Love Life! (epsiode 1)


This is my second ff on Kaira. The first one that I was doing, I only did one episode for it. Now I’m here to start again and make this ff long, so I hope you enjoy. On instagram post a – #nikitaffkaira and #kaira pic. The best pic and comment, will get to be in my story! (you can choose name and negative or positive character)

Episode Starts:
Naira: For someone special, I need to do something special
Naira: idea! Me and Karthik, will have our first kiss!
Naira calls Karthik
Naira: Karthik, let’s meet at 12pm tomorrow at Queensgate park, ok baby?
Karthik: Sure, Baby sounds so good, Naira!
Naira gets shy and smiles
Naira: Ok bye
Karthik: wait
Naira: What
Karthik: You’re forgetting something!
Naira: I love you Karthik, I love you sooo sooo sooo much!
Karthik: I love you too darling!
Naira: Darling sounds so good, Karthik
Karthik smiles
Naira: ok bye
Karthik: Wait, you’re forgetting something else!
Naira kisses the phone, Karthik also kisses the phone
K and N, end the call

Scene shifts to Nakshtara (I miss them) (People said Tara wasn’t beautiful enough, like wtf looks don’t matter, she is so pretty though)
Naksh: Tara, don’t do any work, just spend time with me
Tara: Naksh, can’t you see, I’m cleaning
Naksh: Tara, I really want to spend time with you
Tara: Not now

Akshara hears their conversation

Akshara: Tara!
Tara: Yes mama!
Akshara: What are you doing!
Tara: I’m just cleaning
Akshara: No!
Akshara: It has been 3 months, till our marriage and you didn’t go to honeymoon
Akshrara: Naksh, your lovely dad, Natik has booked tickets for you and Tara to got to Paris for honeymoon, So better pack up, flight is today
Naksh and Tara: Mama, Flight today?!?!
Akshara: Yes!!!!
Akshara: But also Karthik and Naira coming with you!
Tara and Naksh gets upset
Akshara: Naira has some work for the dance academy and Karthik is helping her, don’t worry they won’t disturb you, visit places without them
Tara: Ok we understand

Akshara informs to K and N, they all get excited and start packing

In the flight

K and N: Don’t be shy, me and Naira, know you want to sit with each other, don’t be shy feel free
Tara and Naksh sit together holding hands
Karthik and Naira sit together holding hands

Naksh: Finally, sweetheart, we’re going, are you happy
Tara: Of course yaar
Tara accidently drops water on Naksh
Naksh: Are you mad or what Tara? Can’t you see properly!
Tara cries, seeing Tara cry, Naksh gets sad!
Naksh cups tara face and says: I’m sorry Tara, it’s my fault I was shouting, I’m sorry Tara, give me any punishment you want!
Tara: No it’s ok Naksh, it’s also my fault, but yes I will give you a punishment
Naksh: Ok, yes what is it? I deserve it
Tara: Give me a kiss in my cheeks
Naksh kisses Tara’s lips instead of her cheeks
Tara: Naksh, what if someone looked/
Naksh: who cares if someone looked, btw your lips are very soft, felt nice
Tara gets shy and kisses Naksh on his lips
Tara: Your lips is also soft!
Naksh and Tara have a sweet talk

Scene shifts to Kaira

Karthik: Naira, we cant go queensgate park, but why did you call me there?
Naira: I thought, I should do something special, for someone special!
Karthik pulls Naira closer and says: so you think I’m special darling
Naira: Of course your special sweetheart. Anyways, then I thought we could have our first kiss in the park, Naira blushes
Karthik smiles
Karthik: we can have it now, if you wish
Naira: No way, I want to have our first kiss under the eiffel tower.
Karthik: If that’s what you wish then sure
Naira kisses Karthik, on his cheeks
Karthik: I hope, we could get married one day, then have kids
Naira blushes
Karthik: Whenever I talk something romantic, you always blush, are you scared to romance with me?
Naira pulls Karthik closer: Of course, not sweetheart, I love you
Karthik and Naira have a sweet talk

On instagram post a – #nikitaffkaira and #kaira pic. The best pic and comment, will get to be in my story! (you can choose name and negative or positive character) Sorry if it is too short!

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