My love My life My everything twinj ff part 16

My love my life my everything twinj ff part 16
Twinkle sleeping peacefully someone knock the door
Twinkle – hmm covering herself in blanket fully knock knock
Twinkle – hmm who is that?
Kunj – twinkle its me your kunj open door
Twinkle – kunj you go and sleep now its 4.30 in morning
Kunj – twinkle get up and open door now
Twinkle – no
Kunj – twinkle yesterday you promised me you wake up early and listen to my classes see ill teach you how to behave nicely infront of bebe papa and …he heard her snors
Kunj – twinkle wait yesterday also you escape by saying morning you get up early and slept at 9 only he goes down and climb to twinkle balcony and entered her room
Kunj – twinkle
Twinkle – hmmm in sleep
Kunj – she is in deep sleep if i lift and take her down she will make sound and escape again wait ill do some plan siyappa queen
Twinkle – in sleep waw its so nice yeh hahaha kunj….

??? in her dream kunj taken to everest and she is playing in snow fall and kunj thowing snow balls at her
Kunj – where are you?
Twinkle – everest haaa feeling cold
Kunj – oh siyappa queen see there is one canteen we will go and have soe hot food ok you are feeling cold right
Twinkle – yes lets go
Kunj – ill lift you ok and dont talk now she node in sleep kunj lift her in bridal style and took her out of mansion to garden and made her to sit on chair

Twinkle – i want coffe ?????

Kunj – oye siyappa queen open your eyes you are in home only not in everest get up twinkle shaking her she slowly opened her eyes rubbing it cutely and got shocked looking here and there
Twinkle – i slept in room how i came here and kunj you too oh someone kidnapped us help help kunj closed her mouth
Kunj – chup its sarna mansion only and i brought you here you were not ready to open door siyappa queen
Twinkle – aww cheating i want to sleep Im going above to run inside kunj pulled her she landed on his lap he held her tightly
Twinkle – leave me
Kunj – no i wont now ill teach you how to behave properly like good traditional girl
Twinkle – yawning you disturb my beauty sleep hey baba ji what kind of lover you gave me rath rath me iska tution
Kunj – shut up now say me hmmm thinking….twinkle think bebe and papa came infront of you show me how you greet them and behave with them show twinkle stood up

Twinkle – yo ???
Kunj – ?? what yo show me how you will behave
Twinkle – shut up im saying that only dont disturb me now please
Twinkle – ?? (in foreign english)yo yo ?

? Hi babes Hello uncle How are you people? Uncle how was your vocation on Australia? And babes how was your trip? Enjoyed ? Dont worry from now daily we will do party here only…
Kunj – ??????? shocked opening his mouth in big o imagin everything twinkle telling
Twinkle – and see i dont know how to say indirectly so telling you directly that i and kunj are in relationship and planned for marriage to and mey kunj ke hath maang ne aayi hun mere liye? I want to give him life ??? and we make good pair and you people can start arrangements for marriage …..haha see this only i have to speak right i know everything see simply you woke me up early chill kunj good night and above to go
Kunj – gritting his teeth siyappa queen stop there right now
Twinkle – yawning now wat kunj what all your said uv to teach me he teach me yesterday and see i learnt and shown you demo too now ill sleep

Kunj – this uv???ill not leave him and you miss twinkle taneha beauty without brain
Twinkle – aww what beauty with brains
Kunj – no brain is not with you you talk in this way with my bebe and papa huh bebe not on trip she went to yathra and papa for business if you act like this they will kick me if you do it idiot girl sit here right now showing chair she quitely sat like innocent baby
Kunj – remembering his jeevitha bhabhi you shouldget ready in traditional dress that all dresses we buy in shoping that day while twinkle making faces she thought her short skirts are better than anarkali and talk sweetly like when you first see them namasthe uncle ji and pheri pona bebe say now
Twinkle – folding hand namasthe uncle ji and p… karona bebe
Kunj slapped his forehead and made corrections thenbshe did nicely and he thought some other also
Twinkle – cutely abh hogaya yeah

????? kunj looking at her cuteness cant stop himself he got up from chair and quickly kissed her cheeks twinkle got shock and look at him he too look at her and kisses other cheek too
Twinkle – hawww you didnt brush your teeth and kissing me chi rubbing her cheeks
Kunj – chi huh wait show you he started tobkiss everywhere on her face and started to tickle her she was laughing loudly both spending time there only
Kunj – ill miss you so much in office in college time it will be good na we were getting some us time atleast in college
Twinkle – hmm i miss you too baby i love you and gave quick peck on his lips kunj smile at her and they both hug each other romancing and talking something
Usha got up hearing some noise
Usha – arey door is open who woke up this much early may be forgotten to close she went near door and saw there kunj and twinkle standing in titanic pose

