Love is life (Episode 19) special episode

Ishani was driving the car thinking about ranveer’s message n the meantime she saw that there is big crowd.she gets down from the car. she hears the people saying that an explosion has taken place in the car.she asks where it man replies there. Ishani goes towards the spot. She saw the car burning and the name plate was fallen.she panics it was rv’s cars name plate. She asks where is the man. One guy says that his body is taken to hospital.ishani sees Rv’s Wallet fallen. In it there was his lisence,credit card. Ishani cries. At home janki comes out of her room. She goes to her parents’ room.there no one was there. She thinks they will be in office n she cries and she don’t know how to call. She goes towards the house temple and prays to God plz bring my parents home as soon as possible n she cries.

Ishani rushes to the hospital and asks to the receptionist where is the body which came over here recently. One nurse passes by n says that he is dead,no one can recognize him, his body is completely burned.Doctors are doing postmortem and after some scanning soon ull will come to know the face. Another nurse comes n shows her a watch. She says its was fallen from the car. Is this ur husband. Ishani sees it n gets shocked n she was about to fall. In the meantime amba comes n holds her. Ishani sees her n hugs n says u saw what they are saying. She says no it can’t be ranveer. Amba says till the scanning is done u go to children. They are very insecured n scared.

They need u. She refuses. Milan says I think mom is right, the scanning will take 2 to 3 hours, children need u go. He says come I drop u. Ishani cries Milan too was teary eyes n says plz have patience who knows it’s ranveer or some one else.ishani says I have the name plate,his watch,wallet.she says we has a fight before n he must had drinks that’s why he drove rashly n she repents.the house comes. Milan says be strong n don’t cry before children, he says I’m going to the hospital. I will give information about the reports. Ishani nods. Milan leave. Ishani thinks about their moments.

ranveer appears before ishani. She stood blank. He comes near her,holds her hand kisses her. She stood expressionless. She hugs her n says where were you. Rv says in ur heart.she hugs him again . Rv holds her waist tight n comes her near her. He kisses her forehead,her eyes,her cheeks then her lips.they share a long liplock.she is back to her consciousness n found nobody there. Mayank n janki runs towards her n hugs her. She crIes. Janki wipes her tears. Mayank asks where is papa. where everyone in the house went Ishani thinks how to say that ranveer…..Nisha comes there n says today he has so much of work that ur grandparents,ur uncle went to help him in the office.she asks “r ull ur papa’s good children,then go to sleep!” They say when papa comes wake us!ishani hugs them again n says okay. They go to their room. Nisha consoles her n says everything will be fine. She says let’s go to hospital sania is there with children. They arrive at the hospital,ishani asks reports……Milan says after 5 minutes we can come to know about the man face. Ishani was tensed

Precap: ishani sees the reports and she cries bitterly n shouts ranveer

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  1. Rookey Rookers

    oh no . pls . pls . say the report . it cant be ranvi .but so so nice . pls continue ur ff , just matsh is going , we r living by all these ffs . . . super yar .update soon . hope ranvi will be fine . . .

  2. Pls vaidehi pls dnt do any tragedy yaar we want ishveer happiness only

  3. nooooooooooo, this could not happen………………know that your ff is going to end but keep a happy ending…………………….but I’m sure he could’nt die…………….you are just kiddding…………….

  4. what ur ff is going to end? no no no u can’t end it yarrrr…. please it’s my humble request yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  5. so nyc ff vaidehi keep it up and dont seprate ishveer bcs now show is going off air and we will miss them

  6. Nyc yaar..don,t stop it….

  7. No vaidehi.this could not happen.l know u r going to end ur ff but I don’t want my Ranvi dead.pls.

  8. Please dnt do this man. Otherwise ur ff will also lose the TRP

  9. Druva, sathya,sehar,rookey rockers,ishu rv are the only ones who support be and I’m thankful ull
    And what abt the silent readers ull just want to read n go, even we sacrifice ur time for ur ishveer this ff is like a dream sequence u know why show is coming to end coz trp was low, some supporters changes thier color infact they r not the real ishveerians coz of all fans the show runs n coz of some fans the show ends. When matsh was sinking it did find the anchor n now when it is sunk thousands of life boats are been provided but unfortunately they are of no use EACH AN EVERY TASK NEEDS SUPPORT who agrees?

  10. I wish matsh season 2 Comes wd same cast

  11. Pls, ,,,sis,,,,pls,,,,update next episo

  12. Pls,,,sis,,,,,pls,,,,update next episode soon,,, sis

  13. We are ready to support matsh .hope we get matsh 2 with Shakti Radhika soon.

  14. rookey rookers

    hai . pls dont stop ur ff . already i am crying as my matsh is going . tears came when i know ur ff is going . pls dont ya . pls . i need my matsh part2 . i will give my full support 4 that . will be in cloud nine if it happens

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