Love is life (Episode 6)


Ishani showed something to rv.he says wow.there were tickets for the amusement park.she says I have also called our office colleuges to join us.he says cool!he asked why did u stop the car over here.she says whenever my mood is of I have that.he asks what.she points out to the pani puri stall.she says for whom ur waiting lets go.she orders 2 plate pain puri.he questions is this ur favorite,u can’t believe I didn’t have pani puri since 2 years.she asks ur crazy how,can u live without eating it.they start having it.rv says it’s awesome and says nice choise.he continue having it and they ordered many of it.rv says now I can’t eat more but I still wish to have it ishani says me too! Rv says don’t take that girl ‘s story seriously I mean we used to date in college but just for a week.she is prankster.after breakup we use to pull each other’s leg.she says oh stop it yaar it’s okay.then they returned to their home

At ishaani place,
She was sitting on her bed continuously thinking about the meantime her elder sister calls her and .she didn’t listen.again she calls.then she gives jerks and says Kiske Kyalo Mein Khoyi Ho.she says ranveer.she asks what who.she says nothing nothing.she asks ishi before being ur di I’m ur bestie na,plz tell me who is he.she says my office co-colleuge.she says after he came in my life I live so differently think so differently infact I feel something from which I’m unfamiliar.she says to ishani”do u love him”she says he is so innocent that anybody will show love for office also he saved me on my first day from getting boss’s shout and he took all the blame on his head.

And today some guys were misbehaving wd me and he came and saved me but he got injured.
His family never paid much attention to him and I do something for him he gets so emotional and always says that ur the only one who takes care of me.during that time he hugged me.
At rv place he was with his cousin

His cousin name rohit saw a dupatta tied in his hand,he says kiss ko pata li? He remembers the scene where ishani hugs him and ties the dupatta.rohit says what happened nowadays I m wondering what has happened to you.he says I feel something for my new colleuge,my best friend.she always takes care of me,she is very possessive abt me.he says everything what happened this morning.he says to ranveer do u love her.he says till the end ,from the core of my heart.rohit says Ohho pyaar ka rang chadha he says tom we are going out.rohit says how romantic he says no man wd my office colleuges he says,u also come re maza aaayega.he says tom is my dare wd sry bro.u enjoy ur Sunday.

Next morning ishani woke up early and she was ready wd her cool outfit and a cute hat.her mom asks whats today’s plan.she says that she is going out with my office friends.she ask rv is coming.she says says good now I’m tensionfree.ishani thinks yes mom has started liking says ur di told me what happened yesterday how he saved u.she smiles.them someone was rv wd his other sports bike .her granny says kitni bikes rakhta hai.ishi laughs n she hugs n leaves.rv gets down from bike.when she saw ishi he removed his goggles and thinks wow kit I cute lag rahi hai.i love u.ishi too thinks abt him.she greets him and asks where are others?he says they will join us there.she says Acha hai.rv says what!she says arey woh toh tumari bike ride mili isliye.rv thinks she is excited as she loves my bike as well as me.
At the amusement park they joined wd their friends.the first ride was the roller coaster.everyone approached towards it except ishani.rv pulls her hands n says chal re darpok.she says darpok kise kaha,mein kuch darti barti nahi hoon.rv says who toh dikh raha hai.rv thinks ishani kitni pyari hai,uski har ada pe pyaar aata hai.

ishani says ab tum bhi dare na he says nahi, ab chalo.they sat beside each other.ishi holds rv’s hand and says ha mujhe bohot dar lagta hai.she shouts I wanna get down.rv shuts her mouth and he laughs and says madam kuch nahi yoga.the ride starts.after the ride is over.ishi was expressionless as if she saw a ghost.rv clicks her pic.she says how dare u.they get down of the ride.she says fir bhi maza Amaya. Rv’s group was was only rv n ishani together.they had a phone call and they said they are at the other corner of the park.their friends were 2 boys and 2 girls n there were dating n ishveer knew that they will not come now.ishi says chalo ab koi nahi hai toh chalega but ur there so I’m glad. He smiles.

Precap:rv and ishani in a monster house ishi scared he hugs rv and she screams.rv watches her wd love.

Hey ppl I hope ull r enjoying this plz continue to follow as the upcoming story is really going to be full of love comedy and tragedy

Credit to: Vaidehi

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  1. Vaidehi u was awesome….., i love it …. i loved panipuri part yar….

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  2. super yaar really super I really loved it

  3. Wow its really really superb,i just loved it

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  6. Hey guys r u fine if I sometimes update 2 episodes in a day coz being a 9 std student every day I will not get time to upload due to studies and classes and plz ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes coz I’m in a hurry and ty for ur support???✨??

  7. Hey guys r u fine if I sometimes update 2 episodes in a day coz being a 9 std student every day I will not get time to upload due to studies and classes and plz ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes

  8. Oh man ur ff is so cool…

  9. And today ff aswell superb.

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