My love My life My everything twinj ff part 10

My love My life My everything twinj ff part 10
Usha – come leela I’ll show u room u get freshen up after dat v see videos
Leela – usha tumko kyu thakleef mey aur twinkle hotel mey room karke rehenge
U – khabardar a is a kiya tho u r my friend leela don’t feel hesitated n I want to tell u one more thing from now twinkle ll not stay in hostel she ll stay in our home only.
L – but usha
U – no if n but she ll stay here only that’s it
Kunj got happy listening it he forgotten all r der around dem
K – loudly yes ??????
Chinki was above to scream yes in happiness but looking at her brother happiness she got quite thinking wt made him so happy
U & l – wt happened puttar?
U – twinkle is chinki friend dis reaction should be chinki but u n looked at him suspiciously
Kunj didn’t got wt to say n thinking to tell some excuse
Twinkle murmured kunj tells me I’m siyappa quern n I’m childish now see who is doing dis things
Uv – kunj u r so happy bcoz twinkle is staying here
Kunj gave death glare to UV
K ,- vo..vo maa I didn’t screamed for d reason twinkle staying here I screamed in happiness bcoz just now my frnd msged me dat my project got approved so
U – oh acha come leela let’s go
Kunj signed UV something
UV – chinki come wid me ,I have some work wid u
C – k bhayya.
Twinj were alone in hall
K – baby one kiss plz
T – awww kiss now no mom is here only
K – no dey ll come afterwards n I sent chinki also wid UV no
T – no no I won’t give u now
K – I’ll c how ull not give me my kiss n ran behind her ,twinkle ran to dining area kunj held her wrist n pulled her close to him twinkle hand on kunj chest both shared eye lock kunj lifted her up n twirled her

K – I’m so happy darling I was liking u from dat age only
T – hahaha hmm kunj?????? im also v.happy
Kunj took her to his room not making any noises n locked d door behind he went close to her n twinkle moving back words stopped by ward robe
K – did u saw video I sent in WhatsApp
T – yes I saw n shyed bowing her head down??????
K – k start now
Twinkle locked her hands around his neck n kunj lifted her bit up to match his height n pulled her waist tightly twinkle connected her lips wid him both sucked each other lip kunj bites twinkle lip she opened mouth kunj took chance n entered her mouth exploring everything der without disturbing kiss he moved towards bed nnbroke d kiss breathing heavily twinkle was all shy
K – now next style n he sat on bed n made twinkle to sit on his lap ,n turned her face n captured d lips n dat was wild kiss without breaking kiss kunj lifted twinkle made her to lye on bed n broke d kiss looked straight into her eyes
T – kunj now ll go na msy be mom came
K – shh don’t spoil my mood now ,now sleep straintly she did n hands above ur head I don’t want dem to disturb me got it
Twinkle did as he told n he captured her lips again first 5 min twinkle didn’t moved her hand after dat she started to rub his back n hair after some time dey broke kiss.
K – I told u not to move ur hands ryt but u did so take it by saying he spanked her lightly by turning her
T – ahha kunj??
K – now back to position I’ll tie ur hands up n den I’ll kiss u n tied her hand above her head n was abt to kiss her but he heard some noise

Leela and usha – twinkle /kunj wru guys
K – omg can’t dey come after 15 min
T – now how ll go kunj ,n remove dis tie plz
K – he removed tie n said wait n saw outside dey were far away so he took twinkle wid him downstairs all were settled to watch video
L & u – wru twinkle/kunj
Twinj – I was in washroom n both looked at each other face
UV – timing kitna acha hey no dono ka
L – hain ??
K – UV ??? come let’s watch videos n video started
Der comes small cute boy of nearly 4 n half year old wid rose in his hand it is kunj n another small boy came to him of same age its UV
UV – hmm hmm kunj ye plower(flower) kyu laya muje bhi dhahiya lo (,chachiye do)
K – nahi UV main nahi dunga ,mey iche uche dhunga (isse usko dheyungs)
UV – kichko
K – naya baby ko n he ran from der yo usha room where cute chubby girl of 2 year old playing wid toys
K – baby ,baby but twinkle didn’t turned to kunj
Kunj loudly baby see here
U – y r u shouting kunj see chinki is sleeping na
K – choly mom I’m calling dat baby pointing to twinkle who was busy still in her own world
L – call her twinkle beta den she ll come to u

