My love My life My everything twinj ff part 13

My love my life my everything twinj ff part 13
Twinj love story continued
Next day in clg orientation week
Twinkle is sitting wid chinki dey have become good friends in front of her kunj wasn’t talking much to twinkle n many boys of twinkle class became her friend n dey were fidha on twinkle n always tries to flirt wid her n try to be close wid her kunj always ll be in angry mode looking at dat scenes he just want to punch dos boys ,one fine day in class seniors have conducted group discussion all participated well in it after dat dey gave rose to each juniors
K – don’t be more happy juniors v didn’t gave rose to u guys to keep it wid u
T – den for wt?
K – u should give dat flower to ur senior I mean any one of seniors who is good n u like dat person n should tell d reason y dey deserve dat flower from u
All – oh k
All of dem gave flower to each senior n most of girls gave rose to kunj saying he is hot n handsome twinkle didn’t felt good when dey flirt wid him but she wasn’t knowing reason behind it n UV too got rose from girls he is counting his roses wid kunjs roses
Kunj POV(ufff dis girls na dey give me flowers or no it doesn’t matter to me I want to c to whom twinkle ll give flower meri twinkle mujko dho na rose wait what I said meri twinkle ha yes y not she is my twinkle only let’s c to whom she ll give)
UV – oye attitude twinkle now its ur turn common give me rose
T – rose to u no ways wait I’ll give rose now she said n got up from her place collected some other roses too saying I want to give dem many rose bcoz I like dem lot n she went near to kunj ,kunj got happy n he stood up from his place to receive rose but twinkle passed him n gave rose to Maya who is sitting just behind kunj looking at kunj all started to laugh ,twinkle intension was not dat she covered her mouth n muttered sorry to kunj he smiled n said I’m going out so stood up guys to cover himself n he went out of class giving death glare to twinkle ,twinkle gulps in fear
After class hours all left to der home twinkle was also leaving class she was packing her bag n chinki already left twinkle was above to leave class but can’t bcoz kunj blocked her way he didn’t gave her side
T – side

K – no n he didn’t allowed her to go twinkle made pout
K – so tell me y u teased me like dat
T – no no I didn’t mean it I was giving flower to Maya only yar but u stood up wt I did?
K – wt u did huh??? bcoz of u all laughed on me idiot
T – awww no its not my mistake now plz leave me I have to go
K – no ways I’ll not leave u
T – plz na
K – no na ? I’ll leave u after giving u punishment
T – punishment wt I have to do she held her ears n said sorry kunj made her leave hands from ears
K – not done I’ll not give u dis punishment
T – den wt
K – collect d flowers vch r der n give dem to me one by one saying only I deserve dis rose
T – awww wt no
K – oh k den if u r not k wid it den tommorrow whole day in class u should stand on bench holding ur ears tell me vch is better
T – I’ll give u roses
K – good ur time starts now
Twinkle took roses making puppy face n comes to kunj
T – only u deserve dis flower take it ???
K – oh hello wt is dis crying expression give me wid feeling n talk wid me sweetly n wid smiling faces otherwise tomo..
T – no no I’ll give na kunj only u deserve dis flower plz take it smiling n wid lively voice ☺☺☺
K – k give good continue twinkle continued like dis n gave all flower to kunj
K – k done☺
T – can I go now
K – yes tomo come early v r going to trip na
T – k u know I’m very excited for trip☺☺
K – same here☺☺☺
T – k den I’ll c u tomo
K – wait come let’s have chats den u can go

T – k☺☺
Next day all r sitting in bus twinkle standing outside waiting for chinki den she checks mobile n looks at chinki msg
Msg – sorry twinkle I can’t come to trip I have to go somewhere else n she sent dat msg long ago so twinkle can think whether she should go or no but twinkle saw it now
T – omg chinki won’t come den wid whom I have to be idea I’ll rum away from dis place n she looked here n der n started to run to escape from der n some one pulled her its kunj
K – hello ma’am is it running race competition first only v got late bcoz of u den where u running now
T – vo vo..vo huva ki my frnd n I can…t cum
K – wt say correctly
T – wid puppy fave I’ll not come to trip let me go plz
K – y yesterday u told u r v excited abt trip now wt happened?
T – oh my friend chinki is not coming so
K – dats good ryt
T – wt ??
