Love is Life (Episode 1)

Hey guys , this is my second fan fiction , my first fan fiction is about Kaira . Hope u enjoy this one ?
It’s a bit different from the ongoing track . My track is going to start from where Adi and Aliya go missing and Dadi brings them back to the Raman’s office and Ishita and Raman are convincing Aliya’s Dadi . Dadi is convinced . Dadi’s name Shobana same as the show.

Shobana : Ok Ishita , I agree with everything u said and I am sorry for whatever I told u . I accept Adi and Aliya’s relationship.
Everyone get glad
Shobana : I will find out the auspicious date and time for their wedding but before they get married , Ishita and Raman have to marry.
Raman and Ishita stare each other .
Adi : Ishita ma aur Papa , plz say yes .
Aliya : Plz Amma plz
Ishita and Raman agree
Dadi , Mani , and Aliya leave
Scene shifts to Mani’s Flat
Shaun and Pihu arrive
Shagun hugs Aliya

Shagun : Where were u Aliya , u know I was so tensed for u .
Dadi : She is fine now , anyways I wanted to tell u that I have accepted Adi and Aliya’s relationship
Shagun is shocked , but acts normal
Shaun : Really , that’s very good .
Dadi takes Aliya to her room
Pihu goes to her room
Mani : Shagun , are you happy for Adi and Aliya ?
Shagun : Ofcourse , I am very happy for them .
Mani : Ok
Mani goes to his room
Shagun thinks in her mind : All my plan is flopped

Precap : Shobana , Mani , and Aliya come to Bhalla house in evening

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  1. Zaira

    Its nice …..
    In tellyupdates most of the writers don’t write in the current track happy to see one ….

  2. Lover19763

    Guys plz comment and tell me what u think about this episode . If u like it tell and I will continue and if u don’t like it then I will improve it . But plz comment whether u like it or no

  3. it’s good….but too short….

  4. Lover19763

    Thanks , and I will make it longer next time

  5. Kumud

    It nice but it’s looks like am reading telly update actual yhm sorry if I offend u

    1. Lover19763

      Thanks Atleast you commented . The first episode is very similar I know but the coming episodes won’t be same . Thanks ?

  6. Kumud

    Ok then will be waiting for it

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