Usha – kunj and twinkle ??????? oh its my dream why they stand like this but its beautiful dream she thought its dream and close main door locked it and went back to sleep here love couple after finishing romance
Kunj – come now we ll go inside and sleep for sometime
Twinkle – hmm ok they saw door is locked from inside
Twinkle – locked ?? now where ill sleep you idiot sadu sarna stupid
Kunj – what im idiot and stupid im your future husband give me some respect and twist her hand
Twinkle – ahha sorry patidev they sat on bench kunj place his head on her lap
Kunj – wifey say lori now
Twinkle – lori huh she start to sing loudly and who listen her song ll be unconscious like that making some crack voice and not caressing his hair but slapping
Kunj – loudly stop….ahha mera khan in future ill never say you to sing koyi apna boyfriend ko aisha sulatha hey by slapping siyappa queen
Twinkle – tho koyi girlfriend ko aadhi nindh mey utha key aisha karthe hey aur girlfriend ko koyi siyappa queen kehthe hey har waqth siyappa queen siyappa queen ….sadu sarna ??? dont talk to me i hate you

Kunj – huh what you hate me go ill not talk to you and better you dont try and he turned dace seriously they didnt talk for 15 min later twinkle wanted to talk but he was ignoring her
Twinkle – kunj kunj talk to me see twinkle sorry ok
Kunj – huh and turned face she went that side to kunj im sorry na please after 30 min also no use kunj kunj and kiss his cheeks he didnt smiled too she was aboce to kiss lips he kept his palm in between she got angry and sat on otherside and started to cry really and started sobbing kunj got shocked looking at his life crying he was also kidding but she started to cry really
Kunj hugged her tightly but she push him
Twinkle – go now why you came go and sit there making sadu dace i dont care
Kunj – arey sorry yar i was kidding cutie please dont cry see im not angry with you and cuddled and she too hug him tightly
Twinkle – i love you so much if you go away from me then ill die
Kunj – shh dont talk about death without you what ill do haan and i love you too
Uv – they started to romance in garden area too shameless people mere jaishe shareef logo ko jagah kaha hey room mey jatha hun tho kunj vahi bhi aake twinkle samaj ke kiss kartha hey aur ye twinkle muje uski sauthan samaj thi hey aur abh ye subh subh jogging pe chala tho ye dekha baba g aur iss aankho ko kya kua dekhna hey huh
Twinkle – who is talking

Kunj – uv voice? He woke up early
Uv – yes early huh its 6.40 ypu be here only romancing with this girl dont go office later bhayya and manoher uncle call you okay tell them you are busy in making potha/pothi
Twinkle – shut up
Kunj – oh twinkle go to your room and get ready for college
Twinkle – today no college sadu please you dont go office we will go somewhere
Kunj – papa kill me if got to know if i didnt go office and bhayya will punish me if i show carelessness in business try to understand my darling
Twinkle- hmm okay smiling go and get ready ill get coffe for you both went inside kunj taking uv class for teaching twinkle all the wrong thing
Usha – twinkle you preared coffe for all already so good beta leela you are so lucky to get daughter like twinkle
Leela – pov in home even glass of water she doesnt take by herself and here cooking is she is my daughter only? And only wearing that short skirts even in festivals and now daily wearing kurtha and now anarkhali

Twinkle – no aunty im just doing my duty you take rest for sometime ill serve coffe to everyone and afterwatds ill make breakfast
Usha – thank you beta
Twinkle serve coffee to everyone and made noodes for breakfast it was yummy thinking how she and kunj eats it
Chinki – oye twinki what happened to you? What you wearing huh
Twinkle – why chinki im not looking good what?
Chinki – no baby you looking very cute but im asking why you changed thats it
Twinkle – oh like you not tell me why your phone busy always and you leave from colege early now days
Chinki – oh oh nothing re ok come lets serve breakfast kunj and uv bhayya have to go for office na?
They served everyone
Usha – yummy beta
Leela – tell me did you order it from hotel?
Usha – kya leela thu bhi
Leea serach in kitchen she didnt got at bill she asked chinki too to tell the fact
Twinkle – mumma???