K – I mean dats not good if she didn’t came den ull not come huh stop it n follow me
Kunj POV (I said chinki dat vll rag dem in trip dat idiot believed it n dropped plan of trip yeah my plan worked now I can be free wid twinkle)
T – but
K – twinkle v r also ur friends na yar den y u r doing like dis oh u don’t think us as ur friend ryt?
T – no not like dat u guys r also my friends
K – k den go n have seat in bus I’ll come in while twinkle entered bus all boys telling her to sit wid dem n she was looking where to sit n she sat on one side she was sitting on window side kunj entered bus n sat wid twinkle like der is no other place
T – u here .
K – I’m also coming to trip na
T – no but u r sitting beside me na so asked go n sit wid ur frnds na
K – so u r telling u r not my friend?
T – no I’m ur fiend only
K – den problem solved na
T – hain????
Twinkle got up from her place n saw a seat beside Maya is empty she ran n sat der
K – ladkiya marthi hey mere pass rehne ke liye par ye ladki bhag thi hey hamesha wait n c twinkle u have to sit here only
UV – oye y u sitting like dis
K – nothing yar n c der attitude queen
UV – huh???? hmm attitude ki dukhan
K – u can’t do her anything
UV – I can wt I have to do tell me?
K – k den do one thing twinkle should leave her place n should come n sit here
UV – wait if she sits wid u den oh now I get it u want twinkle to sit beside u so u want my help
K – n… not ..l…ikd d….dat
UV – don’t worry bro I’ll help u
UV – oye twinkle get up I’ll sit here
T – Maya
M – oye let her sit na u go n sit somewhere else
UV – no no its my seat
T – but I have to sit wid Maya u go n sit wit kunj na
UV – arey who r u to tell me dat
T – oh den who r u to tell me like dis
UV – k sit here only I’ll sit on ur lap twinkle got up from her place UV sat der she was in middle of Maya n UV
M – twinki u sit on my lap
T – k love u Maya n she sat on her lap
K – dis Maya I thot she is my best friend but no she is my enemy c how she made her to sit on her lap dis twinkle also na she can sit on my lap also na did I said her no..
UV – voo voo closing his mouth
T – is ko kya huva
UV – vomit vomit n tried to vomit on twinkle
T – chi plz not on me go dat side
UV – no I can’t vyak yakk n acted like He ll vomit on twinkle ,twinkle pushed him n ran outside UV sat on his place
Twinkle looked here n der n went close to kunj n sat wid him
K – y u sitting here go n sit wid ur frnds na
T – ☺☺ u r my frnd na so sitting wid u
After some time twinkle was taking her bag vch she kept near her leg she didn’t saw bag just picked it n kept on her bare leg
T – my bag is so light
Kunj looking at her wid widening eyes bcoz twinkle didn’t took bag she took kunj hand n kept on Her bare leg wt else kunj want
Den she too looked n jerked his hand
T – I’m sorry I thot my bag
K – its k n y u want bag now I kept it der
T – give it to me I want to eat

K – ull eat bag???
T – no yar u give na kunj gave her bag she opened it n started to eat chips like lays bingo der were many packets
K – akeli kavogi kya muje?
T – k take but only few I have only few packets stop bus near some hotel
K – tell me how u maintain ur figure by eating dis much
T – aww tumne muje bhukkas kaha
K – k k sorry vll stop bus ven hotel comes k
Bus stopped at hotel all had der tiffin twinkle went to shop to buy chocolates n chips n kunj went behind her
K – now wt u want?
T – bingo n chocolates to eat on way n wt u want?
K – u
T – wt???
K – I mean chocolate
T – vch chocolate do u like I like cad bury
K – kiss me
T – wt???
K – cool I like kiss me chocolate
T – whatever n dey moved to shop give me dis bingo packets
Shop keeper – k 15 for one
T – oye y 15 c here mrp is 10
S – but here its 15 only kunj laughed at her
T – k den give me 5 n dat chocolates too kunj took some chips too twinkle ko takheen dikhane ke liye
Twinkle gave money
T – k give me change
S – arey ma’am u gave 2000 n asking change wait for some time I’ll give u n sir do u have change
K – no yar u gave to give change to me also
Shopkeeper gave 1524 to twinkle n to kunj he gave 1800
T – u should give me other 6 rs where is dat
S – oh my god I don’t have change ma’am so I gave to sir extra 6 u take it from him
K – oh k
T – hmm
K – twinkle come wid me
T – where??
