Love is life (Episode 7)


Ishani and rv approached towards kids carreusal.rv thinks something and smiles and says go ishani.ishani says where. He pointed towards carossel and says chote bachi ka carossel.she says mein tumhe bachhi dikhti hoon.rv says tumhari aakhein,muskan,hasi aur tumhari har ek ada mujhe yeh dikhati hai ki u r a smal kid.ishani had worn a lovely he compliments that u r a kid by clothes too.she hits him on his hands and leaves.he stops her and shows him silk chocolate and says abhi bhi mujhse baat nahi karogi.she grabs it and smiles and says I will think.he gazes her wd love and wishes her to be his.then they arrive to ghost house in which they sat on a train like ride and it started.there were many monster characters which frieghten her.suddenly a skeleton fell from above hanging before them.she hugs rv tightly and says help me,he consoles n says nothing will happen its just a fake one.then the ride is over. he says ur very fattu just as a small kid frightens and says choti bachi dar gayi???

Ishi’s anger bursted out.she said just shut up and plz stop irritating just because I don’t say anything u r not willing to stop don’t cross your limits.

She leaves in anger?.rv thinks that I was mad thinking she has started loving me.ishani thinks stupid girl what did u say,u never hv control on ur anger although he has is very practical but wd regard to me he is very possessive now I need to apologize.she thinks does he love me.
She says anyway first let me convince.he was sitting near pond on a rock side thinking why he made her mood off! She comes behind shut his eyes and he says ishani.two finger puppets appeared before him.on one side there was a boy and one side girl.ishani was controlling them.the boy and girl are best friends but the boy is angry because the girl said hurting things to him.she in a girl puppet’s voice sorry dear friend i not repeat this mistake again.the boys says no u don’t deserve my friendship.rv pulls the boy puppet on his fingers and says he no dear friend it wasn’t ur mistake now friends u said sorry to me n said d same now muchhi.ishi and rv both starts laughing.he hugs her tight n says I..

She gets conscious n says I?he says I’m very lucky to have u as a part of my life.she asks in which way.he says in many way guide,my caretaker,my friend.she says only so much.they continue hugging.she says plz say whatever u feel for me.he says I can’t compress my feelings any more.she says say then.he says I..I.. I love you so much.she cries(in happiness)rv asks don’t u wana share what you feel for me.she says me too.

Precap: rv and ishani gets intimate and shares a long lip lock

Credit to: Vaidehi

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  1. supperb …… ishveer confession supperb ……

    ishveer scenes i love it ….

  2. wwwwwwoooooowwwwwww!!!!! ur ff is so romantic man. i’m more than in love with ur eopisode.

  3. OMG !!!!! Can’t express it its just awesome waiting for next episode so pls pls update it sooner……..

  4. Wow lovely.waiting for next update.

  5. no wordsbto say its reaaly soooooper

  6. Nice vaidehi u are superb.

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