My love My life My everything twinj ff part 11

My love my life my everything twinj ff part 11
Whole sarna mansion is decorated it’s kunj’s b’day
Manohar – kunj wt u want for gift
Kunj kept his hand on chin thinking wt to ask
K – papa ull give me wtever I ask?
M – yes sure
K – den wait here I’ll bring it
U – what he is gong to ask g
M – I don’t know
L – may be any big gift only he wants let’s c

Kunj was searching someone n later he saw twinkle playing wid chinki
T – hey chiki muje do chocky
C – no dis is mine
T – plz☺☺☺
C – k ll share it
K – hmm..hmm twinkle
T – yeshhhh….☺
K – u like my room na ?
T – haa acha hey
K – tho lahegi mere paas daily
T – daily chocky dega tho lahungi(rangungi)
K – okay promise I’ll give u
K – u know today is my b’day so gift
T – happy b’day happy b’day n clapped Her hand cutely n asked him gift in return
K – aley my b’day so gift for me not for u pagal
T – oh yesh chorry mele (mere) pash much gift nahi
K – u be wid me always fat is gift k
T – oh good idea
K – k come wid me

N he came to elders wid twinkle behind him holding his hands
M – tell me now kunj wt u want I’ll order
K – hahaha papa its here only
L – where puttar
Kunj moves aside der stands twinkle smiling wid crown on her head n chocolates in her hand
K – I want dis doll I’ll keep it in my room
U – where is doll puttar
K – aley maa here only showing twinkle n held her hands I want dis baby only as gift
L – what??????
U – ull keep her in ur room????
M – ????? acha u want dis doll n he lifted baby twinkle
M – wt is ur name beta?
T – twinkle ☺☺☺
M – c dis kunj want u to stay here wid him ll u stay here only
T – han stay stay??? chocky dega vo kunji
L – aayo rabba iss kudi bi na kisi ne kaha ki chocolate denge tho chali uski paas
U – kunj but its leela aunty doll she ll not give it to anyone
K – ahha ahaa ??? plz aunty give me dis doll
L – arey puttar ll be here till 2 more days na until dat time u play wid her n keep her wid u after dat I’ll take her.
K – but I want her to be wid me every time na
U – den u should marry her so she ll be wid u always
K – k I’ll marry her
All – ?????
L – ll u marry her? ☺☺??
K – ha pakka
U – twinkle ll u marry kunj
T – vo vo mally mally kya
Leela took her in arms
L – do u want kunj shadi karegi use
T – oh kalengi uchme ka hey
K – yes yes n started jumping
M – but shadi is not now bade hona hey uske liye
T – kal hojayenge
L – iss kudi ko dekho tho 3 saal ke bhi nahi hey shadi karni hey

Twinkle kissed on kunj cheeks
K – wait time book kalna hey?
T – han tu muje book banake bag me dalenga .
K – na wait n he got towel n put it in twinkle head it covered her fully
M – wt is dis now kunj
K – papa u told me back dat day if v out hanky on empty chair den dat is booked for us issiliye I put towel so it covers baby fully if I put hanky only her head ll cover den ull give me only dat much so
L – ?????? tho meri kudi nu book kiya tune tereliye if u take my baby den wid whom I’ll play
K – no worries I’ll give u exchange offer take dis chinki wid h
M – ???????
U – kyaaa ??????????
End of video
All started to laugh twinj were embrassed kunj secretly held twinkle hand she looked at him kunj lipsed I love u my doll twinkle became shy dey went from der to der room quickly
UV in kunj room
UV – wt a love story yar u r behind twinkle from childhood only
K – hmm shying ????
Uv – omg my bhai is shying

Next scene in kitchen
Usha made juice to all n was serving
T – aunty I’ll give it u sit aram se
U – ☺☺☺ n gave her tray
Twinkle gave it to everyone kunj wasn’t at hall
U – oh may be kunj is in his room give me puttar I’ll give him
L – arey she ll give na usha u sit wid me .
T – k I’ll give him
Twinkle goes to kunj room opens room door without knocking gf hey bhai kyu knock karengi kunj was shirtless n standing near wardrobe
Twinkle saw kunj shirtless first she widened her eyes looking at his bare chest n packs n den she closed her eyes being shy
K – twinkle
T – wear ur shirt fast kunj
Kunj smirked looking at her n moved close to her n closed d door behind n took coffee cup from her
K – yes I changed u can open ur eyes now
Twinkle opened her eyes n saw kunj still didn’t wear anything kunj winked at her sipping coffee n moved close to her n twinkle moved backwards n got stopped by door
K – wt happened baby n pulled her by waist
T – vo..vo kunj leave me
K – no I’ll not leave u tell me how I’m looking shirtless
T – hot
K – wt? Say again
T – vo much bhi nahi kunj took her hands n placed it on his bare chest n whispered in her ears all yours twinkle became shy
K – arey u r getting shy only by looking at my chest n if c other parts den tera haal kya hoga siyappa queen
T – awww ???? shameless
K – wait I’ll show u wt shameless can do n pushed her on bed n came on top of her

Twinkle thot something n smirked
T – baby show me wt shameless can do
K – ??? r u not scared
T – no baby y I’ll be I’ll be happy to look at ur bare chest n I love ur body n Kissee his chest n bite der kunj moaned twinkle name
T – oh baby remove ur pants too na I want to see each n every part
K – wt ???? besharam kahi ki
T – oh baby ur hotness made me shameless
K – go from here n was getting up from her
Twinkle pulled him n came upon him
K – twinkle ????? thabed tho trek hey
T – hot atmosphere hey baby
K – acha (POV siyappa queen mujhe he rareness dikha rahe hey abhi batatha hun)
Kunj switched der position
K – I’ll show u everything baby, today u also show me everything dil kol key n slid his hands inside her top n was abt to remove it
T – kunj ????? no leave me
K – y so hurry my jaan today I’ll not leave u until..????
T – until?????
K – today we ll explore one twinkle n one kunj???? so don’t waste time remove everything I have to explore new baby twinkle ??????
T – kunj….wt explore leave me
K – hot atmosphere baby how can I leave u
T – ????? sorry I was just teasing u
K – but I’m serious baby n bites her cleverage
T – ahha kunj leave me ?????
K – ll u repeat it again
T – no
K – k go now ????? I have to get ready for clg
T – k ??? kunj I’ll also come to clg today
K – but
T – plz na kunj I’m fine now I’m getting bored here
K – k darling go n get ready
Twinj went to clg after finishing classes kunj calls twinkle in canteen to have food kunj’s frnd gang also present der
Karan – kunj tell me ven u fell in love wid twinkle means in clg not in ur childhood
M – ha tell na
K – very first day ven I saw her she became my crush n after dat to know abt her n to spend time wid her I was planning extra classes for juniors vch ll be conducted by us n u guys know wt I was doing der
M – oh that’s y u were giving punishment to twinkle to sit wid u

Twinkle does cute pout remembering abt her punishments
K – n ven v went outing for clg time
T – huh??? mere ko kithna sathaya tha senior senior bolke
K – tu kya kam siyappa ki thi

To be continued

Thank u so much to those who commented n liked my ff’s.
love u guys
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I think I’m not good writer to entertain u guys I’m sorry if I hurted
N for those who commented I love u all for taking ur time n reading my ff I’ll care for u so I don’t want to stop writing also for u guys I’m posting love u dears???

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