Love is life (Episode 15)

The children and ishveer welcomes the family with joy.kritik and mayank go to play.janu hugs her aunt Nisha tightly as she was affected more wd her.milan sees the boys running and playing happily.he brings rv to a corner and asked him did u get the physiotherapist.he says no, he says I know a physiotherapist.she is excel in her work.we will hire them soon.rv gets happy then janu comes n hugs her uncle n asks how was ur trip.he says it was not that that good because u were not with us.everyone smiles.her grandfather gives her a bag n says this is ur gift.she gets overjoyed.her granny says tomorrow I will take her to the astrologer and he will take out all evil shades from her.rv says mom r u joking,she says she is my one n only one grand daughter.after 4 generation a daughter is born in our family n I can’t see her in this condition.ishani signs ranveer to let it night ishani goes to janki’s room.the sleeping beauty was in her sweet dreams.

4 years back in the hospital,
Rv and his parents were very comes says to them that ishani is in labor room.after some times the nurse comes m says congrats me rv ur wife has given birth to a boy.they get over joyed.but after some again the nurse comes n says ur second child is a girl.her mom gets overjoyed n says after so many generation a girl is born in our family ,she brought calls rv in his cabin.he wonders what happened.the doctor in his cabin says I know the news which
I’m going to give u is not very pleasant but truth is always bitter.rv says what?he says ur second child is not normal as in she has a perfect body but can have problems in her limbs.
Present scene ,

Ishai pampes her n says don’t worry jani we will have ur treatment n make u well soon n then
no one will taunt u.

She goes to her bedroom n sleeps.Suddenly janki falls down from stairs as she was not able to walk properly.ishani wakes up n shouts janki…rv wakes up!she starts sobbing.he asks her what happened.she starts weeping n says I’m very tensed about jani.rv lends his shoulders n she hugs him p.he says I know the reason of tears.the day after tomorrow we r consulting a therapist.he kisses her on forehead n says don’t worry our janki will get well soon.he makes her sleep
Precap: suspense

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  1. Really superb yaar,i imagine every scene with shadhika its just amzing,clear family subject just love it

  2. Waiting for’s nyc yaar..wat a tought..onc this happn in matsh then yhe trp is 7,8,9….i really proud of u yaar..god gave u a presence of mind..and all the bst for ur examinatn..

  3. Yaar vaidhei..when will 13th epi happn na yaar..

  4. I mean 13th epi,s precap na yaar

  5. Superb vaidehi.

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