Love is life (Episode 29)

After 6 months,
Ishani was sad, weak busy thinking about Ranveer’s business. She thinks now Ranveer is not paying attention to children too just because the his business is not going well! He works overnight doesn’t take rest and food on time and his health is getting weak day by day more than this he started having too much of drinks she thinks just one thing happened good in the span of six months. My Janu is alright now? In the meantime Ranveer comes angrily and starts saying What does Mr Peter thinks of himself,who the hell is he rejected my deal.
Ishani comes and says chill Ranveer plz it’s okay of he rejected there aren’t any other who will crack a deal???

Ranveer says plz keep your advice wd u and he starts taking drinks.
Ishani says stop it Ranveer why don’t u think of others how do they feel? How do they live wd this kind of behavior, what impacts on children and she starts crying,she says what if business is not going good, don’t u have a good and loving family don’t we have that much of wealth which we will require for the upbringing of our children and u remember that day when u have played last cricket match with Mayank and took went to amusement park wd them and do u remember that night when u had dinner wd us and when u have slept in our room wd me. No u don’t coz I have lost my old Ranveer whom I loved and starts crying.ranveer holds her face,wipes her tears and hugs him and says I’m sorry but I can’t see any way now. Yes business is necessary coz I want my children and my wife to lead a happy and comfortable life. Ishani says why do u need we need a luxurious life. I’m happy with what have given me till now I loved u not ur wealth. And children do they need thier father’s love or wealth.

Ranveer holds her hands and says sorry Ishani sorry for all that worries and troubles which I have given u since 6 months. She says u need not apologize come now give me a tight hug,Ranveer hugs her and says did ur reports come. Ishani says no and he asks when children will return from ur place. She says when they wish they will come let them enjoy their summers there it’s very enjoyable. Ranveer says now I’m very hungry can u serve me my dinner plz. Ishani smiles and says not only serve I will feed u too! The door bell rings. It was a courier from lab. They were ishani’s reports. Ranveer says open it na…Ishani opens it and read that report. They got shocked, it mentioned that Ishani was pregnant. Ranveer says now I’mean we already have two kids and u know the nature of both they are so mischievous and stubborn then how we will manage three kids?

Precap:- A call comes from that lap and apologized to Ishani….

Guys sorry in that precap I mentioned 3 months and here I took leap of 6 months
And ull guess why they apologized to Ishani
Guys meri aashiqui tumse hi has ended or it will still air on colors coz Kasam will began in March??

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  1. very cool ff


    Oooo means its clear no third child……I just love this ff also yaar…….just because ishveer are understanding each other……..

  3. Nice vaidu dr.I guess may be the report is wrong or it is another person’s report.
    Yes dr our show is ended..hope they will start matsh 2 soon.

  4. Nice ff dr.

  5. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    nice vandy . i agree with sana

  6. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Nice vaidehi

  7. nice ff . kash aisa dimag sonali jaffer ko bhi hota

  8. Suprb dr vaidu..i agree wid sana dr

  9. Nice dr …

  10. vaiehi nice and ur were asking that abt matsh ….. Now swragini will be of one hour as per sources

  11. Vaidehi when r u going to put the next one for both please post it fast please???

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