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Hey!! Guys I am back with the 6th episode of my ff “Love for Life”. Sorry for the delay Guys I have been working on my two ff’s since yesterday. So, I got late and Please excuse me for my mistake.
For my previous episode I got many lovely Comments From Shama, Cuteprincess(Snow white), Prateekh, Sat, Nishi and many others… Thanks for the love you al bestowed on me. I feel like I am under a bower.

Glimpse of previous episode::

Om and Anika’s surprise to Ishaana on her birthday. All the three have a bash, cake fight and selfies.
Shivaay gets ready to impress Anika, Om wants to look at his best infront of Ishaana and Rudra wants to be the centre of attraction.
All Oberoi’s attend the celebrations. Anika dances on Nagad Sang Dhol, Along with Ishaana on Dola Re Dola and with many other girls on Pinga.
Shivaay gets a call from a Man who informs Shivaay about the betterment of a mysterious man. Shivaay goes to Om and Rudra to Inform about this matter.

Let’s get started with the 6th episode.



At the celebrations

Shivaay, Om and Rudra thinks about that person. Om says “Why didn’t any FIR filed about that person?”. All the three get into thinking. Shivaay says “Okay now I’ll try to find about that person. When we have come to celebrations we should focus on it. We shall join them”. All the three nods and leaves

Shivaay comes and sees Anika. He feels a whiff of pleasant air passing over him. He continues to stare at Anika while She is talking to the servants about Dinner arrangements. His eyes scroll over her beauty. In his mind He is drooling over her beauty. On the Other side, Om’s heartbeat continues to raise and He feels the aroma of someone really close to his heart.

Om’s POV::

I don’t know why I am feeling so weird after meeting Ishaana. He had many questions in his mind. He expressed them as……

“Why are you so beautiful?
Why do you take my breath away?
How did I get so lucky?
How are you perfect in every single way?

I never want to spent a minute with out you
Seeing you is the best part of my life.
You are so special to me.
When I am with you I feel myself to be the luckiest person on planet.
I am afraid of loosing you.
I just want to say you are mine.”

He is in his own Imagination Just then Ishaana comes to him. She sees him lost in his world. She stands beside him(facing his side profile). Om gets conscious by the sudden increase of his heartbeat . He puts his hand on his heart. He looks at Ishaana. She smiles seeing him. Om is delighted seeing Ishaana. They both are looking down and peeping at eachother.

Ishaana:: What happended to you? You seem to be lost somewhere…
By the time she completed her sentence…… He wants to grab her close and tell that He wasn’t lost somewhere but He was lost in her.
Ishaana is expecting an answer from him
Om:: Nah……Nothing I am fine
He wants to cover up his feelings for her. If he sees at her face he is loosing control on his emotions. So, he is looking here and there.
Ishaana:: Why are you behaving so strange? Tell If something is bothering you. I’ll see if I can help you out.
Om:: Nah…Nothing serious. I need to go to my family. So, please excuse me.
Om doesn’t want to face her. He feels that if he gets attached to Ishaana and If Ishaana can’t reciprocate to his feelings… He will be left heartbroken. So, He didn’t want that to happen . He leaves from their.
Ishaana stands there and looks at him while he is leaving. She is unable to understand what happened to Om and Why is he behaving so strange?. She thinks to ask him when she meets him again. Ishaana also leaves from there She goes to join Anika.
_ _ _

Shivaay is searching for Anika. Shivaay acts when someone sees him and Starts his search when they look away. Shivaay didn’t get any puff of Anika. He is very upset and tends to join his family back. He turns back and Anika comes infront of him holding a glass of water. Shivaay gets extremely happy and looks at her with a smile on his face. Anika too smiles back. They have a eyelock.

Anika:: Take it (She passes the glass of water to him). Shivaay looks at her with a puzzled wala look.
Shivaay:: Water!! Why? I didn’t asked any one nor I asked you. Then how??(He is feeling very thirsty but still he wants to ask her how she knows)
Anika:: Well…… I am observing you since a long you are searching for someone. So, I thought you need to drink water.
Shivaay thinks So, she is hiding from me and looking at me that’s the reason I didn’t found her anywhere. Shivaay takes the glass and Drinks the water. He puts the glass on table. He turns to look at her He sees her trying to hold the Dupatta from the back and laughs slowly. Anika sees him laughing and gives a angry look. Shivaay shuts his mouth and looks at her attempts of holding the dupatta. She is about to stumble Shivaay holds her by waist. Anika looks at him. Shivaay is also locking his gaze at her………… Phir Khabhi plays in BG……… Om and Rudra comes to them. They look at each other being stupiefied. Anika is lost in his arms. Shivaay is holding Anika very comfortably in his arms Even Anika feels some sort of comfort in Shivaay’s arms. Shivaay looks at Om and Rudra who are staring at them for a long time. Anika and Shivaay comes to their senses and They take their places back. Anika sets her Dupatta and Shivaay peeps into her. Shivaay wants to laugh by seeing her attempts of setting Dupatta but He stops thinking about what She thinks about him. He controls hard to stop himself from laughing. So, he thinks to call Rudra and Om. In order to divert his mind on his brothers.

