Love is life (Episode 17)

Rv,ishani and janki were in Riya’s cabin.riya comes in her greets her.ishveer greets but janki don’t.riya says to janki come sweetie lets walk.janki don’t get up.she sits on ishani’s lap n hugs her.rv asks her to get upon walk.janki refuses,ishani says okay lets go home,janki quickly ran towards the door.riya saw her speed of walking,the way she walks.she says okay beta wait for two minutes.her assistant take janki in the garden outside.riya says ” the case of your child is not that critical of she corporates.i know the treatment is going to be little painful but I hope she corporate because she is very stubborn.rv says no she is not stubborn.she listen to those whom she knows,she loves and she likes.first she needs your introduction n I’m sure she will mix wd u n ur staff n other children which grade is she?” rv says she is in nursery.riya says till her treatment gets over she have to study here.ishani says but over here ull will give low level education right.

riya says it everyone gets education by my each staff member provides education there is no competition.rv says how many students are here.riya replies 15 students.riya says I know it will take sometime to be decided I will be just back.rv says no I don’t think so we should admit janki here.coz the treatment is very painful n…ishani holds his hands and says I know u care for her that’s why I’m telling you to admit janki here for her betterment.and this place is not bad,its clean well maintained n enough stuff to play n ya the exercises too so plz for janki.rv agrees ishani smiles n riya comes with janki holding her hands n says mumma from tomorrow onwards I will come in this school,u know here I made so many friends n I like this doctor also.riya says no need of calling me doctor here all call me di.janki hugs riya n says okay di.riya gets teary and smiles n hugs her.

At home kritik n mayank were playing and ishani and rv comes wd janki.her grandmother asks what happened.rv announces that she is going there from tomorrow n she will do her pre primary schooling over there.mayank says means she will not come in our school from tomorrow.janki says no.he gets sad.janki says don’t worry I’m not going to the hostel.he says I don’t want my sister to be said going to the school of weak students.ishveer worry.janki says u know my school timing it’s 10am to 4 pm meaning I can sleep more than ull.i have to study only for 2 hours and rest time to play then we r not supposed to wear a uniform.kritik says wow how cool.they smile.
Ishani n rv come in thier room.rv bolts the door.he rv removes his over coat n tie.ishani says office nahi jana.rv comes towards her ishani move behind as he was approaching to towards her.finally she loses her balance n falls on the bed n rv falls on her.sanam re plays n he share eyelock.ishani tries to get rid of him but he says come on ishani at morning I told you that I today is our anniversary.ishani says its not wedding anniversary right.

rv says come dont waste time get ready we r going ou.ishani argues n refuses to go n hugs him n says sorry baby but today I’m very busy.rv says ur so mean I cancelled my meeting just for you. She replies I said to cancel .rv leaves in anger.ishani smiles n says sometimes he too behaves like my janki Mayank. Rv in the car thinks I will not talk to her n lets see for how much time she can stay away from me. Rv reaches his office n says to his assistant not to allow anyone in his cabin no one means no one.ishani in the kitchen prepares special food for rv for lunch.

Precap:ishani with tiffin in her hands was about to knock the door.assistant says no u cant go its sir’s order.ishani shouts such that rv heard her that okay till hpshe doesn’t opens the door I will stand in afternoons’ harmful sunlight down.she was waiting down.rv sees her from window n smiles seeing her angry face

Guys my upcoming ff will be like this only.ishveer’s children drama n ishveer’s romance❤️???
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