Love is life (Episode 4)


As ishani was going to leave Rv holds her hand in emotional way.she says what happened .she asks him rv r u okay.she sits beside him.he hold her hands and says I love you.i love u from the core of my heart till the end.he kisses her.she pushes him behind and says how dare u think this about our relationship.she leaves in anger.rv shouts no no don’t leave me and go.
Rv was just imagining

Ishani overhears him saying don’t leave me and go.she came in his room and says what happened,ru kkk.he says yes.she says plz take care I will meet you tomorrow.rv says what’s happening to me.why I can’t bear separation even for a moment.ishani in the lift.tears coming from her eyes.she wipes and says why I’m feeling so bad for him.what has happened to me.she sees someone calls from behind in the was rv.she hugged him and says something has happened to me.then she realized she was daydreaming.she leaves.

At night at ishani’s room
She was sleeping suddenly she hears a voice it was rv’s remember he shouting ishani plz dont leave me alone plz p.she wakes and sees no one there.she cries bitterly.he dad comes n sees her and says what happend to my princess why so sad.she says I don’t know.something is happening inside me,my soul,my heart.her dad thinks definitely she is in love wd someone.he says sometime it happend and tells her to sleep.

Its morning
Ishani was abt to leave for rv’s house.she saw him wd a car.rv gets down from the car and says chalo office nahi jana she says itni jaldi thik ho Gaye.he says aakhir khyaal kisne rakha.ishi the meanwhile her mom comes and says u forgot ur tiffin and she sees him.she says r u rv.he says yes it’s my nickname.she thinks how smart and handsome he looks perfect for my daughter. He compliments that aunty ur masterchef u cook so good and ishi always praises u.she says ty n says now ull leave or else ull will get late for office.they the car rv says ur looking pretty.she says aaj tum badi taarif pe tarif kiye ja rahe ho.kya baat hai?he says aaj mein Hada mood mein the office parking lot ishani gets his brothers call and signs rv to go to office she will follow him.after she ends her call a girl come wearing shorts and crop top and in arrogant way she says oh ur the one who took my rv away from me.whats there in u which he could not find in me.she says excuse me who r u she says rv’s ex gf.

this morning he broke up wd me.i found out these past 2 days he is very close to some girl n then I came know it was u blo*dy girls.rv enters from behind he shouts shut u stupid girl, she says how dare you he says apologize to her speaking in this manner to her.everyone was looking as the scene.she says ru crazy he insists her to apologize or he will reveal to their bf that ur double.she got scared and apologized to her.before ishani could speak something to that girl rv says now just get lost.his gf leaves

Ishani also leaves rudely.rv says stop ishani stop.she says in anger u never said that ur dating.u lied.u cheated.his friend comes n says to ishani”why r u feeling so bad” r u in love wd him

Credit to: Vaidehi

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  1. It’s nice twist but i could not expect that ranvi was dating with other girls. I waiting 4 ur next epi.and vaidehi Y did not post in epi precape.

    1. I agree wid u ptaveena

  2. i like this episode very much…. but Ranveer isn’t that type of man.

  3. what happend to tonight’s epi

  4. un beliveable …. Rv dating other girls….

  5. Ooooo love with Ranveer yaa surely she is in !!!!!! But how could Ranveer date other girls don’t like that part but other parts were just awesome…….

  6. Oh my rv is not like can he like that.

  7. I just love ur ff its very nice continue ur writing

  8. Thnx ppl for ur support
    Don’t think something major abt this n the upcoming episodes r going to be very cute,romantic and emotional scenes will pakka rob ur heart

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