Love for Life – Epi 7


Hello All Cuties!! I am here with 7th Episode of my ff “Love for Life”.

In this Episode there will be some Special Characters of Special Persons… .

Let’s get Started with this Episode.

Act 7 Scene1::

Shivaay is lost in his world. He is thinking about Anika and Their sweet moments. He laughs again by thinking how Anika tried to set her dupatta. He finds her so cute and The things she does are cuter than cutest. On the other side, Om is thinking about Ishaana and completely lost in her thoughts. He knows that She is perfect in all ways. He thinks about their cake fight on her Birthday. He is very much afraid of loosing Her. He thinks about those all moments he spent with Her. He smiles and says to himself “Om you have changed a lot”. Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon………Plays in BG……… When Shivaay thinks about Anika and Om thinks about Ishaana.

Rudra comes to Shivaay and asks him about Om and holds Shivaay’s hand and takes him along. Rudra is very furious and fuming in anger.

Rudra and Shivaay comes to Om’s room. They see him lost in his world. Rudra comes to him and gives a angry wala look.

Om comes to his senses and sees Rudra in a fuming state.

Om:: What happened?? Shivaay is he our one cool dude, Rudra. Why he is fuming out like this?

Shivaay:: Don’t know I have been asking him since a long but he is not at all answering me.

Rudra(looks at Om):: I don’t know that you will behave such…… I really don’t know you have such a shade in you.

Om stands up from bed. Shivaay comes to Rudra and stands beside him.

Shivaay:: What are you saying Rudra?

Rudra shows his social networking groups and Shows them the selfies of Om, Anika Di and with some other girl(Rudra doesn’t know Ishaana). He shows them the caption “Had a blast with 2 of my bubbles on my B’Day night”. He starts saying… You know what Shivaay bhaiya! Here that bubbles means their Dear ones (He acts like crying).

Shivaay gets relief and starts saying “You… Rudra you must be happy that Om changed his nature and is hanging with his friends instead you are acting like fuming out.

Rudra:: Bhaiya! You don’t understand me because you are also of same kind. Before you guys use to be so normal and are not at all interested in any other things other than work.

Shivaay:: Haan…… What are we doing now?!. He looks at Om.

Rudra:: Bhaiya! You remember naa…… I use to say that I have to do all the romance of all Oberois . At that time I am not joking I really mean it…… (He still acts like crying). Yesterday I saw you really very close with Anika Di and Today Om gave a big shock with those selfies and could see it clear that He had a cake fight with 2 Girls…

Om comes forward and pats Rudra on his face. Shivaay thinks the moment while he was holding Anika. Om and Shivaay laugh at him they both are like That’s the thing. Rudra gets annoyed and Turns his face away.

Shivaay:: We all promised that we will share all the things with each other. When there is nothing like that then what is the need to share.

By the time he completed his sentence he gets into thinking about his feelings for Anika He is really confused about his feelings for her. Om thinks to keep control on his feelings. He actually Doesn’t know what he feels for Ishaana…… But whatever it is He wants to suppress them.

Shivaay says One for All and All for One. All the three share a hug.

Act 7 Scene2::

At Rathore’s palace

Anika is trying to contact someone but couldn’t reach them

Some body comes from behind and Shouts ‘SURPRISE’ all along. Anika with a tempo turns back and gets ecstatic seeing them. It’s her cousin none other than Shama. She hugs her. She sees all of her cousins and goes to them. They are none other than Tulsi, Nandhini, Sreeja, Priya and Prateekh. Anika hugs all of them one by one and they all share a lovely moment together.

Shama:: We are very sorry Dear. We couldn’t attend Yesterday’s celebrations. We missed you a lot and Diwali is not Diwali for us with out you…… (Shama Di said on their behalf).

Anika:: Aww! So cute… Even I missed you all so much.

Tulsi:: It’s not our fault… We are very eager to attend the celebrations but at the end moment the flight got cancelled……

Anika:: That’s okay Baby… I can understand.

Sreeja being the younger one among all Comes to Anika and Hugs her. She cries as She feels they have hurted Anika a lot. Anika pacifies her and Assures her She is alright.