dont you trust me i did it
Leela- hmm dont be angry puttar i was just kidding and sat quitely uv laughing on this
Kunj – its very tasty
Uv – what tasty bro im not getting where it started and where it ended
Usha – shut up
Kunj – chinki
Chinki – g bhayya
Kunj – yesterday where you had been?
Chinki – oh oh where college only
Kunj – acha ok give attention towards your studies in stern tone she node in yes thinking something
Usha – after this people go to office we all go to temple then shopping what say?
Twinkle and leela – good plan
Chinki – you all go and enjoy i have some work
Kunj – may i know whats that important work?
Chinki – arey oh just want to meet some of my friend
Twinkle – who chinki?
Chinki – you dont know her yar she is my school friend
Kunj – ok comeearly to home before 7 got it she node in ill tell driver to take you
Twinkle usha leela first went to mandir then shopping mall which is some what near to mandir
Twinkle – this dress is good na showing chudi to usha
Usha – yes everything looks good on youbputtar but why you wearing traditional dress these days and hsy look this dress showing knee length frok this looks very good on you you look hot in it winking at her ill buy this one for you ok …sunday you wear this twinkle we are going out for dinner na everyone (pov ill tell kunj to come for dinner and he see twinkle in this attire then he will get attracted to her she look good in every dress but in western too cute kunj likes western dress may be and todays my dream will come true

Twinkle – thank you aunty you are so sweet and kiss her on cheek (pov lo sadu ki maa ko modern bahu chahiye aisha saas pane key liye im very lucky and her son also there sadu sarna always tries to cover me fully with clothes huhu??)
Leela – ahha my head
Twinkle – mom what happened to you?
Leela – puttar headache
Twinkle – oh where is your spects youbknow if you dont wear you get headache
Leela – ha oh puttar may i left it in mandir only
Usha – oh ho we will go and being it
Twinkle – no you people be here and have something ill go and get your spects mumma you kept it may be near tree we sat there na ill go and check ok aunty ill come you people be here only ok
Twinkle went to mandir and took her spects and while coming she heard fute sound and group of people surrounding small girl she is playing flute after plying she show board like take flute for one 10rs it will help in my education everyone goes without buying anything that girl sadly sit there twinkle comes to her
Teinkle – how much for one ? And how many flutes you have?
Girl – 10rs di for one and i have 50
Twinkle – give me all the flutes she gives and when taking money from twinkle girl forwarding hand in other direction because she is blind twinkle feels bad she take her hand and gives whole money she have in her purse
Twinkle- keep it safe ok and kisses her cheek

One old lady see this and smiled she is bebe
Twinkle returning to mall and bebe also going towards her car one boy comes friving car fastly and he hits bebe she fell on road twinkle see it and runs to help her
Twinkle – you idiot he didnt care and drive fast she notes down his car num
Twinkle – aunty aunty she was unconscious she ask help and take her to hospital near by she call leela and usha tell them to go home she dial kunj num and tell him some lady got hurt znd she is with her kunj too comes for help
Kunj – twinkle how is that aunty?
Twinkle – dont know kunj her dress half drench in blood
Kunj – hope she is fine teinkle who is that idiot huh careless people and do you know any contact detail of her
Twinkle – no kunj ha i got her purse may in this we find something and checks it she found sarna family photo in it and photo of bebe and kunj
Twinkle – kunj your family photo and your pic with her
Kunj – what show me? Means bebe ????? i want to see her and hd see his bebe lying unconscious at ICU
Kunj crying twinkle got to know now she informed everyone in family everyone in home come to hospital

Kunj – twinkle my bebe she is???
Twinkle – shhh kunj nerthing will happen to our bebe ok come to me dont cry he place his head on her shoulder twinkle convencing him
Uv – kunj twinkle everyone sad uv kunj hugged and crying they were so close to bebe she cared them more than there parents
Usha – twinkle how did this happen? ???
Twinkl narrate everything doctor comes out
Doctor – who is from patient side
Kunj – we all tell me how is my bebe?
Doctor – she is out of danger she lost much blood in correct time this girl admitted her and also donated blood so she got saved let her sleep now after sometime we shift her to ward you all can go and meet her everyone got happy leela hugged twinkle proudly and usha was very happy because twinkle saved her saasu maa who is equal to her maa kunj just wanted to hug twinkle and thank her but cant do anything he control his feeling and hugged and kissed uv ?looking at twinkle ?? uv shocked ???? made angry face
Agter sometime wveryone went yo meet bebe
Kunj – bebe how you feeling now is it paining?
Bebe – c…chintha na kar puttar im fine now uv kunj did you cry look at your eyes and wiped there tears and look at usha oye usha rani meri bahu ko kyu rula rahi hey dont cry pagli mey theek hun..where is chinki and manu and arey you leela right? How are you puttar? And how is your husband and kids? Aur usha vo viren jeevitha kaha hey?
Uv – ufffo bebe break lagavo please continously speaking its hospital you are patient here and we came here to see you we have tobask question like how are you?
Kunj – yes that only bebe you talked for 15 min now shut your mouth we can talk this thing later right you are also no how is your kids monu nahi aaya kya mimicking her
Bebe – sorry sorry twinkle peep inside first kunj see her and gesture her to come
Twinkle – medicines bebe look at her
Usha – bebe she is the one who admit you here and donate blood to you and do you know who is she? She is leelas little daughter sho use to come to our home you remember??
Bebe – oh leela daughter and she is the same cute girl na jisse kunj line maar raha tha aur usko apne kamare mey doll ki jagah rakhna chatha tha hena komhotte da puttar kunj
Uv – rakhliya hey dil mey hey direct bebe slowly kunj gave him death glare twinkle shy
They took bebe to hoe bebe told usha how twinkle helped blind girl too they are impress by twinkle
Kunj and uv – twinkle give us that number
Twinkle – ok
Someone comes to home looking at him everyone shock
Usha – you all angrily
There stand a boy of kunj age and his parents they looks there having evil smile they are abhay dharma goenka,dharma goenka,sakshi goenka
Sakshi – hey usha darling

