Love is life (Episode 14)

Guys I know many of ull have not read episode 13,so I request ull to read that first or else you will not understand this one
My episode continues with ishani telling mayank to go as the school bus is waiting outside.he hugs ishani and rv and runs.she shouts don’t run or else you will fall.ishani tells rv that have ur breakfastfast .she hears a voice of something has fallen.rv says did u hear the voice.she says JANKI might have thrown something.they run to the room and see the case broke.rv says”what happened to my princess?” Janki says papa my legs are aching as always n I’m unable to go to school.says why this happens to me only?ishani gets teary eyed rv sees n signs no.he lifts her n says okay now my baby will eat healthy food n then see can walk without aching leg.rv leaves the room.ishani cries bitterly

Actually janki and mayank are twin siblings but janki had some problem which will be revealed soon in upcoming track but janki was extremely cute extraordinary brilliant child n mayank was normal average child.mayank had extra bonding wd ishi and janki was the favorite of rv
At evening the door bell rings.ishani opened the door and it was mayank.he says mumma I came first in relay race,he goes n show off to janki n janki gets angry and they start their nok jhok,ishani smiles n gazes them n thinks of her childhood memories with ranveer.then Mayank taunts janki that if u were in this race u couldn’t have won in this race because u cant walk properly n he laughs.before ishani could say something she ran crying to her room. Ishani gets angry and pulls his ears n shouts how many times I have warned u reframe from saying that,if ur dad will come to know he will get very angry n she is ur sister, n ur parents daughter right p.he cutely holds his ears n says sorry mom I will not do this again .rv overhears him n says ya ur mom is correct.he gives mayank the gift.

it was remote control car n he asks dad what did u bring for janu?he says doll house.he asks can I gift this to her.rv says he takes it n runs to janki’ s room .janki was busy crying and he knocks the door n says meri pyaari behen plz forgive me I’m so bad,if u want to hit me or pinch me u can do so.rv n ishani watch.she doesn’t reply n cries.she says dad has brought some gifts for us I got remote control car but ur gift is wrapped so I’m going to open it at 3 counts.he says 1 2 n…janki quickly opens the door n grabs her gift he hugs rv n says mayank always troubles me.mayank says no she troubles me n janki says 2 days before he tore my book.mayank says no dad don’t believe her.they start wd their quarrel n door bell rings.mayank says our grand parents n uncle aunty and kritik came.he runs to open the door and janki also runs but is unable to run as fast as he runs.

Precap:at night rv was sleeping ishani in the balcony crying rv comes n wipes her tears,kisses her forehead n says I know the reason why you r crying

Guys plz I need the feed back from ull n I hope ur enjoying this track

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  1. very nice waiting for urs waiting for revelation of janki feeling sorry fr jhanki..

  2. Nice i want tis in shadhika’s real life

  3. in ep 13 you have posted a different precap then the episode well ep is good

  4. Nice vaidehi u are superb

  5. Awesome
    Keep updating

  6. It was superb vaidehi.keep going.

  7. That’s really nice. So pls update ir ff soon

  8. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Nice vaidehi keep going like this but ya what had happen to lshu why she was crying and what’s about Janki matter…..??????
    Early waiting for next ff pls update daily……

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