Love is life (Episode 25)

In the room,Ishani was staring Ranveer constantly n cries silently. Ranveer was unaware when we fell asleep. Ishani saw him sleeping im uncomfortable position. She makes him sleep comfortably but he was fast asleep. While rolling Ranveer slept on Ishani’s lap. She gets emotional n kisses Ranveer n says I’m changed but u too have done the same, I have never thought that one day we will lead our lives in such manner. She pampers him and says from now all though we have changed I know our love has not changed. At morning Ranveer wakes n he remembers how he slept last night leaving his work undone. He panics n check his laptop. He opened his files and he got shocked. He repents for his doings. He saw that his work was undone n presumes that Ishani must have done it. In kitchen Ishani was preparing food. In the meantime Nisha comes n taunts Ishani that u have already burned ur hands now rest of the food I will make n today I will drop kids to school. Ishani hesitates finally she agrees. Nisha says come sit let me apply medicines. Ranveer overhears their conversation. Ranveer tells their maid to keep their breakfast in their(ishveers’) room. Nisha coughs. But Ishani stood tensed. Nisha thinks something is wrong between them.

In the room Ranveer makes Ishani sit comfortably n says sorry. Ishani says u always do the same. Ranveer kisses Ishani’s hands n says I m sorry babezzz. Ishani hugs him and says it was worst than a punishment. Ranveer holds her hand and thanks him. Ishani questions why. He says for doing my presentation. Ishani says my pleasure. In the meantime janki comes and hugs them n says ull forgot me. Janki sits on Ranveer’s lap and says I’m very angry wd u papa yesterday night I did see u n u didn’t receive my call. Ranveer says sorry meri maa from now I will call u thrice a day happy. Later he makes her have the breakfast but she says my mumma first, ishani smiles. Later Ishani asks the family astrologer but something(suspense) she gets tensed. In the meantime Janki tells Ranveer to drop her to school. He agrees n says come. Janki says lift me papa. Ishani comes there n says now ur big you should walk on ur own legs. Ranveer says it’s okay Ishani n he lifts him n goes. Janki asks Ishani give us a tight hug mumma, she gets teary eyes n hugs them.
Precap:- a phone call comes from Janu’s school, ishani and Ranveer rush to her school

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