Dharma – pranam bebe g why you all are shocked huh dont you people know we also have right in this mansion we got half property
Sakshi – and we also live here with you all they come inside kunj and uv look at abhay they pass death glare twinkle saw his face and bracelet he wearing remember the accident
Twinkle – kunj kunn he is the one who done accident look he wearing same bracelet like that person and dress too same come will check car num they check and confirm its he only kunj and uv start to hit him while all telling them to stop manohar came from Australia to give surprice got shock looking at scenario all people gathered kunj uv and that boy fighting
Manohar – stop ot kunj uv
Kunj – papa no he he hit bebe ill not leave him
Uv – ha yes chotey papa dharma goes to stop in fight they didnt saw uv push him too he fell down manohar gets angry he tell them to stop loudly they didnt stop he goes near them and give hard slap to kunj and uv they both shocked he drag them inside mansion

Manohar – you raise hand on elder did we teach you two this haa kunj i was screaming there to stop but you if something happen to that boy then
Kunj – papa but see bebe what he have done manohar look at his bebe got shocked
Manohar – kunj yes its wrong but youbdont have right to punish call police and file complaint against him now
Twinkle – i already gave complaint
Sakshi – who the hell are you take complaint return ill give money
Police comes home and arrest abhay while going he look at twinkle and say he will not leave her
Manohar – dharma you didnt value our frienship and took our propertybby cheating yes you can stay with us and come tobout office but dont come on my family members if so you know what my sons done today to your son you better stay away from them kunj and uv its bad manners to raise hand on elder one say sorry to dharma uncle and everyone listen they are leaving here dont go near there room and there things get it all node in yes
Kunj room
Kunj – how dare he is to hit bebe papa stop me otherwise
Uv ‘ yes yar kunj chote papa slap us
Kunj – ha uv that because you raise hand on his dad so papa got angry on us and we didnt listen to him so
Uv – hmm and what yar your ding (darling) tho badi mature kaam kar rahi hey kab badi hogayi?
Twinkle – shut up mey pehle sey hey mature sey badi sey cute si thi
Uv – lo mey cute kaha bola tha self obsessed ladki
Kunj – do you want anything twinkle?

Twinkle – you
Kunj – what shameless now papa bebe everyone at home
Twinkle – arey no you fight with that idiot and see you got cut na so i brought bandage and detol come ill do dressing
Uv – yes only kunj fighting and i was doing break dance
Twinkle – for you also ill do and she did for both like they became bandage shop for one cut she put 3-4 round of bandage everywhere finally she finished whole detol bottle and bandage too
Twinkle – now it will be fine
Uv – looked himself on mirror
Uv – hey who is this patient bhay wait kunj its me and ypu ye ladki kya hey yar
Kunj – shh thank you twinkle now go ok she smiled and went back
At dining table
Sakshi – no one giving bale to my son here call pur lawyer dharma g
Dharma – yes calling you talk to that girl and say her to take complaint back
Sakshi – saw twinkle coming drag her go and take your complaint back how much money you want ha and throw some on her face
Manohar watching this above to come but stop looking at what twinkle doing
Twinkle took money which on floor manohar think she wanted money
Twinkle taking all notes sakshi smiles twinkle take sakshi hand and give her money back
Twinkle – i think you didnt earned this money so throwing it like this yes its miney you got by cheating not by efforts so throwing like this i dont want your money i only have so much money im daughter of RT taneja my parents thought me value of money too and also value of humanity if you teach it to your son he wouldn’t be in jail and walk out

