Love is life (Episode 26)

Ishani says Mayank child plz get ready fast ur too slow in having ur food. Mayank says mumma I forgot to do my homework , now teacher will scold me. Ishani says I have done it don’t worry but next make sure u complete it on time . Mayank says mom ur best. Ishani smiles. Nisha says Ishani I will drop my Mayank baby today,Mayank gets overjoyed n says thanks afternoon Ishani was resting in her room n phone comes from janki’s school.the Doctor/teacher says plz come fast and take her home. She informs Ranveer abt thier daughter’s condition. They rush to her school. They saw Janu wd her head injured and she was having high fever. Actually due to weakness she had fallen down from a small plastic slide.

Riya gives them the medicines and advises them to have practice of walking than lifting her always because due to treatment she is getting well day by day. At home janu was busy watching cartoons where Ishani switch off the television and says. Pu need too rest. Janu says papa tell mumma…Ranveer says u need to rest.ishani goes to bring milk for her. Janu whispers in Ranveer’s ears dad what u have panned for mumma’s birthday, Ranveer says something big

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  1. very nice but upload big and give precap…

  2. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Something big………woah !!!!! Eagerly waiting for it…..

  3. hey veidehi where is ur todays precap by the way ur todays epi was nice

  4. Nice vaidu dr.janu is very friendly to to read it.waiting for next.

  5. No response guys I m very disappointed wd my ff????????

  6. rookey rookers

    so so nice . i love both ff . not this or that i cant say. simply super

  7. nice epi haa . ishu’s b’day . I’m damn sure ur next epi will be super Dooper hit….and ya add some ishveer romance ha….

  8. Wow vaidu amazing darling..don’t losehop yaar.u r such a nyc writer..i am very busy wid my sis’s wedding and my long journey tat’s y..kithini saari days i am not commntng i had read all’s ff don’t brokn heart dt..and say i end my ff..both u and ranaji..alwayz saying lyk tis na yaar..

  9. Nice

  10. Vaidehi..ur way of writing s too gd..n stryline is imprsve..

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