Love for Life – Epi 4

Hey!! Guys I am here with the 4th Episode of my Fan Fiction “Love for Life”. Thank you…Thank you so much for the love you all bestowed on me through your comments. I really hope that my journey with you all will not end too faster. Infact to say I didn’t want it to be. You guys are just amazing because not all people can appreciate a person’s hardwork you all did that… That’s really nice of you… <3 alot

I got so lovely response for the previous episode of my ff. Some of your comments just got into my ears and strucked in my mind and I can’t stop sharing them with you. Many of you Priyali Di, Sreeja ofcouse my Sreejuu, My dearest cousin Prateekh, Sahana Di, Nishi Di, Tulasi Di and many more… Smooches to you all <3 <3.
It’s enough of my non-sense and Let’s get started with the Epi. Hope you all will like this <3



At cafeteria (Om and Ishanah’s convo)

Ishanah thinks that Om is having her father’s Love and Care.
(What more a girl wants If she finds her father in her guy?!)
Om::Are you okay Ishanah? (He looks at her being worried and thinks himself responsible for making her cry and feels guilty for that)
Ishanah:: Om……you are really a kind hearted person and a way so caring you are taking yourself responsible for making me cry. (She is sure that he would be thinking the same)
Om::Truth is I have made you cry by making you remember your Father…
The cafeteria is all about silents glares…
Ishanah::No… Don’t feel like that you. Infact I am a way happie for remembering my father and I must Thank you for that…
Om looks at Ishanah and vice versa…
Om doesn’t want his first date to be spoiled and tends to cheer her…
Om::Okay…I want to ask you one more question. May I ?

Ishanah nods and agrees to answer him
Om:: I know you have been staying single in your life since your parents left …And I am sure you might have a best friend or friend atleast…?!
Ishanah::Yeah… I have only one Best friend since my childhood. She never left my side irrespective of the situation. She is Anika…
Om thinks that he heard that name somewhere and tries to remember
Om:: Yeah!… Anika Singh Rathore!!. The royal heiress.
Ishanah:: Yep…She is my bestie. And BTW how do you know her?
She is curious and want to find whether Om is her mutual friend or not…
Om:: We recently became business partners with Anika and her brother Viraj.
Ishanah:: ooh… (Ishanah thinks that Anika again proved that she is the best and She got a reason to keep in touch with Om)
Om:: hmm…okay then tell me when is your birthday?
Ishanah:: My birthday!! Tomorrow…
Om:: Really…your birthday is on Diwali…WOW (He thinks to plan something special on her Birthday)
Ishanah:: Yeah… (She thinks to ask him a question)
Ishanah:: Tell me who is the best part of your life?
Om thinks to tell her It is herself but stops
Om:: My family…especially My Dadi, My sister and My Brothers.
Ishanah:: oh…okay. (She looks at her watch and gets tensed)
Om:: What happen? Is everything okay…
Ishanah:: Oh no… I have to leave for Art Gallery… I am so sorry I should leave now
Om::That’s okay… Work comes first. You go…
Ishanah nods and leaves. She feels bad that her first date didn’t lastlong.
Om looks at her and thinks That she is the perfect example for beauty with brain.
Om thinks about her and tries to trace out her aroma…
Om gets a call from Shivaay. Shivaay tells Om to come home fast as it was evening and Anika and Viraj are coming to dine with them. Om says okay and leaves from cafeteria to Oberoi Mansion.


