Love is life (Episode 20 and 21)

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So the episode starts with ishani seeing the reports n crying.she shouts ranveer u can’t leave us n burned body was of ranveer.she cries bitterly. Amba comes n asks what happened?ishani was daydreaming.she prays to God that bring rv to her as soon as possible. The reports come. Milan opens the reports.he says this is not ranveer. He says ishani ur faith came true, ur love saved my brother but where he will be. Ishani thanks God n says I will search ranveer. Amba says this is our watchman. Nisha says he must have stolen the car n then being in hurry he bumped the car. Ishani leaves from the hospital. Suddenly a man comes n covers her mouth n she faints. Next day ishani was sleeping on a bed she says where I’m ,ranveer,ranveer. A man comes n says forget that loser. Now ur mine. Ishani gets surprised n says what r u doing here. He says I have won n revenge starts.

Fb: four years before in rv’s office.ishani was presenting the ppt to this man.he was a dealer.the man gets impressed by her.rv was happy seeing ishani’s progress.the man AMAR says I am cracking this deal.they get overjoyed. Afterward ishani was keeping files in the drawer amar tries to molest her n says I love u. He tries to come closer towards her n says rv is okay type personality see me all girls die for me but I have chosen u. If u become my wife then u will lead the queen lifestyle. Ishani slaps him n says I’m rv wife. I love him n I’m happy u get lost before I call police.rv overhears them.amar says now ishani has chosen me ishani says no rv. Rv says the security they throw them out of office he says I will take revenge.
Present: amar says I hope u remember me.he holds ishani’s hand n was abt to kiss. Ishani pushes him n says where is rv I know u have…

amar says why ur in hurry first let us spend sometimes together.ishani says shut up n tell me where is my husband. Amar holds her face tightly n says u dare say him ur husband. Ishani was about to leave.amar holds her n his phone rings. He attends the call n says okay I will come.he takes her to a room.she saw rv tied to a chair.his head was bleeding.he was injured.he smiles seeing ishani,he says I love you to her. Ishani pushes amar n runs towards rv n hugs him.rv asks how r kids?she says they r missing their papa.amar says soon they will miss their mother too n lead their whole life wd their day ishani will be my kids mother.rv shouts at him.ishani goes n slaps him n says don’t ever say that.amar says after our marriage we will send rv to ur children n I know we won’t allow us to keep children wd us so we will make our own child.rv says tumhe toh mein..the door knocks amar says come was amar’s man with janki with her.janki runs towards ishani,ishani hugs her n cries.rv asks amar what has janki done bad to u,what’s ur problem.he says n ur family is my problem but I’m getting late for,my meeting.he orders his man to tie them.he obeys n says boss dont worry I will watch them.after sometimes janki says mumma I m very scared of this uncle. He is very bad. Rv says don’t worry.we will be out soon.ishani says our love tests will never get over ranveer?he consoles her n says we will pass this test to n says trust our aashiqui

Precap:janki says to amar’s man that she wants to go to washroom,the man opens the knot n says dont try to escape or ur parents will be no washroom janki takes a blade n says now we will be free soon

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  1. N plz continue doing this ff. All the ff are the soul of matsh plz don’t stop forever

    1. Do not worry I will not end this ff early

  2. Oh so sad about ishveer but they will pass in this test too.interesting precap.

  3. Nice….and precap was superb….

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  5. So owsm stry lin..but jankhi is here ..then whr is her’s twin bro.. they kidnaped him also na..i hsv confused..plzz clear me yaar..whr is he.and orecap owsom…jhanki is a brav girl lyk our ishu

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  11. I’m Gujarati n I live in Mumbai home town Surat
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