Love is life (Episode 16)

Sorry for late update but due to studies I’m not getting time for this ff
At night ranveer ‘so phone rings.but he was fast asleep.rv didn’t wake.ishani woke but due to rv’s hands on her she was unable to receive but finally she did.she asks who r u?the person replies “I’m riya an occupational therapist who looks after the weak graduated in America n now I m recently working in the kids’ special Milan’s friend n he said abt janki’s case.ishani says I’m her mother,when can u treatment,she says tomorrow I will examine her n afterwards soon we will start her treatment.she gets overjoyed n the phone disconnects.she hugs rv tightly in joy.he wakes up n exclaims what happened to my jungli billi.she explains him everything n says now she will get well soon .rv gets happy n kisses her n says when is the appointment she replies tomorrow morning at 10.

At morning ishani in janu’s room.she wakes her.janki wakes n says good morning mumma.she hugs her n says chalo get ready fast we r going to doctor.janki exclaims occupational therapist.ishani gets shocked n says how do u know.she says I have read all this.the one who who looks after children who r physically weak r called occupational therapist.the doctor who looks after heart surgery n treatment are called cardiologist.the one who does dental surgery are called dentists.the brain doctors are of many types like neurologists,physiologists n…ishani says wah who thought u all this.she replies my bua sania!she says ok now get ready. Ishani take rv’s mobile to check address .in the meantime rv comes n grabs the mobile phone in anger n says how dare you!
Ishani says in ego I’m just checking the address n not urs and ur girl friend’s chats.she was about to leave n rv holds her from behind n hugs her n says don’t tell my gf that u know her n today we r going on a date after all it is our 7 anniversary.we met for the first time on this day!he says but I don’t know that my madam remember this day n he leaves.ishani throws a gift on was a Hand made photo frame made by her. Rv says this is not a good gift .ishani gets angry .he says but this is the best.they get intimate n share a liplock

Precap:riya says to ishveer that there are many chances of janki getting well.they get overjoyed

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  1. Guys first line it is ranveer’s phone
    11 line is start treatment

  2. Awesome …. ..? Love ishveer
    Romance …. ?

    Suuperb ……. ff

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  4. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Love it vaidehi keep going on !!!!! You’ll surely rock as my ishveer…..

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  5. Superb vaidehi.hope our janki will well soon.

  6. Lovely episode

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