Manohar – very good kamaal ki kudi hey rt taneja vo leela aur mera friend rt ki beti waw she is so good
Usha – g she is twinkle leela daughter
Manohar – oh she that little cutie to whom kunj liking so much
Usha – yes she is only g i want to ask twinkle for our kunj
Manohar – good we talk to bebe first then with them
Usha – g
Kunj – maa
Manohar – come kunj and what is this kunj and uv accident thum dono ka huva ya bebe ka looking at there bandaged
Uv – arey chotey papa that twinkle applied this much
Usha – haha haha both looking like jokers come ill correct it
Kunj – its ok ma correct uv’s im okay with it
Uv – aaa haa
Manohar – yes after all your doll applied kunj uv shock
Kunj – what
Manohar – nerthing puttar come lets have dinner and whete is my princess?
Kunj – its 9.00 till now she didnt came
Usha – she told she is with friend and come by 9
Manohar – okay dont worry beta aathi hogi
Kunj – hmm papa chinki came to home hugged her papa
Chinki – hahaha you both looking funny why this much bandage bhayya
Uv – your bestie twinkle did
Chinki – oh
Kunj – leave it you came home late reason?
Chinki – busy with friend sorry

Kunj – which friend huh what i told you in morning forgot come here
Chinki – hide behind her manohar…..papa
Manohar – kunj beta its ok next time she will not do
Kunj – last warning to you dont be late in angry tone
Kunj – chinki bebe met with accident go and meet
Chinki – yes how is she now
Kunj – you were not here how you got to know?
Chinki – oh oh m…maa told me in phone and ran from there quickly
Usha – ha me..may be i told and forget everyone come for dinner
Twinkle – ahha ahha leave me someone pulling her hair and slap her she was above to fall kunj hold her
Its abhay
Kunj – you? How you came here from police station
Abhay – like no one give me bail hahaha and you hot chick better stay away from my matter how dare you to give complaint against me
Sakshi – nice slap beta sahi kiya iss ladki ne mujhe ulta hawab di bahuth hey attitude hey
Twinkle – maa and hug leela crying kunj blood boiling he held abhay collar and both start fighting again
Uv seperate them manohar warns him to stay away from his family members

All having dinner bebe feeding kunj uv chinki and twinkle too
Twinkle looking at chinki
Twinkle – chinki
Chinki – yes dear
Twinkle – where is your diamond locket and chain
Usha look at her
Usha – yes beta where it is did you temive it
Chinki – oh oh ha ha yes in wardrobe mom i will wear it afterwards
Usha – ok .
Kunj look at her suspeciously
Abhay looking at everything from far have evil smile on face
Abhay – awww chinki baby you lie in home for me love you baby ??
To be continued…..
Hey guys sorry to be rude really got hurt when didnt got response for my hard work we author write for you all so if you people also show interest thenbit will motivate us sorry once again if i hurt some one bye sorry if episode if bore bear it share your views bye

  1. This is the most dumb thing I have ever read …what do you mean by you can’t eat skirts …wear traditional clothes
    We should wear something we are comfortable in …this has become a big n serious issue and u r supporting all this
    If the skirt is short or it’s a backless dress ..if the bra strap is visible or off shoulder dress …it doesn’t mean the girl is characterless or is inviting attention ….she dresses up the way she is happy…..let her do that …that is a basic human right !!!!

    1. Anusha

      Oh hello its my ff how ever i want ill wtite snd i didnt mean to say that get it and when i told if girl wear that she is characterless ok if you ste comfortable in wearing bra and want to roam here and there in that go for it ok and there is no serious issue or anything like im supporting that get it and for your kind information im modern girl and i also wear short dress in which girls are comfortable they can wear are giving lecture to me like the characters are alive and im saying them to do that .aa gayi human rights ki bare mey bathane ke liye aap log pehle koyi comment nahi karthey now simply read it and chali aaye avazz utake bathane ke liye human right stay away from my ff get it ill write my story like how i want there is nothing like i suport them and this is dumb comment i have ever read dont read and spread negativity ok

      1. Hi anusha… I know it well that u don’t know me.. But I’ve been a writer over here… And still am… What I agree to is that yes its ur story and u may write what u love to but always keep in mind that writings form opinions nd being a writer its ur responsibility.
        Just that ,I am not writing this comment to hurt anybody or offend anyone.

      2. Hey first of all let me tell you that I read this FF for first time and which was my biggest mistake
        N what u write reflects your opinions
        Tomorrow u may write something supporting criminals and terrorists n tell I don’t support them I’m just writing
        This is not the way
        U must write something you support
        And writing this is completely wrong ….completely wrong
        You can write same storyline and not such a scene
        This is really dumb and I know u r thinking is like this only and because I write tho scomment u r telling all this lie
        It’s my mouth and my wish I will speak about Human Rights and women rights !!