Shivaay:: Why are you standing there? Come here Om and Rudra……
Anika looks at them. She smiles seeing Om and Rudra and waves her hand towards Om. Om comes to her. Anika and Om have a friendly hug…… 😉 Shivaay is absolutely left in shock.
Shivaay:: You both…… You both are like knowing each other since a long time. But, you guys met yesterday only naa…… He is having a dubious mark on his face.
Om:: Yeah… We met yesterday only but we became friends. Nah nah we became best friends…… Om is having a grin on his face.
Rudra:: Best friends!! Woh kaise……?.
Om:: actually last night…… Anika stops him from saying so…… She hold his hand and looks at him.
Rudra:: Last night…… Yeah…… it’s after Our dinner with Rathores’s I mean with Viraj Bhaiya and Anika Di. What happened then?? Rudra is not at all eager to know because he know Om is very boring and Nothing interesting would have happened.
Anika tries to cover up the matter and starts saying , “Last night only we became friends…… No No Best friends and Don’t you know friendship doesn’t need time to get stronger”.
Shivaay didn’t feel her explanation is promising. Anika Signs Om to say something. Om nods and starts saying…
Om:: Let me tell you all a Shayari…… He starts telling his shayari……

“ Dosti naam h Sukh Dukh ki kahani ka,
Dosti raaz h sada muskuraane ka,
Ye koi pal bhar ki pehchaan nahi,
Ye wada hai umar bhar sath nibhaane ka.”
You guys are thinking that we became friends last night after dinner No, we became friends for our life.
Rudra:: I know that there will be nothing more that this. O never did something interesting in his life HuH!!. I should go…… many are waiting for me. Rudra leaves from there
Shivaay looks at Anika and Then at Om. He starts leaving. Anika and Om sigh in relief.
Anika asks Om to come for Dinner as it’s gonna start now. They both leave for Dinner.

_ _ _

At Dining hall……
The Dining table is a very big one. It is specially arranged for the purpose of Diwali dinner with realtives and Guests.
The dinner starts……
Viraj offers the chair right side to the host’s chair to Dadi as a gesture of honouring and Anika sits at his Left. The dinner is a very big one Guests, Relatives and Friends. The atmosphere is very joyous. All are enjoying each others company. Rudra is dumstruck after seeing so many girls (who are actually the cousins of Anika) dining along with him. The dinner is not less than any Government or Military’s Protocol. All sorts of things are spoken there like Business, Properties and many other. Many silent Glares are also occurring in that whiff atmosphere. Anika is looking at Shivaay When he is looking at someone else and She is dropping her eyes she is caught And Shivaay is also doing the same with Anika. Om doesn’t want to look at Ishaana because He is loosing his control whenever he is seeing her. Ishaana wants to make a eye contact with Om but She is all at vain.
The dinner ends with some lovely memories…………
All Oberoi’s return to their housee…..

How is the Episode? Let me know you through your comments. All Pros and Cons are accepted… 🙂

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With loads of love <3

Nainaa…. 🙂

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  1. Awesome episode…… Pls continue ?

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks alot Akansha…

  2. Nansshivika

    Its awesome lovely dear ishkara moments shivika moments and even anikara moments all are fab dear

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you so much Nandhini Di….??

  3. Naina dear as usual awesome I loved the way u described omish and anika POV …
    U ff as cute as ur…

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      Thank you so much cutie??

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    Awesome…. Luved it ??

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    Beautifull episode

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  7. It ws superb

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    wow….awesome epi plz update next part soon

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      I will update it tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

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    Nice dr

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  10. Nishi33

    Ummm….let me clear first…soo much too write about…this was probably the best of all….A PERFECT MEASURE OF EVERY ASPECT…ALL SHIVIKA and ISHKARA ROCKED TODAY…<3 <3
    shivika's hide and seek romance mad me sing in the middle..*aakho ki gustakhiyan maaf ho*
    Ishkara made me fell in love with them all over AGAIN..<3 <3
    OM ki shayari was just..Wowww….*u deserve an appreciation in this…it's really difficult to frame a shyari or rhymes…I can't even write a single line…lol*
    Om avoiding Ishana's company..poor Om….he can't control himself..haha
    AND that omika bond..*cheerful and full of love*

    1. Nainaa

      OMG!! You have just called my ff one of the best. Thank you so much.
      Coming to the Shayari that’s really a small one and even I loved it.
      Thanks for everything your love, your motivation has been working as a booster.

  11. Prateekh

    WOW!! Shona… SHIVIKA’s hide and seek just stole the glance of the whole epi.
    Loved it to the core……. Om and Anika’s bond is fantabulous. You are pouring everything in a correct quantity. Loved the way you have portrayed their characters and their emotions.
    As a whole the Epi is fantabulous…. Update next one ASAP.

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks alot Puchu… 🙂 You have been a constant support to me…. Love you 😉 🙂

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      And yeah I will update the next part tomorrow… 🙂

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    Naina this one is amazing I read it from first part and the way you write keep me stick to it and I loved it and please update next part soon dear… ☺☺☺

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you so much Priya Di…. 🙂
      For your kind word…

  16. Hi.I read all the parts now…what can I say it is awesome…today I really liked ishkara part as well as shivika part…rudy is so cool as always…eagerly waiting for next part….

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