K – I have to give u change na come wid me we ask in some shops
T – no I don’t want u keep it
K – ek thappad marunga na tho dekho kya hoga keep ha wt to keep if I want I’ll marry u but I’ll not keep any girls like dat
T – I said to keep change
K – but I said I’ll not keep but I’ll marry
T – wt
K – nothing shut ur mouth n come wid me n dey sat in bus twinkle was thinking wt he said to her she is not getting meaning of dat soon dey reached destination der dey have to stay in home vch is like booth bangla
T – dis place is so scary na
M – ha yar wt if devil is inside
UV – mummy mummy n hugged kunj in fear twinkle n Maya laughing on dem
K – abey chod y u hugging so tightly I’m not ur mummy
UV – kunj booth booth
K – no booth here come
K – so guys morning vll go to c places now its dark v can’t go
T – but v r getting bored na let’s roam here only
Uv – kya ladki hey babaji booth ka ghar me kelne aayi hey
T – ha UV it ll be fun na do one thing make ghost as ur gf
UV – chup karna yar don’t tell booth dat I’m single sun legi tho meri peeche padegi n abey kunj u got dis booth house only to stay
K – its not booth house yar its old so its looking like dat n dey heard some sound like something fell down UV go scared n jumped on kunj like baby kunj to fell down wid him
K – y r u behind me UV
UV – abey sale booth ka ghar me trip kyu le kar aaya
Maya & twinkle – guys come na let’s go out for walk
UV – ye pagal ladkiyo booth ke sath walk pe jayege ????? mummy save me
K – shut up n twinkle no going out now its dark
T – but its 7 still
UV – k den vll all sleep now n ll get up in morning good idea na
All – bakwas
M – vll play something k
K – k after some time go n fresh up first looking at twinkle n here its so cold so wear good clothes to cover body
Kunj POV (ek baar meri gf or biei bano pura din saari mey gumna hey tube choti kapde pehnthi rahthi hey demo tho how dis stupid boys staring at my barbie doll)
All came n had der dinner
At 8.30
T – ll play something na
All – yes v r bored dey played truth and dare bottle spinned n pointed to Maya
UV – truth or dare
M – hmm dare
UV – k u have to do as I say
M – k done
UV – den chalo pack up n v all ll go back to Amritsar
K – shut up UV wt dare it is
UV – bath maano kunj idhar booth hey
T – ye kya booth booth laga ke rakha hey
UV – k ur dare is u have to act like mad
Maya did all laughed on her n UV
K – truth or dare
UV – ghar
K – wt
UV – ghar chale
K – truth or dare
UV – dare
K – be away from me today
UV – no I can’t n sat wid him holding his hand
K – UV yar c der is no devil y r u scared dis much
UV – der is devil yar ven I had been to wash room na it came der
K – wt
All – ??????? wt scared
Twinkle n maya acted like dey r also scared kunj got it
UV – u know wt? Booth sent me love letter too n said me it ll cone after 12 to meet me n it want to date wid me??????
All – sacchi????
UV – mucchi ????
M – so come guys ll go from here dis place is not good
T – yes u r ryt come guys vll book room in some 5 star
UV – chalo
K – all plz sit down its nothing like dat n twinkle no other hotel I booked dis bcoz its near to places v have to visit.
T – that only ll go yo visit now only na
M – haan
UV – if v don’t go booth ll take me for date guys
K – shut up all I’m captain u all should listen to me twinkle n Maya keep quite n dey v give me letter
UV – I throwed it der only
K – der is no booth so shut up n vll play other games ,game between girls n boys
T – v girls ll win
UV – no boys
M – ll c who ll win wts d game
K – vll put bottle in middle one boy n girl should come any one have to pick it up vll c who ll pick it first dey r winner
All – k n fame started dey all r equal UV n Maya came both trying
M – booth UV saw back Maya took bottle she won now its twinj turn twinkle lifted bottle n kunj lifted her
K – I won
T – awww how put me down first
K – u picked bottle I picked u den I lifted 2 bottles at a time so
All – ?????