      3. And Iam not spreading negavtivity I’m trying to remove Negativity
        You are supporting negativity and wrong things

      4. Anusha

        Hi jiya yes i dont know you and glad to know you are writer and what you said that too right its responsibility of writer to write story according to readers opinion but if opinion are like this like bashing like my ff has serious issue and have bad impact on society and im supporting it it triggered me to say above lines

    2. Anusha

      @Girlpower oh hello just shut your mouth how you got know my opinions by my writing its storry and what story line come in mind i just wrote it it doesnt mean im spreading negativity and im supporting all this and who the hell are you to tell me my thinking are not good so i like this and its not wrong if i write in my ff such things ok and its not dumb your thinking is dumb to make big issue of it
      My meaning wasnt that and the regular reader of my ff knows that and what you telling im telling lie now because you commented tera jaishe logo ke comment sey farak nahi padtha why i have to lie what all ibsaid is truth im modern girl and wear clothes in which im comfortable no need to prove you and my ff my writings ill write however i want its my wish

      1. I dint intend to offend you but u r being right fe and so am I
        Look even I very well know about so many strrrotypes going on
        Girls who wear traditional are good chatacter and girls who go to clubs and wear skirts are bad and all this nonsense so u wrote this n wen I read I got angry ….and it’s really true that writers write what they feel
        Look whenever you write you should write what you support ….and it’s not a small usury first of all ….if you don’t support this then don’t write like this no ….you should have written twinkle wearing jeans only why all taht you should wear traditional in front of in laws etc etc …atleast agree it’s wrong and don’t write from next time such patriarchy dominating things !!!

      2. U R BEING I meant and not right t

      3. U u r being rude I meant and not right

      4. Its doesn’t matter to me much anu what u said..’personal response’ is obvious u can’t bash someone for not liking ur work….u’ll get variety of shades of responses… Just stay calm and give ur best.. Miss girlpower is corect on her place as u r.

    3. Ohhhhhhay mah Mata see who is saying she is a writer @jiya_ani the coward writer who ran from Tei Tu long back what u people think Haan you says you were a writer so you too knows how it feels to bash anyone you people read the FFS daily being a silent reader but can’t appreciate anyone’s work but when it’s about bashing someone you come infront wow superb the ugly b*t*hy writer you are now don’t give the crap that you came today and saw the article so you thought to give some guidelines as you were writer before hah The run away writer stop bashing the ones who are keeping the characters alive oky
      And @girlpower oh my god nothing will happen sl*t by commenting here no one will stop you from wearing anything oky don’t hurt anyone sentiment they are writing for their readers NOT FOR YOU b*t*hes @jiya_ani @girlpower
      If you have the basic humanity don’t comment again on anyone’s FF

      1. Whatever I told I told to Anushka ..I will not tolerate this language ….I don’t have prob if u argue with me but this kind of language will not be tolerated …dobyih even know the meaning of it
        I’m expressing my thoughts here and jiya_ani also agrees and you don’t have the right to use bad words
        All three of US have not used a single bad word
        Even I can use but I won’t stoop so low like you
        Gal go get education @well wisher!!!

      2. @well wisher I believe my thoughts r right and it’s your wish to agree or not but you can’t use such words
        Learn to respect ….ok you can be a lil ride but use of such words shows ur level …u r such a low level we person

      3. Hey whatever are your opinions u can share but don’t use such la gauge
        I jiya_ani and even Anusha are using normal language
        First get some education @well wisher
        Even I can use such words but u won’t cause I won’t stoop so low like you
        No prob if u be a lil rude but use if such filthy language will not be tolerated
        Do u even know the meaning of those words
        You can’t call someone sl*t for no reason …I don’t go around sleeping with people…infact Iam a virgin can u stoop at such a level ..shame on you for being a human
        How will you feel if you r trying to keep your point if view and someone calls you all this ….first learn proper language
        This shows ur level ..such a low level you have

    4. @girlpower hahahaha it hurted right ??? I was just trying to show you how it feels to bash anyone people like you understand by these type of languages only and yess I don’t want to know about your virginity you are telling me it shows by level by this
      Whats your level ???? Calling someone’s FF as dumb ever and dumb comment
      You said it’s my wish my mouth I’ll say anything and same implies here I am giving my point of view and I can say anything okay Baby you go and get some education they will teach you some basic manners first ????
      And you are still shameless not accepting your mistake you spoiled someone’s whole day you know how much time and efforts it takes to write something which you referred to as dumb ? First learn to respect others I didn’t showed by level still if I start na you won’t be able to come back here
      I won’t tolerate anything about any writer over here get that in your mind

