Love is life (Episode 1)


A new fan friction for ishveer lovers
Rv- an accountant of Mr malhotra
Ishaani new joiner
At the offic,
Rv was chitchatting wd his friends

Suddenly ishu enters the office everyone was staring at he.rv too was stunned by her beauty.rv was first to greet he they both introduced each other.for few moments they had chat. Ishu the think he is very good guy. Then the company boss enters n he says that rv that ishu is n accountant and very talented like him. So they will work together in one cabin n share work equall they both were overjoyed

They enter the cabin ishu says wow this office is so gud and u too Mr waghela. He says ty for compliment. They start working after some tips there is a lunch break. Ishu goes to the canteen. Rv was doing some work afterwards he too enters the canteen. First he was sitting wd his friends and he saw ishu sitting alone. He approached towards her
Rv says why you are sitting alone she says u were not there that’s wh.he says I’m always there for you wherever you go whenever you r in trouble. She says it wasn’t too much. They start laughing n he says that I mean it
Ishu says don’t u wana have lunch he says I’m not in a mood to eats. Ishaani wd her hands made rv eat food

Precap:the boss was very angry as there was some major problem in the account he ask who made this file.rv says sir I made it. (Actually it was ishaani) as ishaani was going to speak rv holds her hand and sign her to be quiet

Credit to: Vaidehi

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  1. Different track nice vaidehi

  2. Nice..but it is my season1ff pic

  3. superior ff. love it

  4. supr yaar..continu it in daily yaar

  5. Super veidehi.and all the best dear.

  6. I have to says u (Vaidehi) it’s really really different story line compares matsh show. So just continue it. I’m eager to waits for ur next matsh ff.

  7. nice yar.

  8. nice ….. but pls update daily ….

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