T – how mean now plz put me down
D game was equal both got equal points
Kunj POV(game tho bahana tha tujko utana tha)
All were sleeping twinkle n Maya came outside bcoz dey didn’t got sleep
K – I’m not getting sleep n above dat dis UV not leaving me I thought I’ll spend time wid twinkle but UV not letting me go anywhere he got up from bed n went out to gave fresh air he saw twinkle der
T – oye senior nindh nahi aaya kya?
K – yes n u both here
M – same yar nindh nahi aa rahi thi n dey talked for while kunj looking at twinkle always
M – twinki u know kunj is good singer kunj sing na
K – now
T – ha plz sing na
K – kunj started to sing
Tu itni kubasurath hey looking at twinkle n twinkle was shying n he finished song
T – wow u sing well yar one more song

K – k n he started to sing
Mohobath barsadena thu sa… Interrupted by UV
UV – booth aaya hey
T – wt ??
M – who was dat n dey looked at UV
T – tumne gana karab kardi
UV – kunj y u left me der alone yar wt if booth comes to rape me
K – ????? tho karne cho
T – ?????
UV – shut up kunj leaving me u r singing here come wid me now n he took kunj wid him forcefully later maya n twinkle also slept
Morning dey have seen many places n came back n dey were playing games boys one team n girls one team
Dey played kabadi
One boy went n tried to touch only twinkle making kunj blood boil in anger twinkle catches dat idiot n he didn’t tried to escape also
K – how dare he is??? oye u holding his collar
B – wt?
K – bcoz of u v lost point simply
B – sorry bro
K – wt sorry I got wt u doing der
B – vo….
K -slapped him hard shut up get out from here u cant participate in any game u r so cheap
T – ye kya ho raha hey ???? kunj glared her she became quite
Kunj turn he went to play game all girls trying to catch him simply dey were going to get his touch n got out twinkle feeling like punching dos girls n twinkle came to senses saw kunj coming near her she catches him by holding his waist
K – kabadi kabadi haar jayegi dekho
T – no I’ll not in tashan
K – let’s c baby kabadi kabadi…
T – baby I’m not ur baby
K – den give me baby kabadi kabadi
T – wt???
UV – ye dono kabadi kel rahe hey yaa saalsa kar rahe hey
Kunj held twinkle waist tightly n lifted her up like her feet on his n he started to cross twinkle started to fight n tried to get up from his clutches but no use .
T – dis is not kabadi y u taking me like I’m kid
K – kabadi kabadi tho chodo haar maanlo
T – no n started to tickle him kunj left her n she started to pull kunj n held his hand tightly
M – come on twinki pull him
T – u guys come n help me na idiots
All came to help her kunj pushed dem only twinkle was holding him
Kunj winked at twinkle ,twinkle left his hand in shock kunj held her waist n crossed line n won d game
Twinkle shocked to see where she was n where she is now
UV – hey v won d game
T – ???? kunj u monkey y u brought me here mey udhar thi na
K – problem kya I’ll solve now only wait
T – how n next she was in air kunj lifted her in bridal style
T – ahha shhs put me down wt u doing
K – wt did u say I’m monkey huh????
UV – hey kunj go n throw her in dust bin
T – shut up n u leave me donkey
K – donkey ,monkey wait I’ll tell u I’ll throw u from building now
Twinkle held him tightly
T – no no I’m sorry senior
K – u talked wid me in tashan na
T – sorry na yar kunj made her to stand twinkle ran from dat place
K – no boys win d game n vll keep dis trophy now n boys v all have to protect dis now if girls touch dis or rake dis wid dem den dey ll be winner dis is game now
B – vll not let dem to come near it .
UV – yes vll keep it in our room
M – slowly twinki how to get it .
T – don’t worry at night vll steal it
M – but kunj ll be der na
T – I’m also here na don’t worry vll plan something
At night
Girls room
Twinkle got ready like booth she applied much powder on face n dark rose on cheek n red lipstick she was looking cute booth not horror look
Alisha – omg how to get ready as booth
T – do one thing don’t apply any make up den u look like booth only
All – ????
A – how dare u n dis plan ll flop c if v go like booth ll dey scare listen to my plan vll flirt wid dem dey ll give .
M – no yar booth idea better I think
A – whatever n all got ready like booth after getting ready Alisha saw herself in mirror while going she thot real booth came looking at mirror she screamed n ran from der
T – pagal may be she saw herself in mirror???