      1. Pagal aurat my intention was not to do kisika din kharab n all
        N wen I haven’t done any mistake y will I accept
        I’m not telling her to stop writing or something I just told that part was dumb n still Iam telling
        Baar baar kehne se wring won’t become right
        N about ur level u very well know better thank me ki tum kitni giri huyi ho
        Galiyan Sab ko ati hai but I respect girls a lot …..of course I was rude and I agree and still I don’t regret it but Mai kabhi bhi tumhari Taraha kisiko hurt karne ka intention nai Rakhti aur kisi bhi insaan ko gale Baloch nai karti ….now u ll again tell something but I’m sick of replying to you
        It was a simple pic of mine and I tried to make her understand and she also took it wrongly and dint agree and u r poking ur dirty nose here and using abusive language which is very wrong
        I pity you and your thoughts( of using such a filthy language )
        N about feeling hurt I agree I did aur kis insaan ko accha lagega koi Gaali de To
        It’s not funny calling someone a sl*t
        Taht is why I told u to get some knowledge
        Now I don’t want to fight with you anymore ….Lot of other work to do

      2. Oh hello miss well Wisher.. First of all not writing here isnt cowardice… Stop living in illusions and stop bashing somebody without knowing her/him I am not writing because I AM GIVING MY BOARD EXAMSdo u get that writing isn’t the only thing I do….speaking rubbish… Whatever u say but if I need to choose b/w exams nd blogs.. I’d better study.. I will write again fron april… So u SHUT UP…

      3. HhhHhaahahah… @wellwisher… I’ve not seen sucha dumb person like u.. Whatever it is.. @Anusha.. Congrats.. U’ve got a mad fan… Hilarious.. A person who doesn’t know what humanity is.. Is telling us to have Basic Humanity.. @wellwisher.. Get some time nd know the meaning of comments, bashing, coward Nd runaway… And after that shut up ur mouth… I [email protected] have tried best possible ways to express. I don’t know if you’ll understand or not.. Abuses se fursat mile.. To jano… C’mon go to school.. There’s a lot for u to learn nd I can’t waste my time more on u.. I’ll pray to god to give u some brain…

  2. awesome episode
    i am shocked to know chinki lied to her parents for their enemy
    what a twist
    hope to see the sisters reunion
    hope their is a girl for uv
    continue writing
    update soon

    1. Anusha

      Thank you dear

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  4. SidMin23

    It was amazing and don’t listen to what people said your super and post soon.

    1. Anusha

      Thank you dear
      yes ill not listen to other people said because i kmow what iam yes dear ill try to post soon

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    And twinjs romance???

    Superbbbbb epi
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    1. Anusha

      Thank u dear glad u liked it

  6. Hi anusha loved and kunj and twinkle scene were so funny and uv ws alsi funny plss don’t feel sad and plss post soon I love all you’re ffs just busy in exam splash post soon dear

    1. Anusha

      Thank u dear yes ill try to post soon and all the best to your exams do well

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  8. Kiya1234

    Superb episode Anusha I’m big fan of yours ♥️♥️?♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️.
    Loved Kunj and twinkle Usha dream lol ?.
    And yuvi heheheh. Twinkle and Usha modern well amazing. And Bebe accident loved too see twinkle and other too. I loved kunj dialogue as well Yuvi too. ?????. Yuvi heheh that heart Wala ?doll now become big doll. ?Manohar too. Twinkle doing everything Leela ???Right. Yuvi Break dance ???????????????. Finally Usha and Manohar think for twInj relationship. Awww.
    Now chinki did something and she and abhay in relationship I’m sure which chinki hiding. Hope everything is going good marvellous episode don’t think anything you are doing great job. Did you hear one quote that jab haati chalta hai kutte bhokte hai. So let them who wants.
    Don’t reply them here you writing fff not give parvachan on something about society. Many things going wrong if they can stop and do it.
    You didn’t showing wrong it just a ff. And talking about society f**k. From where is matter comes clothes nether you shows. Don’t point out your fingers anyone. Writer hai news channel anchor nahi. No hate no point out. And Anusha you are the best and always best. This tittle no one can’t change. It’s your ff you have full right to show anything let see if you show good think does really society coming and read and chance their self and you didn’t giving encourage anyone.
    You showing many things good first see this.
    Perfect episode and If telly update dont have issue with her writing ✍️ you anyone else they didn’t mention don’t show this that when They mention that time talk. So whatever you want to do. ???♥️?bye
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    1. Anusha

      Thank you so much for your support dear love you??? by reading your comment i became calm and you said right i should not reply them im simply wasting my time on them and yes dear im thinking that only people reading my ff if i write good they read and change society and if i write bad that to
      Clothes kahika mene uss tarah bola he nahi and im supporting that thinking n supporting negativity so she came to remove it like nailpolish remover she think her self as negativity remover and came here to remove it nut its not here leave it and yes telly updates dont have issue in it you said right dear thank you dear actually was feeling low looking at useless comment now i got relief by reading your comment and got to know im not wrong
      Love you dear??

