Love is life (Episode 5)

Ishi left him in the lift she thinks rv’s friend was right,it is his life and we didn’t have that much time to share our personal life.but why I was feeling jealous.what has happened to me.rv was tensed.he rushes to ishi and says sorry.she says sorry toh mujhe kehna chahiye,I really overacted.he says whatever my friend said don’t mind.he is like that.she says let’s forget this topic.they start working.there was a knock at the was their boss.he says u seem to be working very hard.i know ull will reach at top heights of success and glory.they thank the boss.he evening they were leaving.ishani and rv in car.rv driving .suddenly she starts coughing and rv gets concerned abt her.he gets out of the car to get water.she too got down.he says just a minute I be back.she the meanwhile some roadside awara boys comes and the tease her.they were abt to touch.she shouts.rv hears her shouting.he came there.ishani hugs him.goons say hero ne mari entry par humse Kanu bachaega.he slaps him.they too try to hit him.there was in intense fight.rv was bit injured but still he the meantime the police comes and arrest the goons,ishi says thank you so much.rvs hands was bleeding.she tore her dupatta and tied to his hands.rv stared him.ishani says done.he continues staring her.she says hello mr hero what happened.he hugs her tight he got teary eyed.she says what happened.he says ur so innocent and caring.ur the first who cared for parents never have time for me.since childhood I grew taking with the walls and furniture of my house,my parents gave me all stuff,money in fact the house to in which I’m living.but never the love.for dad is higher class office meetings and parties always remained more important for him and for mother parlor ,looks, kitty parties have always remained her daily bro n me were not as important.he never asked me what u want to become.he threw me in business n after my internship I have to join my family business.ishani says what u wanted to become.he says event manager.she says even I wanted to do physiology but my parents thinks it is worthless. She wipes his tears and says all parents love thier child.he says except me.she says think all this.she says u can tell ur parents that u want to do event managing course he says first I will do job and earn money to pay for my parents will return after years and years I know and they will force me to migrate over there. She says try to speak to them they will understand u.he says loving ones understand each other.they share an eyelock.then ishani drives the car.rv was in dilemma.she stops the car.she gets down.she opens the door where rv was sitting he says where r u taking me.she says there is only one solution to make your mood happy.he asks what.he showed something in.he smiled.

Precap:rv was continuously staring at ishani and thinks I have fallen in love with u ishani

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  1. wow man!!!!! ur ff is just too cool to read

  2. Really vaidehi i loved ur track lot yaar..but why ranvi dating with other girl in the previous ff,pls reveal who is that girl,really she date with ranvi or she lied to ishaani, pls clear that yaar…but tis story somewhat different yaar superb keep going

    1. Ya me too wanted to know !! What’s the secret behind that reveal it fast……..

    2. She was just irritating him

  3. Confession of love is near !!!!!! Waiting for that only and yaar vaidehi pls pls keep updating fast baki k ff writers bohot tadpate hai yaar so pls pls pls keep updating like this only and yaar just love your track !!!!

  4. I love ur track so much …. ishveer scenes i can imagine …. keep rock ishveer ….

  5. ur simply super I just love ur ff dear

  6. Superb epi. Ishani coughing when ranvi concerned her. And it’s 3 times happened in matsh show. But it’s superb superb superb yaar. I likes most this coughning scence.

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