My love My life My everything twinj ff part 12

My love My life My everything twinj ff part 12
Twinj sitting in canteen surrounded by kunj frnd gang
M – so tell us ur love story how it begin n all
Twinkle was shying kunj saw it .
K – twinkle ll tell
T – aww??? me no baba no kunj lk tell k I have class I’ll go n was abt to go kunj pulled her
K – today der is no class for u I know just sit here
M – oh twinkle is blushing see guys
K – oye don’t trouble her k I’ll tell u wt all happened but don’t tease my twinkle or me after dis
All – k v promise

Twinkle 1st day in clg
Twinkle was wearing white color knee length dress ,she left her hair free n applied red lipstick looking n cute she was literally running to class bcoz she was late n she didn’t saw d way someone is coming in front of her n bumped wid guy dat is hot kunj
Twinkle was abt to fall but kunj held her in nick time n held her by her tiny waist n lost in her beauty twinkle closed her ear in fear kunj smiles at her twinkle slowly opened her eyes n saw she didn’t fell down bcoz one boy held her kunj now completely lost in her beautiful eyes
T – thank u Mr.???? thank u so much for helping me☺☺☺
K – ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ without blinking eye looking at her
T – hello now plz leave me n make me stand I have to go for class
K – ☺☺☺ he was looking at her lips but didn’t listened anything held her more tight
T – wid puppy face first looked at him no response she did her pout
K – cute

Twinkle pulled his cheeks
K – ahha n came in back to senses saw twinkle is still in his arms wid pout
Kunj made her to stand .
T – vo vo I’m sorry I didn’t saw n bumped wid u I’m really sorry n thank u for helping me
K – its k n my self kunj ,kunj sarna wbu?
T – myself twinkle taneja

K – so y u were running twinkle
T – arey I forgotten see I’m getting late to class can u plz tell me where is 1st year class odlf cs dept
K – oh junior huh?? wid fake anger is dis is time to come to clg v seniors informed u all na dat v r organizing orientation program for u all ryt ???
Twinkle bowed her head down n muttered sorry
K – wt say loudly .
T – I’m sorry from next time I’ll not repeat it senior

K – from next time I’ll not repeat it senior mimicking her n looked at her angrily n said ull not repeat also bcoz I’ll give u punishment so u don’t do it again
T – awwwww ????? punishment okay wt is it
Kunj moved close to her very close n took her mobile from her hand
T – plz don’t break it it’s new one

K – shut up ??? I know wt to do wid it wt is pwd put here twinkle was putting password
K – n by d way y u kept password for mobile I heard dat girl who has bf ll do dis work so do u have bf
T – no baba no I don’t have bf n all simply kept password n gave him mobile
Kunj opened selfie camera n checked his hair n all

T – u r looking smart only kunj raised his one eyebrow up n looked at her
K – wt u said I’m looking smart thank u ☺☺☺ cutie now vll take selfie n took selfie wid twinkle,twinkle giving same expression in all selfie
K – give poses n kept his hands on her waist twinkle looked at his hand on her waist n she was feeling good n she shyly smiled kunj clicked dat moment n after dat twinkle wid pout n kunj eyebrow up style selfie like dis dey were taking selfie.kunj opened WhatsApp in her cell n saved his contact num n sent photo to his num

K – I have sent photos to my num n I saved my num here if u need any help or any problem in clg tell me k
T – k senior my class I’m late na ll dey scold
K – no ,v r taking classes for u not class orientation n official ragging come wid me I’ll take u to class
Kunj entered class wid twinkle where all juniors doing some task given by der seniors
M – oye kunj u r here u went at dat time only na saying u can’t do ragging to juniors n dis girl oh she is twinkle ,she ll also stay in my hostel hey come here dear
T – hi Maya di

M – don’t be formal call me Maya dats k n kunj u didn’t answered me
K – y I should tell u its my choice I changed my mind u all took one junior n gave task na den I’ll take dis late summer girl pointing to twinkle .
T – awww???? no I’ll be wid Maya
M – yes let her be wid me u take dis guy pointing guy who was doing task given by Maya .
K – is dis exchange offer no I want dis girl only n looked at twinkle
K – twinkle come to me

Twinkle looked at Maya face once n kunj face at once .
K – I said come ,don’t u listen to ur seniors in stern tone twinkle went to him n stood in front of him
K – good now for 2 week of orientation ull be under my control u should listen to me .
T & m – its one week program senior/kunj
K – I extended it I’ll talk to sir
M – waw good yar
T – awww???? wt good in it she muttered
K – wt say loudly
T – hahaha nothing its good I said
K – now take me to canteen n get me coffee n break fast dat is ur task
T – is it task awww????
K – huh??? I was nice to u ryt k I’ll give u task like others see der she is doing sit-ups n she is standing on her knee now u hold ur ears

T – oh I’m sorry plz don’t give me punishment like dat
K – I said hold ur ears
Twinkle held her ears wid puppy face n kunj was busy in mobile its 10 min she is standing like dat kunj looked at her n her puppy face
K – ll u do it again huh?? dare to talk back to me
T – I’m sorry I won’t do it again
K – k leave ur ears n sit for some time n after dat ll go to canteen

T – k
Twinj goes to canteen
K – did u liked campus
T – yes its good n canteen to k tell me wt should I get for u .
K – u sit here I’ll bring everything its not task n all its just for our friendship
T – oh k but I’ll get it na
K – forgotten wt happened sometime b4 wt I said u???? ,
T – sorry u bring I’m okay here
Kunj ordered 2plate maggi for dem n told to put it in one bowl only n came back wid 1 bowl full of maggi

T – only 1 for u n for me I’m also starving from morning
K – oh hello it has 2 plates of Maggie but dey were running out of bowl so gave in one v should share it like dis only.twinkle gave him unbelievable look .
K -c if v sit opposite v can’t share so I sit beside u n sat beside her n started to eat n twinkle to having no options
K – how is Maggie
T – yummy☺??