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    And the way her introduction yo yo ???..mein kunj Ka haath maange aayi Hu hahahaha so cuteeee Yaar Di can’t stop smiling all the while finally bebe and Manohar ki entry ho chuki hai uhmm awesome and twinkle first impression chaaa gayi in law’s k same …
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    Well Abhay and chinki huh she bailed him by giving her Jewellery ..want to see what’s happens next …
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    And whoever this is if you noticed that one kunj saying not to wear western Infront of in-laws then you should have remembered usha told her to wear shorts only .. stop bashing anyone you will get nothing and about human right nothing can happen by saying here go and imply it in real life …
    These are just character penning for the entertainment of fans and also so that they can remember their favourite couple plz …
    Bye Di post soon I am waiting and yess one more chance to hold you pllxx to …

    1. Anusha

      Thank you sam
      glad you liked it
      And thank you for support dear
      yes you are right if we are writing something we have haters too we should not care about them we know we are right
      and yes dear ill post it soon im wriing that now and post in 2 days

  10. Hi Anusha I’m new to TU and I only like to read this updates
    Nd today only I read u r episode and that was mind-blowing infact I have just now completed all the 16 episodes back to back coz I don’t know the story but the story is fabbb simply
    And sorry but I’ll comment here only for all the 16 episodes
    First of all their first meeting omg he was simply lost in her beauty ??? and she also took selfie’s with him
    And the bhooot?vala trip and Alisha’s planning bunty budday flop by Twinkie omg there are no words left from my side to praise u. And now mano and Bebe both are positive towards twinki ??? wow and their romances uff???????
    My most favorite part kunj kissing uv ?????.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful ff and u Don’t need to pay any heed to that girl power nd all and u please don’t be upset for those stupid people they r simply jealous of u ff that they can’t have this idea earlier ???. And let them BARK as they want u don’t even throw a stone (reply) to them they will themselves go back with jealously and by seeing u r calmness….

    Dear please post soon at least for those who r willing to read u r ff ?? please please please post soooooonest as u can
    Eagerly waiting for your episode
    take care
    Sorry kuch zayada hi lamba hogaya lekin next time see chota likhungi pacca sorry…

    1. If u have read this then please reply….

    2. Anusha

      Hey hi dear welcome to TU family and thank you so much i liked your comment and you finished every episode and liked it im glad that you liked my work dear yes dear now ill write for those who are loving my work haters and bashers can go to hell they cant stop me because i havnt done anything wrong and y asking sorry for long comment i loved it
      Love you

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    Loved every bit of it???
    IT was funny,cute and romantic episode..
    I JUST love twinj..the way u show their bonding and chemistry.. it’s just awsm..
    U arE great writer dear..Hats off to u..
    And don’t pay any heed to ur haters..they will bark non sense then they will go..They just don’t comment and come to bash writers..
    U are writing ur ff and we are loving it..
    That’s all..Do post soon plzzzz
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    1. Anusha

      Thank you so much dear
      Glad you like it
      and I’ll not care about bashers now who take simpe topic to bash us which is not even true
      And ill try to post soon
      Love u

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    Ur ff just makes me speechless di..
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    1. Anusha

      Thank you so much dear

  13. SSK

    Hey Anusha, the episode was awesome as usual and you write really well. Twinj scenes were funny. UV taught her how to talk to Manohar and Bebe. 🙂 🙂
    I am surprised now with the twist, means Chinki is in love with that evil. Now curiosity grows more, so please post real soon dear.
    I am not sure why this topic came here it is just a story. Any ways we cannot ask any one to stop thinking what they want but Anusha you please continue your work which you are doing. You are an amazing writer and we all are aware that these are fictional characters not real. I am always there to support you and you go ahead what comes in your mind. All the best and cheers 🙂

    1. Anusha

      Thank you so much dear
      Yes dear we cant stop bashers
      even i dont know how that topic came here they want simply topic to bash someone and prove to come they are very nice who woll care for them thank you for d support dear

  14. hey Anusha
    it was superb yr
    twinj scene were so funny .
    chinki is in relationship with abhay right.ab toh kunj pta hi ni Kya krega.
    u r best so u don’t need to pay attention on anybody u r writing for entertaining us .so don’t care about any basher.
    we luv u right & u know that so don’t be sad ok .
    Luv u

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