Love is life (Episode 27)

Janki asks Ranveer are all preparations done?what about the cake?ranveer says all done meri maa now you rest. Ishani comes there with food and feeds her but she runs all over room even on the bed and ishani runs behind her, Ranveer laughs and makes a video of this scenario,ishani gets angry and says stop it both of you. She gives the plate to Ranveer and says if u love ur daughter then feed her n Janu I’m kitti wd u don’t talk to me and she leaves in anger. Janki annoys Ranveer convince her and she haves it. Mayank in his room was playing video games. Mayank says mumma you,Ishani says ur playing this video game since 2 hours. Is your hw done. Mayank says no,u do for me mom plz,Ishani says no boy, u should do ur hw.

I will sit beside u but plz study. Mayank gets angry and throws his bag and says I will not study I don’t like to do so. Ishani says stop it n what u will do when u grow up .He back answers I will be a sportsman. Ishani says don’t test my patience Mayank I count three if u don’t sit then watch. He shouts and says no I will not and leaves. Ranveer watches this,Ishani sees him n says see u have spoiled our kids there our madam don’t want to eat and here our boss don’t want to study. Ranveer says chill u know na his nature is like he gets angry soon.ishani says just like u even its ur habit to get angry soon,throw things and shout and she leaves.ranveer says today her mood is really very bad. N today the whole family has gone out for 2 days accept us. At night Ishani calls Ranveer m mayank janki for dinner. They came but nobody spoke. Then Mayank beats Janu, ranveer scolds him,Ishani says janki must hv done something,Mayank says this girl is kicking me from when,she is girl that’s why I’m no doing anything thing or else she would be in hospital. Ranveer says is this the way speak, janki n why u were kicking him,she says he broke my doll….n they start their nok jhok. Ishani bangs the table and says stop it! N she leaves. Then the bro-sis befriend each other.

At was 12 am,Ishani was sleeping in the guest room as she was angry wd Ranveer and children.Suddenly the children starts playing their toy drum and flute and sing happy birthday to mumma. Ishani wakes up and the children bring her to the hall. It was beautifully decorated. ????She was unhappy . Then Ranveer enters with a cake in his hands. It was prepared my them. He wishes her happy birthday. Ishani stood silent and gave cold looks.??

Precap:-As Ishani opened the door of their room,rose petals falls,she switches the light was decorated. Then Ranveer comes and hugs her from behind and kisss her back?????

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  1. Superb vaidu dr .

  2. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Wow romantic and marvelous……..

  3. Wohoooo Vaidehi u are superb dear

  4. Nice superb episode dear

  5. Oh god..vaidu dr..wats this i mesmerized to c the precap..u r owsom dr..plzz post the nxtbepi soon dr..i won’t wait for tat dr….wow ..mayank and jaanu’s fyt was owsom dr..even ishveer’s too…

  6. Super ff vaidehi.

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