T – come let’s go to class nw
K – I should tell u where to go not u junior
T – y r u so strict smile plz
K – den listen to me sit here only wid me after dat I’ll show u campus
Twinkle POV(kitna sadu hey aur mujko hi order detha hey nahi maanu tho punishment ye kid se milaya babaji aapne)

Kunj POV( I got cutie pie she is like barbie doll I’ll make her as NY barbie doll n usha mom no need to find girl for me I found one little girl here I’ll promise u she ll be ur bahu n mom of my children’s hayee rabba kithni cute hey yar paths nahi kitni daant rahi Hong I andar hey andhar muje ragging ke naam pe iske sath date kar raha hun ??????)
K – oh may be u don’t like dis task come I’ll take u class der u also stand on bench n do all task given by seniors k now ur task stand on table now itself
T – no no I’ll do whatever u tell me to do plz don’t make me stand on dis table senior plz n can I ask u one thing
Kunj POV(oh may be she likes n wanna be my gf) okay ask

T – u guys doing ragging for us when it is banned don’t lectures shout on u
K – my dear v got permission n its official ragging from tomorrow ull be having interactive gaming session with seniors n some useful gd ,debate n all so u guys can improve ur self wid fun n u guys ll be free to talk to seniors n to interact wid dem
T – oh good interesting n what’s next plan senior

K – call me kunj from next time n cone I’ll show u campus like dis he showed her whole campus n dey became friends n finally he took her to her class where all juniors giving der introduction
Twinkle sat wid Kunj only as der is no other place n kunj said her to sit wid him
UV – now its ur turn pointing to twinkle ,twinkle was scared first bcoz all were seniors were teasing juniors of her class she was nervous
K – go twinkle be confident I’m wid u k no one ll tease u

Twinkle stepped on stage
T – hi friends
UV – hello cutie
K – kya bhola shut up
UV – tumko kyu mirchi laga bey u shut up n cutie u continue sirf hi bolna aath hey
T – my self twinkle .
UV – twinkle twinkle little star wali twinkle
T – no twinkle twinkle big star wali twinkle whether the star is big or little it ll shine like anything like me I’ll be shining everytime

All laughed at UV n kunj too UV gave death glare to kunj
UV – oh wt a dialogue for ur name

T – n wts ur name UV hahaha??? u don’t want to waste ink of ur pen may be so kept only 2 letter name
UV – oye UV is my nick name got it my full name is yuvraj sarna wid attitude
T – ur name is yuvraj but u thot like thum pura Amritsar ke yuvraj ho
All – hahaha????
Karan – oye idhar kya ho raha hey junior hey senior UV ko rag kar rahi hey???
UV – I’ll give u punishment now
K – don’t want twinkle u come
UV – oye chup bhey u r taking her side apna bhayi ko chod key n u attitude queen dance now
T – oh dancing is punishment huh I’ll do it play song
K – ?????? POV(meri ladki chore kapdo mey nachegi)noooo

All looked at him
UV – wt happened I told her to dance not to u
UV started music twinkle danced very well all started to hoot for her
Kunj went on stage n danced did twinkle for song huva hey aaj pehli bhar he danced did her romantically twirling her again n again n she fell on his arms
All – ????? (but y all r shocked looking at kunj dance)
UV – abhey kunj chodo muje mey USS type nahi hun wait thu kiss tho nahi karega na abb mujhe
Scene was UV was in kunj arms means kunj thot UV as twinkle n danced did him romantically n more shocked was twinkle looking at dem????

K – kunj came back to senses n got shocked to see wt he did n he left UV he fell down
UV – saale ahha meri kamar mey usha choti maa ko complaint karunga???? n from today I’ll not sleep in ur room agar pregnant bana diya tho
K – shut up vo vo I was just showing demo to juniors all boys do d same aid more passion its task to cover up him he said like dat all junior boys started to dance like dat twinkle was laughing looking at UV who was rubbing his back
From den kunj used to text daily did twinkle n at clg also by ragging name he ll be did her only always n seniors planned trip wid juniors a outing wid much games n all

To be continued…

Sorry for boring episode guys ,bear me I know todays episode is boring der love story I didn’t got wt to write so tried dis if u don’t like I’ll change track n start eid current track so tell me n tw for those who commented n liked n dose blo*dy people who disliked my every ff n others ff too show me how ull write before disliking others ff dey ll write to entertain u guys its easy to dislike but tough to write anyways I don’t mind if u dislike too der r many people who likes our ff n takes der time to comment I love dem..
Love u all guys…bye

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