T – girls ready u guys know plan na
All – yes
Boys room
UV – mummy booth screamed kunj
K – shut up na yar sleep now
UV – tumko abhi nahi paths chalega jab booth mera sath first night banayegi thab paths chalega
K – chup n boys take care abt trophy
B – k
Room light getting on n off wid weird sound all r scared
UV – booth aaya dekho
K – no yar may be light is not correct n suddenly something fell down
Kunj also got scared
K – w…who I…s d….at
Lights off UV screamed n hugged kunj tightly but dat is not kunj
UV – when u seared white dress kunj ,kunj talk na
V – hahaha I’m not kunj darling r u ready for date wid me
UV – noooo n ran from der
K – ye kya ho raha hey….
V – booth kel raha hey kabadi kabadi…
K – I heard dis cute voice somewhere na booth ran from der
UV is surrounded by several booth who were dancing
Booth – lalalala aavo na aavo na
UV – jaavo na jaavo na ???? n he ran from der
Karan – plz booth don’t do anything to me I’ll give u wat u want
B – sachi
Karan – muchi tell me wt u want
Booth – hahahaha marry me
Karan – nooooo kunj save me
Bunty – aram ram ram ram ram ram pavan puthr hanuman ki jye
Booth – bunty hi
Bunty – how u know my name?
Booth – I know everything I’m following u in Facebook
Bunty – omg u have fb acc I’ll deactivate mine st u want
Booth – u should not tease Maya much n u have to complete her all assignment
Bunty – yes I’ll do how u know her
Booth ,- v r frnds in twitter he ran from der
All were scared n booth were running behind dem bomut other side kunj running behind one booth n booth running faster
UV – pagal kunj booth ke piche bhag raha hey?????
K – shut up y u running behind me go from here I’ll catch it der is something fishy
Uv – y so
K – bcoz booth talked abt kabadi
UV – omg u want to play kabadi wid booth too no re kunj no don’t do dis ????
K – arey look at booth leg its wearing….
UV – shut up na yar y u checking out booth costume may be it have booth costume designer too here it is staying wid der frnds too
T – omg dis kunj na muje usko bhagana tha vo hey muje bhaga raha hey I have to find trophy now n she escaped from der n reached area where trophy kept n took it some one pulled her its kunj .
K – so booth wants trophy
T – voo voo yeah I want it leave me otherwise I’ll bite u den ull be devil
K – den plz bite me na n I love u booth n hugged her
T – r u mad I’m booth u should be scared of me
K – no but I love u na my cutie booth I love u will u marry me booth ll u marry me
UV – pagal ho gaya hey ye booth se shadi karego tho bacha kaise pedha hoga yar
K – ship up UV dis r not booth go n check all n get dem here
T ,- I have to scare him some how
T – hahaha hehehehe ho hohoho woooooo screaming in his ear
K – waw booth wt a melodious voice once more plz
T – ?? n did cute pout
K – waw booth know how to do pout too I just want to kiss it n moved close to twinkle
T – no no kiss stammering I’m not devil I’m

K – twinkle
T – how u got to know?
K – ven u said kabadi I got it ,to get trophy u guys have done such drama????
T – sorry
K – wait n c how I’ll punish u guys now twinkle bowed her head down
K – BTW u were looking cute in dis attire but come here I’ll wash ur face
T – I can wash it
K – just come n he took water n washed her face touching her smooth skin sensually
All came wid der booth frnds catching dem
K ,- so punishment is vch all booth u catches dat girl should listen to ur orders for 1 month
T – wt 1 month NP not fair
K – okay 1 n half month guys enjoy n take dem n punish dem now only n twinki u follow me dear n dragged her out
K – ur plan na? U spoiled all girls
T – wt me?
K – ha u now u should listen me for one month
T – dekhenge
K – wt? Wait do sit ups
T – no no sorry
K – do
Twi kle doing sit ups like naughty kid got punishment from teacher kunj is smiling on her
K – k stop now go n sleep good night
T – gn ????
Dey went back to clg twinkle listening to everything kunj says from modern twinki she became sanskari twinkle she started to wear chudi as kunj order n dey became very close to each other
End of fb
K – ufff I just love dose moments
T – yes???
Precap – bebe entry kunj telling twinkle to impress bebe

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