Nandhini is very eager to give Anika something. She takes a box from her bag and Gives it to Anika. Anika opens the box and Finds her favourite sweet Khaju katli and eats one.

Viraj joins them. She says Oops!! And Feeds all her cousins. They share a sweet moment with Khaju katli.

All of them Decide to Host a Post-Diwali Party for youngsters.

Viraj and Prateekh goes to tell servants about the arrangements. Shama and Anika decides to invite all the youngsters they know. Tulsi, Nandhini , Sreeja and Priya decides to set a dress code and they all leave to inform the designer and choose their costumes. Shama and Anika make a list of the youngsters they have to invite. The list also includes Shivaay, Om, Rudra and Priyanka. They start making a call to them. All the works are done by them in a perfect way. And the cousins have been a great support in arranging the Post-Diwali party.

Act 7 Scene3::

At Oberoi Mansion

Om comes to Shivaay and Rudra and informs them about Anika’s invitation for Post-Diwali party. Shivaay is dazzled but didn’t let that seen on His face. Rudra is very interested as it is a party and He thinks about fruit punch.

Om:: Do you guys want to come or not? Just speak up

Shivaay:: Ha… Yeah… It won’t be good If we didn’t attend the party when they called and invited us. We have to go We should go…

Shivaay think about Anika. He daydreams about her thinking that she came running to him and gave a airtight hug. He feels the pleasure and eternity in her hug. Finally, he gets conscious by a phone call and goes to attend it.

Om asks Rudra whether he wants to come to the party or not. Rudra nods and leaves for dress selection.

Om stands there thinking about Ishaana. He knows that she is gonna attend the party and feels a bit nervous to face her.

Act 7 Scene4::

At Rathore’s Palace.

Anika and Shama comes upstairs and to the room where remaining youngsters are present.

Anika sees 2 dresses kept aside and Likes them very much.

Anika:: WOW!! Such a beautiful dresses……BTW who selected those ?

Tulsi:: Anika! In that one dress is for you and the other is for Shama. Priya liked those dresses for you both.

Nandhini:: Really you both will look pretty in those dresses.

Shama:: Oh! Cutie Thank you so much for such a lovely selection. She hugs Priya. Anika also hugs priya.

Priya:: Ooh Yeh!! I am our cousin afterall anything for you guys.

Sreeja:: You all forgot me……!!

Anika:: How can we forget you sweetie?

Anika hugs her. All of them smile.

PRECAP:: Soumya to attend Party as Shama’s friend……Youngsters Dance…… Ishaana confronts Om for avoiding her……Anika and Shivaay share a sweet moment.

I really Hope you liked this Episode. I am really sorry for absence of Ishkara and Shivika’s moments. I assure you of a full dose of Shivika and Ishkara in next epi…

Please comment your views. All Pros and Cons are accepted.

A special request to all The Silent readers, I need your response to continue further.

With loads of Love <3


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  1. Ayath

    today epi is cool and now eagerly waiting for shivika meeting plz upload soon…

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you so much Dear

  2. Amazing ?…..update soon

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you…

  3. Cuteprincess

    cool episode…
    friends part was nice…

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks alot Snow White..

  4. Mukta

    Beautiful episode!!!!!

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you Dear.

  5. Nithu

    Nyce naina…

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks Nithu

  6. SamSun

    This such a cute track. Shivaay daydreaming was funny and omkara’s confused feelings r the best. Rudra and his drama as always makes you laugh?. I am waiting for ur next epi . Pls post soon.

