Love is life (Episode 3)

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Coming back to the story

At ishi’s house
Ishani is continuously trying to call rv.but he is not picking the phone.she thinks whats wrong with him.her mom enters and says the boy which u were talking about last night don’t trust him blindly I know these people nowadays do anything unexpected.ishani in a loud voice mom plz dont always doubt ppl all our not like those.he is my best friend.he saved me from getting shouts from my boss m he saved my impression.he worked late night just for me and she leaves.her mom thinks what happened to her.before she never spoke like this to me.ishani thinks what has happened to me.why I can’t bear anyone speaking wrong abt him.then rv’s call comes.he in low voice”ishani today there is no office as today the boss’s 15th anniversary is there so all his branches are closed.

She says okay thnx but what happened to you i mean ur fine.he denines.he says he is not well.he cut the call.ishani was tensed.when her granny question her she says rv is not well,he sounds too low,his family is also not here,i m therefore tensed.her grandmother says than for whom ur waiting you should go n meet him.but enters and says ya ishani u should go.she nods.

At rv’s place
The door bell rings.rv says who will be.he slowly tries to walks n finally opens the door and it was ishi he was losing his balance and ishani helps him.she takes him to his room and says what happened.she checks rv forehead and and neck too and says u r so sick.she calls the doctor.he says let it be I just had medicines.she asks did you have food before having medicine he says no.she scolds him n says why u don’t take care ur so careless.rv says ur scolding me like my mother, ishani asks where is ur family

He says in USA ishani asks why he says coz my sister in law is elder bro has migrated there to take her care my parents went there temporary.
Doctor comes and examines.he gives some medicines n tells her to take care of ur bf .ishveer stare at each other n says we r just says actually I hv seen the love n just said.he leaves n ishveer still stare.then ishani goes to the kitchen.cuts some fruits n gives it to ranveer.he says thank you so much

I have many friends all know that I’m sick but now I realized that they are just so called but u r my true friend. She says friendship mein no sry no ty.they was evening ishani says now I have to leave u take rest now I will come tomorrow again to meet u.bye take care.

Precap:rv holds ishani’s hands and he tries to stop going ishaani.ishani sits besides him.he kisses her forehead n says I love you.ishani slaps him and says get lost

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  1. What yaar ishani is always slow in everything……but hope she realize her love for Ranveer soon !!!!!! And ha its a nice one and love the part when the doctor said that Ranveer is your bf they just stare at eachother………keep it up !!!!

  2. mindblowing ff …… brother. i love it

  3. Superb i loved tis track yaar keep going..

  4. nice yarrrrrr….

  5. why ishani slap Rv ?

    awesome …. ishveer still stare… nd ishu care for Ranveer …

  6. Oh no why ishani slaps ranveer.but today’s update was nice.

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