Love is life (Episode 22)

Janki tries to hold ishani’s hand n says mumma I want to go back home. In the meantime amar comes n says no beta ur mumma will not come wd ull to ur home. Now she will stay wd me in this house. Janki says shut up stupid n get lost from here. Amar gets angry n says u have not taught her manners how to speak wd the elders.he says anyway ishani we will teach good to our children. Rv gets angry but remains silent. Janki thinks I have to get my parents released from here.amar leaves n says to his guards I’m going out keep an eye on them. Afterwards Janki shouts I wana go to washroom. The guards come n says why u r making noise.she says I want to go to washrooms.the guards think that she is such a small girl,she can’t think about running. So they untie the rope n says don’t try to escape from here. She nods.the guards show her the direction.she goes was behind that room. She was searching for some sharp things. Finally she found a blade. While picking the blade she had a cut on her hands but she beared the pain.she hid the blade in the pocket n went there. Ishani says janu ur hands r bleeding.she pleads the guards go plz leave her once.

They refuse n ties janki,rv says I plz u hv problem wd us plz…the guards leave. Janki says mumma papa don’t worry I’m fine. Rv says my daughter has become strong. Ishani cries in the meantime amar comes n takes ishani from there n says this was a final moment wd ur family.he says what if I have kidnapped ur mayank too n he laughed.rv shouts leave her or else I will kill u. Amar drags ishani ,Janki cries n shouts leave her. Rv too cries. Janki remembers the blade. She gives it to rv n says papa cut this rope.rv gets untied n he frees janki too.rv hugs Janki n he takes out his handkerchief n ties it to janki’s wound her legs starts aching due to her problem n she had high fever.rv lifts janki in his hands n leave in search of ishani.amar brings ishani to a was decorated.he tries to get intimate wd her.he pushes him n runs.but he catches her. She hits him wd a vase n runs.he falls.his head was bleeding hi guards bring her to him.he again tries to molest her. In the meantime rv comes.ishani gets happy seeing him.rv hands sleeping janki to ishani n says go out.amar n he had an intense fight.both were wounded ishani tries to stop the fight. In the meantime police n rv’s family comes the police arrested amar n rv hugs ishani n says sorry.ishani says u n janki need to visit doctor.she cries n says she has high fever.rv says don’t worry she will be fine soon.ishani hugs amba n she says r u fine Ishani nods. Then they go to doctor n he does the dressing n gives medicines for was night they return home.mayank gets overjoyed n hugs his parents. He asks what happened where did ull go.she says will u ask questions only n not welcome us.then rv lifts mayank n ishani hugs him.janki feels bad n goes to her room.

Precap: rv comes close to ishani n kisses her n says belated happy anniversary.she hugs him n wish the same n she apologizes to him.

Guys this is my bio
I’m Vaidehi Patel
I’m a girl, I’m Indian,I’m Gujarati.i live in Mumbai,my home town is Surat .I’m in standard 9
Follow on Instagram my username is vaidehi_d_mystery n I’m big fan of ishveer

Credit to: Vaidehi


  1. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Hey Vaidehi at last I found any Gujarati I’m too……a Gujarati too………but I’m from Vadodara…… you speak Gujarati ??????
    And ya love this ff pls update it daily…..

  2. rookey rookers

    so so so nice . i love ur ff frpm my core of my heart . i like u verrrrrrrrrry veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrry much vaidehi . continue pls . and guys pls vote 4matsh 2

    • Hs

      Ya arham I’m busy with my studies and scl sportmeat bt im nt missing matsh only missing comments so how r u n.a. lots new guys also joins no matsh will go in srilanka channel also in sinhala I’m so happy about that

  3. rookey rookers

    thax vandy dear . how is my name for u? and if i want to enjoy more make more ishveer scences tmr. and i cant able to comment tomorrow . sry . i am going to kodaikanal . so . pls dont think i will not watch ur ff . i will surely . but day after tmr . but tmr epi super . no words to express . wonder * how i am saying about tmr . epi today . because this is ur ff . always will be super dear . and can i call u vandy ?

  4. IshuRV

    very nice vaidehi . I’m also in 9th std . can u please tell me how much percent u scored in ur exams? I just want to know it

  5. rookey rookers

    but i need matsh already it is going to end on 19th and if they r not telecasting it for 2days means , how aaaa . so bad . dosappointed . i need matsh 2 . vote r matsh 2 .plstrue ishveerians pls pls pls refer payalcomment on matsh page yesterday and vote r my matsh .

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