Love is life (Episode 12)

At morning ishani had shower and see came to rv and saw he is still sleeping.she gently places her in hands on his head and kisses on his forehead and says good morning.rv wakes and sys 2 minutes.she says okay.after doing some. work ishani comes again to wake ranveer.he says plz after sometimes I will wake.ishani gets angry and she shouts and says”today it’s our marriage but ur least interested in it.okay now I’ll find anot boy for me and u just sleep.she was leaving.rv holds ishani’s hand and says u look so cute when ur angry.he removes the blanket and she says u wore shervani also,when.he says I’m more excited than u.i woke up at 4 and I got ready but ull were sleeping so I too slept again.she says okay then u sleep again.coz I know since 1 year u did sleep with relief.he says come on ishani just forget what happened.his phone rings and he goes out to attend the call.

(Rv’s mom) say to his dad today I’m very everything is fine.destiny gave justice to my he is going to make his family and soon kids.His dad says first let the wedding happen and kids do u think they will bring kid to early. She says I’ve seen ishani’s love for kritik(rv’s nephew).this shows how cleaned heartened ishani is.

Rv enters the room and sees ishaani struggling with the saree.he in emotional ways have holds ishani’s hand and says can I ready my bride?can I have that right.she too gets sentimental and says of course you have right on heart,my soul,my body,my life and my decisions too.he smiles.he makes her wear the saree.ishani stares him wd love.then he makes her sit near dressing table.he tells her to shut her eyes.he applies nail polish.he does some kajal and eyeshadow and applies some male up powder.he wears her all jewelry and his bride is ready.he says now open ur eyes.she says Kya baat hai tum toh expert nikle.he says one minute hold on.he opens his wardrobe takes out the box and hands it to ishani .he says open it.there were two rings.he says engagement kare.she laughs and hugs him.then they exchange rings .she says they are beautiful.

There is a knock at the was ishani’s family.her dad says my daughter is looking so beautiful,her mom says when u came in our life u were so small just as a small bud.but time passed so fast that from the bud when u became flower we never came to know and now he will take u forever away from us.from ishani harahad Parekh u will become ishani ranveer waghela.they all share a emotional moment.rv looks on.they they tell ishani chalo ghar chalte hai.ishani smiles n agrees.rv shouts WHY.everyone laughs and says u will have to bring barat to take ur ishani.kritik the small boy comes and says chachi plz don’t go.ishani sits on her knees (of course he was small) and holds him and says I will able to come here only when u and chachu will come to receive me na and she kisses his cheeks.kritik says chachu ko puppy nahi doge.rv and ishani look at each other.everybody laughs she says no,its only for kritik.
At ishani’s house.

The barat Comes.rv on a horse at the gate.somebody threw a red rose on him from was ishani. Rv smiles.she gives flying kiss to him.he says one the meantime his in laws do his aarti and welcomes the barat.rv sits in the mandap eagerly waiting for ishani.the priests does the rituals and then calls for the bride.she enters.rv and ishani share eyelock.shruti(ishveer’ s sister in law) compliments that kitni pyaari lag rahi hai…then the main wedding rituals commence.they do the phere and he applies sindoor and mangal sutra. After wards ishani bids farewell to her family and goes to rv’s house.
In ishveer’ s room

Ishaani gazing the sky,rv Comes for behind and hugs her tight.she too hugs him.he says today I feel everything is a dream.u me our marriage and this moment too.she pinches him hard and says this is not a dream.he says aaauu.she laughs and rv holds her and brings her in corner.he was about to kiss her.shevwas trying to get away.but he finally kisses her and then she was about to leave.rv picks her in his arms and come towards the bed.he gently places her on the bed and ishani hugs him.he removes his shirt and approches towards her.he kisses her lips,her necks and covers them with the blanket and the consummate their wedding night.

Precap:after 4 years a boy shouts” mumma papa again broke my robot!” Ishani comes

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