Love is life (Episode 8) special episode


Rv and ishani hold each other’s hand n says I love u and they hug again.rv kisses on ishani’s forehead and then they share a lip lock.n rv says I will marry you only but after I become something.she says but u r a co accountant n…before she says something she says rv says I said that the boss is my dad’s friend n he had paid the boss a big amount so that I quickly complete my internship n join my dad’s company.she was shocked.he says I’m not capable for u.he says today I have nothing of mine except u.they hug each other.she says when my family will come to know abt this secret they will never allow me to meet you also ur impression will get spoiled so don’t say anything to them.he says relationship cannot be started with a lie and says that my family has migrated in USA and I lied to you .he says my parents thinks I’m nikamma and he always insulted me in front of my family so I left them but still they don’t leave me coz unko inki self respect pyaari hai.he cries n says ishani I will only marry u when I will have everything of ours .she says but I don’t want anything I love u a d not all ur stuff.he says the bike which u see is only my campanion other than u.i won it in a bike race competition. He says it is the only mean to earn some money other than my job because I want u to be happy with me and if no money nothing is possible.she says if love is not there then no one can survive.they leave from there
They were already in the age of their marriage

Next day when ishani tells her di that I’m in relationship wd rv her mom overhears it n says that she is a big cheat he doesn’t love a family then how he will love you and I know that he can never love u. Her family gathered her dad says yes tum usko abhi ke abhi yahan bulao and he Comes and reveals the truth and her dad says tumhe ise shadi karni hai toh plz apni family ke sath patch up kar lo.

Guys I’m running the story fast coz this track is little boring
So his parents come he requests him ki plz yeh shadi ke liye man jao they agree n apologizes to him and his mom hugs him tightly. Everyone smiles. They call the priest for the correct time for their wedding?he says tomorrow is the best time for the marriage.ishveer smiles.the next best time will be after1 year coz of the stars n they agree for the marriage.ishani’s mom tells his dad aap bohot jaldbazi kar rahe hai.apne kaha toh Maine bhi ha kaha.same thing rv’s mom says to his dad in another corner

They say this is a plan to seperate ishveer forever
Actually their families are each other’s enemies so they cant accept each other and nor they wana seperate their child from their I said before rv’s sister in law was pregnant it she gave birth to a baby boy n so his parents gave him blessing that night and then they went to Usa.rv comes to know that ishani’s family was their enemy.but still he loved her and she loved her
Next day at temple rv was waiting as a groom but after sometimes ishani came wd a boy.he says who is he and why I didn’t get ready she says proudly that he is my bf n I played a game wd u . The boy’s name was rihan. Rv says this can’t happen she says we r enemies n how can we be lovers.she laughs very cruelly n says this was a prank I was playing wd u since past few days.rv says no!no!he can’t be ur bf.rihan says ya I’m not his bf .rv gets happy ishani wonders he says I’m his fiancé.and they leave rv cries his cousin rohit consoles him n says she wasn’t made for u he.ishani to cries bitterly in the car.

Guys actually ishani was the adopted child she was found in in Goddess Sita ma’s temple.her present family thought that she is lords angel n they adopted her.but now for their greed they force her to say that what happened in the temple.rihan is an actor.she paid him n said get lost.rv sees her paying money to him and he understood that something is wrong.then ishani’s di comes to her n says why did u do this. She says I’m ur family’s burden and now it is my duty to lessen this burden.she slaps ishani n says how dare to say that.rv understood that she still loves him. Ishani sees rv and rv says tumhe dhang se acting karni nahi aati,he smiles n shouts I love u. Both gets intimate.she runs towards him in the mean while a car comes and ishani met wd n accident and the car bursted and there was fire in the khai near the temple.rv and her di were shocked n shouts ishani.then the after investigators come they investigated the and they came on a conclusion that the two bodies are burned very badly and they are no more.

rv shouts this can’t happen her di cries too.everybody went home the investigators informed the driver’s family also.di consoles rv where he saw a hand covered under a was ishani.but her di didn’t see her,her family thinks she is dead her family ignores rv and takes her di and so.rv called the ambulance and he takes her to hospital and after surgery ishani was in icu but she was semiconscious and Rv says I’m sorry coz of me today ur in this situation.she cries he wipes her tears and she starts becoming restless and it was becoming difficult to breathe rv calls doctor and he says to rv plz do from there.he holds ishani’s hand n says continue ur treatment.suddenly she stops breathing the doctor eximines and says she is dead.rv says save her at any cost.he keeps hand on her heart,and says u can’t leave me n go.he cries.

Precap:A leap of one year,rv became a rich independent man, an event manager.rv was in in a room crying before a sleeping girl

Guys I m ending this ff very soon coz I’m not getting responses but the ending will be………ull have to read n silent readers plz comment

Credit to: Vaidehi

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  1. Thnx yaar for the big epi..and waiting for leap epi..plzz yaar make only gud scenes..don’t tak bored scenes na yaar..and post the nxt ff soon

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  4. Nice ff.why u stopping this ff.pls is very nice.

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  5. upcoming episode of Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi will show that Nirbhay brings his family members on picnic.

    Ishani gets jealous seeing Ranveer closer to Naina on her (Ishani) and Ranveer’s marriage anniversary.

    Ishani leaves the place and comes into jungle where a snake attack on her.

    Ishani shouts seeing snake and Ranveer runs to save her.

    Ranveer asks Ishani not to move it but Ishani tries to go away from there and snake bites her.

    Nirbhay (Mohit Abrol) gets angry seeing Ranveer and Ishani together

    Ranveer brings out Ishani’s poisonous blood and Nirbhay witness Ranveer and Ishani together along with family members.

    Nirbhay takes Ishani away from Ranveer.

    Ranveer feels bad seeing Ishani in Nirbhay’s arms.

  6. Okay guys don’t worry if I will end this track I will start a another one becoz u ppl r not liking it ☹☹☹

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