey wait ill bring ajay to home for combine study that time you understand ???

Kunj- after college finish you do combined study
Twinkle- hmm kyu thum office holiday rehte huve bhi kaam karthey hona
Kunj- shh ok ok calm down I am sorry baby ok now lets go and thank you for decorating my room i loved it now come lets have the food you prepared for me I am damn hungry
Twinkle- no call that girl and eat with her only I am childish right she is so sweet go with her
Kunj- please baby sweetly
Twinkle- but one condition
Kunj- what?
Twinkle- lift me in bridal style and take me till your room like that only
Kunj- ???? are you mad ? Every family members are in home
Twinkle turns her face angrily
Huhu then ill not talk to you
Kunj lifed her in bridal style and perped outside her room no one was there he quickly comes down like that there stands RT and leela showing big eyes to him
Rt – what is this?
Leela- kunj puttar ye kya hey?
Kunj- its twinkle maa and papa

Rt – we know it is twinkle but where you taking her like this?
Leela- is it twinkle’s demand puttar
Twinkle – slowly sadu if you told about me then ill tell my papa you twisted my hand
Kunj- no maa twinkle didnt say anything its rasam oh muhurath nikhala jaa raha hey bye he went from there quickly and placed her in car twinkle gave him look car stopped infront of sarna mansion
Kunj- baby now
Twinkle- what lift me

Kunj- please what others will think
Twinkle- let them think whatever they want to think I dont care come on lift me kunj lifted her and peeped in inside praying god so no one can see them
Twinkle- take slowly
Kunj- chup

Twinkle- now manohar papa should come
Kunj- what? Shut up dont talk loudly
Yuvi and usha looking at them
Yuvi- see choti maa go and scold them
Usha- why haan let them enjoy and she goes from there
Yuvi- what a modern mother in law yar supporting son to romance with future bahu and yuvi saw mahi coming there he hide behind table

Yuvi – why I am not liking mahi now and she is not like before when she was messaging her talking style different . And she dont know my likes and dislikes which we shared .
Twinj reached home kunj closed room door and holding twinkle he falls on bed and twinkle below him
Kunj- tera kuch jyada hey ho raha hey hena abhi samaj sikhata hoon he kissed her neck and also love bite twinkle to did same kunj arranged there food plate and he feeds tood to twinkle and she feeds food to kunj and they shared romantic moments
After some time
Jeevika meet with twinkle and say her to join office so she can help kunj and also gets time to spend with him twinkle told same to kunj kunj agreed happily
Everything going smoothly in office but some times twinj fight on same matter kunj tells twinkle overreacting and twinkle says you are not understanding

To be continued….
Precap – small fight continues to big fights

(Thank you for reading share me your views are you liking it or no. And todays episode i think not up to expectations may be sorry now its beginning there fighting beginning now only in today’s episode i cant jump to slap part . And if they seperate also they will become one soon dont worry just beleave me I have decided some twists and turns and surely kunj will feel guilty afterwards. And did you guys liked twist in yuvi life mahi cheated him by saying ananya name and actual girl who loved yuvi is different ate you liking it yes or no say if you like ill continue it . And in today’s episode who is wrong kunj or twinkle. Dont say rashmi we know she is wrong only. And share me your views. Response please and suggest me anything you want to add)
Bye love you all

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