At Oberoi Mansion

Anika and Viraj enters the oberoi mansion
Shivaay and Anika looks at each other…Oh Jaana plays in BG……
Shivaay comes to them and greets Viraj and shakes his hand with him and then he hugs Viraj.
Shivaay comes to Anika…Anika looks at him. He greets her and She too greets him.
Shivaay thinks to hug her but stops seeing all Oberois especially O’Bros behind him…
Shivaay starts introducing Anika and Viraj to the family
Shivaay::He is Viraj Singh Rathore our new business partner and…
Tej starts saying:: Viraj… he is the young business sensation. He made his impact at a very young age and He is the heir of very well know Rathore Khandaan .
Whole Oberoi family looks at him surprised as he never praised any one before…
Shivaay:: You are right Bade Papa… And She is Anika (He stops and looks at her beautiful eyes which are looking at him…He comes to his senses) She is the Royal heiress…
Om:: I know her… She is Ishanah’s friend ( These words slip from his mouth and Om bites his tongue by realizing what he said…Whole family looks at him…Anika is suspicious and wants to know how he knows Ishanah…)
Rudra:: Bhaiya!! Who is Ishanah? (He starts teasing Om)
Om::Shut up!! Rudra!!

Dadi:: Okay Okay shall we start the dinner or else will stay chit-chatting like this!!
Shakti:: Yeah!! We shall start the dinner…
All the Oberoi’s along with Anika and Viraj start dinner
Shivaay and Anika are sitting opposite to each other and they both are lost in eachothers eyes completely. They are like staying in their own world and trying to find out eachother in their eyes
Om and Rudra are observing their eye lock since a long time and signs each other. They both are like WHAT’S HAPPENING…
Viraj is sitting beside Anika and Prinku is sitting beside Shivaay…
When Dadi asked Prinku to pass sherbath .Viraj looks at her and both of them hold the jar at a time… Viraj’s hands are on prinku’s hand …They both share eye lock
That’s a heedless act of Viraj and he removes his hand. Viraj says sorry and Prinku passes the jar to dadi…
Dadi looks at Viraj and thinks he is really a good guy and had a good impression on him.
Tej thanks Viraj from agreeing for their partnership. Viraj says Don’t thank me If you want thank Anika because she wants this deal to be done to help the people in that area…Tej agrees and Thanks Anika…During the whole time of dinner Tej was just praising Viraj’s abilities and his achievements…
Anika and Viraj are very happy meeting the Oberois…While leaving Anika and Viraj takes blessings from elders and hugs from youngsters… 😉
Dadi blesses Anika to stay happy in her life and Viraj to achieve more heights of success in his life
Anika goes to Om and asks…
Anika:: May I know how do you know that I am Ishanah’s friend?
Om doesn’t understand what to tell her infront to his family that he went on a date with her…
Rudra:: Haa Bhaiya! Tell us how you know Anika di…
Om:: Well…I met her in her Art Gallery during an auction and we gotta hanging and she told me about you. Before Ishanah… Shivaay told us that you would me dining with us along with your brother…
Anika:: Oh! Okay…The reason why asked you is Ishanah never talks to others so easily and If she does there must be something special about them…Anyways we are also friends from now on….
Om smiles at her and she smiles back. They both shake their hands…
Dadi thinks that how easily Anika managed to mingle with them…
Viraj:: I want to invite you all to the Diwali celebrations at our place… You all must come…
Anika:: yeah! You all must come. It will be incomplete without you all…
Dadi agrees on behalf of the family and says that they will attend the celebrations for sure…
Shivaay silently glares Anika…
Viraj and Anika leave from there with some everlasting memories…

PRECAP:: Om and Anika’s surprise to Ishanah. Anika’s dance on Nagad Sang Dhol.

Sorry for the short Epi… I had a exam today So, I was not able to post it in the morning.Hope you all will understand me

Guys!! Next episode will be a bit long and actually It is a bonus Episode. There will be some secrets revelations in all O’Bro’s lives. I guess you will like that…

Hope you liked this episode. Don’t forget to drop your doubts and views in the comments section below.

Silent readers are becoming Silent killers day by day.

My Dear Silent Killers <3 ,
I really need your response to continue. I don’t want to stop this ff. I hope you will not let me down. So, please comment your views and doubts below.


With loads of Love… 😉

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    the best thing was…OM’s love for ishanah was compared to her dad’s love..FACT ofc…every girl want’s a loving husband…soo..ISHKARA steal the show
    and yea..viraj and prinku will match each other…

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