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks alot Samhitha… that means alot

  7. Yeh kya shock diya Cinderella ….??? me anikas cousin with tulsi priya wow !! From where you get such ideas and Somo is friend of mine… Omg I didn’t expected this surprise dear thanks a lot …????
    Talking about episode : shivaay and om in constant dreams of their lady loves for ?? a pleasure..
    Rudra reaction on pic made me?
    Our cousin moment initially shocked me I was not aware of how to reaction on it but now ?
    Arase lage dost banane me ,
    Arase lage unhe rijhane ( impress) me,
    Phir paata jala humhe ki woh log jinhe hum dost kahte hai nakaam rahe mushibat me hanse me ….
    Khush kismat hai hum aap jese dost hai zindagi me humare joh mushibat me kaam aaye khushi di laneme……
    I don’t know if you all would like my shayari which I wrote for friends gang
    @ naina, tulsi,ayath,jara,cute princess ,PRI, renima di,shivani,goms,fatarajo,satvika, priya15,ayeshu di,nandhini,vincy ….. Many more …
    Sorry if anyone’s names spilled from my mind …
    You all are really very special to me …

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you so much Dear for such a lovely comment…??

    2. Nainaa

      Cutie!! I just can’t explain how I am feeling after reading your comment especially that Shayari it Made me ?. You are so sweet and lovable.?? And about mentioning you guys in the episode as Anika’s cousins??? I really think that’s a cute idea of me. I don’t know from where you get such thoughts and how you mould them in to Shayaris. With this I am gonna tell you that you are Omkara of TU.??? I am now gonna give you a name “Dimples” because you can make any one easily blush by your word.
      You are vary very special to all of us??

      1. Oh really thanks and I am not om even 1% OK what I felt I wrote and I am glad that u and nans liked it thanks for this comments that I am in hearts that means a lot to me

    3. Nansshivika

      Us shayari se na dil chu liya tum ne dear tum to vaise bhi pehle se hum San kil Dillon mein ho! For me too u all r really special.???

    4. Nainaa

      @Shama what ever you think but you are my Omkara in my real life?? and that’s final???.

    5. Nainaa

      @Nans you are truly right Dear….??
      Shama di toh pehle se hi sab ki cutie hai and frnds gang ki heart hai wo…????

  8. Akshaya

    Loved dupatta scene. And Rudy’s cute confrontation. Btw where is ranveer

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you… he will be joining them in the party??

  9. Nansshivika

    Awwww my cutiepie its great obro moment is great and cousins part is also thanks for including all of us dear
    Its really awesome the bonding waiting eagerly for shivika ishkara moments and ya our sowmya dear friend d of our shama dear?????

    1. Yaa na I also can’t believe. ..

    2. Nainaa

      Aww! Di Thank you so much.????
      After all you guys are my ninis and I should mention you all as you all have been a constant support to me.???
      Soumya is Shama Di’s friend….I don’t even know how I got that idea but even I loved it????

    3. Nainaa

      Ooh!! Guys I had mentioned you in that because you all mean alot to me??. And if person mentions you in all their positive things means you really mean a lot to them..???
      Love you all ???

      1. Nansshivika

        Love u too cutipie

  10. it was too good, naina
    loved it , cant wait
    post soon
    lots of love
    love ya

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you Dear??… love you ?? Bala???

  11. Oh my mata!!! Anika’s cousins r soo nice people na..? waiting for the party… is there rudys fruit punch?? Well lets wait n see..?

    1. Nainaa

      You are right Anika’s cousin are such a cuties.???. The next episode is all about Rudys fruit punch and it’s consequences…????. Thank you so much for commenting??.

  12. Tulasi

    Awwww cutieeepieee……itna bada shock……i m in cloud 9 … anikas cousin….wowwww…hureeee….I was jus readng d epi…n wen i scrolled it down i saw my name…n i was like wat a surprise dear…..thnk u sooo much dear….n cumng to d epi…..
    I first of all luvd shivaays daydreamng of an airtight hug…….n rudys crybaby seeng tht pic……
    Oms confusion abt his feelngs……..u rocked it baby…..
    Waitng for d next………i m waitmg for shivika

    1. Nainaa

      Aww!! My Bubbles….????
      It’s not a shock to you it’s a surprise for you guys….??
      Thanks alot for your support Dear…??
      Aww!! You just said I rocked it thank you so much for such a lovely thing..????
      Love you so much….???