K – oh twinkle twinkle little start wali twinkle ,twinkle come here ,twinkle
T – looked at kunj n said hyyy u…idal mele pach aao ( idhar mere pass aavo)
Kunj went to her n hugged her
K – mom she is cho cute na like doll
U – yes puttar she is
K – baby take dis for u giving her rose
T – looked at it widening her eyes n turned around showing her back to kunj making all confuse by her act
L – oye drama queen see he is giving u rose na take it
T – aley mom vo vo mey chame to chame tele jaiche kal lahi hun (arey mom I’m doing same to same like u do) jab papa tele liye plower (flowers)late tho tu aicha kalti heyna so dad ll make u were it cho he ll make me were it
Twinkle turning to kunj hmm hmm tela nam?
K – kunj ,kunj chalna (sarna)
T – k kun plz rose idal dalo pointing to her hair
K – k but how
Leela helped him to make her wear rose.
Twinkle checked herself in mirror
T – I’m cho cute n beautiful na
K – yes yes u r v.pretty n kissed her cheek twinkle opened her mouth in o???
T – u kissed me touching her cheek
K – yes
T – only one kiss I want another n he kissed again
K – u also kiss me baby
L – she won’t kiss anyone kunj puttar n she ll not take kiss from anyone also but she allowed u but she won’t kiss any… N got shocked to se twinkle kissing kunj hand,cheeks ,lips n everywhere
N twinj started der kissing game
Here present both were embrassed n shying
U – leela u told she wont kiss anyone but see now n dis kunj he didn’t kissed chinki dis much
T – Bach Bach (bas bas) kal kalo katham ho jayega
K – ha k ?? come ll play
L – its lunch time first u all eat something den play k n lifted twinkle in her arms n usha lifted kunj ,kunj looked at twinkle n said come here baby mey tumhe uta lunga n showed his hands like how elders pick him n twinkle was ready to jump from leela but she held her
U & l – ?????
U – kunj tumko hi kisiko Lena hey godhi mey aur tum usko longe???
L – ha see na n she is also going to him n dey went downstairs to have lunch twinkle was sitting on dining table not eating anything
T – nahi khana chocolate give chocolates
L – no chocolate now have lunch first have it but she throwed plate leela got angry n scolded her twinkle started to cry
U – y u scolded her see now she started to cry come here beta n lifted her she wasn’t stopping her cry
U – don’t cry beta I’ll give u chocolate if u have ur lunch now k…she cried more
Kunj came to twinkle n wiped her tear cutely
K – twinki don’t cry ull not look cute see

Twinkle became silent
T – acha tho mey cry cry kalungi tho beautiful nahi dikhungi?
K – han yar cho smile k
T – k ??? see now I look beautiful na
K – ha n u have ur food den ull become more pretty k
Twinkle kept her hand on chin n thinking n said k
K – tho hmm hmm e lo putting piece of roti in her mouth she eat it like dis kunj deeded her wid his tiny hands n twinkle eat silently
T – tum tumale liye
K – hmm wt to do leela came wid another plate n started to feed kunj twinkle also feed kunj
T – maa mey mujhe do plate mey khilaungi kunji ko
L – k lo uska nam kunj hey kunji nahi try to say it correctly
T – no ?? I say like dis only leeli
L – leeli chi wt leeli I’m leela n no need to call me by name call me maa
T – leeli go don’t dichtub me n kunji (disturb)
Twinkle took small pieces n feed kunj wid her tiny hands he eat it fully
K – tq twinki
T – tq tq tq?
UV – arey pagal welcome bolo
T – we we welhmm
UV – hehehe so can’t speak correctly moti kshi ki
T – ???? moti bola mele ko n pulled his hair
UV – aa chodo chodo malunga dekho
Kunj made her to leave
UV – mujhe bi khila food lo giving plate n kiss me also like how u did to kunj
Here kunj looked at UV n gave him glare like ill kill u n twinkle was sitting beside him he talked in her ear slowly if feed him too den see wt I’ll do
T – kunj v were small at dat time how I’ll be knowing dat wt I’m doing
T – oh k n she took chilly n placed in UV mouth he eat it n started screaming
UV – ahha ahaa pani pani
Leela gave him water
UV – aunty see dis twinkle put chilly in my mouth
L – twinkle?? say sorry to him
T – mey kyu cholly leeli look at him he is looking funny hahaha????? hey na kunji he is looking like laal bandal( bandar)
UV pulled her hair she started to cry
K – UV no she is small na don’t do it
Usha – acha ull also do dis wid chinki
K – ha tho uchki chath kalna hey (usko aath karna hey) n he pulled chinki hair she started to cry
U – kunj wait
Kunj held twinkle hand n ran from der
Chinki pulled kunj hair
K – ahha chinki u idiot y u pulling my hair leave
C – u also did wid me der dekho
Video again
Whole house is decorated fully its kunj b’day

To be continued…
(I think no one liking dis track n dis ff’s so I’m thinking to stop it sorry my ff’s may didn’t entertain u )

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