Love is life (Episode 18)

At office ishani goes down sitting on a bench thinking till ranveer does not come she will not move from her.rv saw her from window and he says oh u r so stubborn.he messages ishani that looking pretty.she reads the message n gets angry.rv smiles.she says okay now I’m leaving.suddenly somebody took her in the was rv.ishani says leave me.he says why.she hits him n says coz I don’t talk to monkeys.rv holds her waist tight n comes closer to her n was about to kiss.she pushes him n says forget about kissing I will not allow to touch me too.he says it was ur mistake,u never spend time for me,but u ready for the whole family.ishani gets emotional n says I know past 7 years how much u hav spend ur precious time for me. I still remember how i use to wait for u till 1 or 2 at night.i know how many karva chaut n anniversaries I have spend wd u n today when I don’t do it why ur getting so restless.thats what I felt when I was in ur place.She says I know how many glass pieces I have collected when u just used to throw vases.pots on the floor n I know when u held baby mayank for the first time,two days after his birth.he says because my flight was delayed.ishani says oh!so who told u to go for ur business tour.she cries n leaves n says today u hv changed ur relationship forever.rv says okay go.ishani on the way thinks about their romantic moments n cries n says u did wrong.rv in the office sees ishani’s photo n says I have never thought that u will do this to me.ishani went to mayank’s school to receive him she thinks that I’m late one was there in the school.

the guard says that his father has already received him.ishani thinks today he woke up n she home ishani returns n says mayank just go n do your homework.mayank says no mom afterwards.ishani gets angry n says can’t u understand once what is said to be done.rv shouts ishani don’t take out ur frustration on him.rv says mayank u go to play or sleep as wish.rv leaves for office,ishani goes to receive the school of janki riya says that she is mentally brilliant girl but she doesn’t do the exercise n she does her work very neatly.ishani smiles n says from tomorrow she will do her exercises too.ishani driving the car janki asks mom why dad didn’t come.ishani asks today what u did in school?janki says bhai came home?ishani says what I’m asking n what ur answering.janu says mumma u did same,why mumma u r not talking to dad.she says arey ur dad is busy in office so he didn’t come okay.she says today I enjoyed a lot in school.
At night it was about 11:00 iahani was sitting on the dining table crying n waiting for rv.she says today before our anniversary ends I want you to return home or else I will come.she stands and says if u won’t come then I’m coming.

she helds to the office rv’s cabin was locked from inside.she was constantly knocking the door.rv says just get lost I’m not going to open the door.she leaves without uttering a word.rv sees from his office window ishani weeping bitterly n she leaves. Rv says to himself what did u do?didnt u promised her n urself that u will never make her feel alone,u wil never let a tear roll out of her eyes.he says I love u ishani today before this day ends I will apologize to u.on the way ishani thinks u can’t do this to me.rv texts her I love you.before ishani.could text something her phone switched off.she realizes that she forgot her wallet at office.she u turns the car.

Precap:ishani was driving the car,she saw many people gathered near an accidental spot,people were speaking this accident was very dreadful the man died,it was rv’s car

Guys my ff is soon coming to an end

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  1. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    OMG !!!!!!! Today’s ff was mind blowing I just love it…… I’m just literally gone in thoughts of this ff……..just love it….and pls yaar don’t stop it I love it a lot….

  2. Guys in the second last line it’s ishani read the message n became happy but before she could text her phone got switched off

  3. Guys shooting of meri aashiqui is over☹☹☹☹☹☹

  4. Please don’t make rv dead

  5. Wow super. Plz don’t stop ur ff

  6. Wow dr.hope rv is not dead.

  7. Superb yaar,but precap is scaring,pls dnt insist any tragedy

  8. vaidehi please don’t end ur ff our matsh is also ending

  9. I want ur old ff Fan’s favorite too yarrrr . I’m missing it

  10. Very nyc yaar..don,t stop it before mak 500 epi..

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