  13. Pri_24

    Suuuupppeeeerrrrbbbb and highly cutest update I loved the way Shivay and Om both are daydreaming about their lady love and Rudra and his nutanki is cool and

    Anika and her cousin wala track is awesome wow Naina you are amazing writer an thank you for including my name… ???????

    And I am eager to read ShivIka’s meet… ☺☺☺☺

    So plz update next part soon… ?

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you so much Priya Di…??
      Special people deserve special things..??
      Love you so much????

  14. Nyc one Naina,,,,,I’ll try to read it frm the begining,,,,,,,,,

    1. N Rathore’s palace,,,,Is that Anika’s house

    2. Nainaa

      Thanks alot Dear??….
      Yeah Rathore’s palace is Anika’s house. She hails from a royal family.?
      And Di if you I will send you the links of previous one…???

  15. Very nice fantabulous episode

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks alot sso….. 😉 Shivaay Singh Oberoi!!! 😉

  16. Awesome update dear

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks alot Pinkyy…. 🙂

  17. Prateekh

    Wow!! Shona…. This is another awesome episode. Loved it to the core.
    Omg!! You have introduced me as Anika’s cousin… That’s so sweet Dear.
    Thanks a lot for making me a part of this amazing ff. Love you so much….
    Update next part soon…. I am waiting… 🙂

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you Puchu…. 🙂
      You deserve to be a part of this ff and You have been a great support to me… So, it’s a tribute to you from my side…. Love you tooo….. 🙂 😉

  18. Ayeshu

    Hii naina i read ur ff but i m busy so i can’t comment this is first comment of mine in any ff its superb 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you so much Ayeshu….??
      I am so glad that you liked this one???
      Did I heard it right….. This is your first comment in ff….????
      Aww! Dear thank you so much… love you??

  19. Sat

    Nainaa dear sorry for the late comment
    I know that you know the reason
    So please forgive me if you can

    And my dear nainaa
    I really loved the track
    You really got a hold of astounding concept Yar

    And shivaay thinking about annika and Om thinking about ishana is really very cool
    And post diwali is filled with thrill
    And my friends Tulsi, shama di, Priya di are also there
    I am glad that they are a part
    And I am missing Priya di also
    And ha you ff is really awesome dear
    I am just loving it
    And how are you dear
    I just can’t message anyone as my private message box is troubling
    I just want to appreciate you
    And please post the next epi ASAP

    1. Nainaa

      The down comment is for you Dear…. Sorry i didn’t checked and posted it separately

    2. Nainaa

      Aww!! Thank you so much Dear……
      Don’t say sorry……. It hurts when our friend says sorry for no reason…..
      I am good Dear… What about you?
      Dear!! I am gonna give you a name that’s “Cheeky”….
      Hope you liked that name…..
      love you so much….
      Di actually this one is for you…
      And let me know how you take my nick name for you….

  20. nice episode… Waiting for some hungama with fruit punch at the party 🙂

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you?? Dear
      I assure you that you will get enough hungama???

  21. Awesome epi

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you Dear…

  22. Awesome epi eagerly waiting fr next one

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you Dear??

  23. Nainaa

    Aww!! Thank you so much Dear……
    Don’t say sorry……. It hurts when our friend says sorry for no reason…..
    I am good Dear… What about you?
    Dear!! I am gonna give you a name that’s “Cheeky”….
    Hope you liked that name…..
    love you so much….

  24. Priyanka_22

    Awsum Naina
    sorry for late cmnt dear
    update soon

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you Dear….
      The next episode will be on day after tomorrow….

  25. Ketaki19

    awesome part… update soon

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you Dear…

  26. Hai naina….. Your episode was awesome….. I didn’t expect this surprise…. U introduced me as anika’s cousin…… Aww¡¡ dear u have mind blowing ideas…..
    Episode – shivay and om’s dreaming was awesome and rudra funny action waiting for the soumya and of course rumya cat fight and u killed it ☺???

    1. Nainaa

      Aww!! My Baby…..
      Your so cute that you eventually deserved this surprise…. 🙂
      I will not let you down and yeah next epi is awaiting fun for ya’ll guys…. 😉

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